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My personal experience of globalization

Globalization is process of expanding trade and commerce around the globe by setting up a frontier-less marketplace. Although globalization is an economical process nonetheless it has many sociable and ethnic aspects within our daily life. For instance , I am using a nokia cellphone that was created in Finland and assembled in Cina. I am writing this assignment with a HP notebook computer that was also assembled in China and tiawan and created by USA, which laptop works by “Windows 7 main system ” which is a product of famous US software organization “Microsoft.

I also use Qubee Broadband of Augere Wifi Limited that may be owned with a multinational company of Uk. I have a Nikon DSLR camera that was created in Asia and set up in China from components made in Japan, Germany, China and tiawan and Malaysia. I am dependant on several products just like Head and Shoulder (Procter and Gamble-USA), Dove (Unilever-England and Netherland), Tang (Kraft Foods-USA), Soft drink (USA) etc .

All these goods in my hands is a result of means of globalization.

APPLEBEES and Lasagna Hut happen to be two US based restaurant chain that become popular inside our country. Globalization has been associated with a range of cultural effects. Globalization can be increasingly disclosing people to various ways of pondering. We know instantly what is happening in other part of the world through satellite route. Cultural effects of globalization have seen in lifestyle of urban people, choice of apparel, intake of food and party of different festivals or events that are not connected with our culture.

I celebrate friendship day, observe Hollywood film and become an easy food enthusiast, which are clearly cultural affects of globalization. Through the means of globalization the economic interdependence has been raising day by day. Today Bangladeshi girls are the major contributors in national export earnings. In Bangladesh, 77 per cent with the foreign earnings come from the Ready to use Garment (RMG) sector and around 70 per cent in the workers in this sector are women. This past year my uncle brought a Reebok clothes from Malaysia that is labeled as “Made in Bangladesh. Though economic advancement is the principal objective of globalization it bring various changes in our social and cultural life.

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