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Sample only composition

The Baranggay clearance and cedula are important documents released by the government that are commonly used for work, business, or perhaps travel functions. Both are principal forms of id. Information Program has become the most frequently used source of information now a days. This is the help to developed and superior information through improvement of Barangay companies. The supporter proposed a web based Barangay info system that can help the Barangay as well as the staff and the people of the place.

The proposed system will reduced the hard and long time treatment of liberating Barangay expulsion and cedula. It will also help the busy residence who doesn’t always have enough time to see Barangay area by using on the web appointment.


Basic Problem:

The right way to design, develop and implement an Online Barangay Canlubang Info System with appointment pertaining to Barangay distance and papeleta services?

Particular Problems:

1 . How to develop and integrate something that will gather and retail outlet all the Barangay records that is needed? installment payments on your

The right way to create a system that will bring trouble-free in barangay officials in issuing barangay clearance and cedula? a few. How to create a website with appointment or scheduling intended for the citizens who noesn’t need enough time to visit Barangay Area to procedure their measurement or cedulla? 4. Tips on how to generate a process that will preserve and update the records?


Basic Objective

The study aimed to develop an online info system with services pertaining to barangay distance and papeleta, It also includes the appointment services for anyone residence who also doesn’t have sufficient time to visit the barangay area for their applications. It designed to develop the SDLC technique with PHP as server scripting language and XAMMP because database program.

Specific Targets:

1 . To assemble data and analyze program requirements applying different fact-finding techniques which are interviews, record analyses and actual declaration of the existing systems.

2 . To develop a process that will lessen consumption of time in processing and liberating of Barangay Clearace and cedula.

3. To develop and create the proposed program using PHP as a development language with Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 as IDE and XAMMP because an open origin database management program, with other submission software tool like Ie as web browser, Adobe Photoshop as picture editing tool to enhance the proposed system

4. To develop system that user friendly.


Number 1 . one particular

Paradigm of the Ought to Develop the machine

Figure 1 represents the Paradigm in the Conceptual Structure of the I . t Project. At the moment, the citizens go to the Barangay office to process all their cedula and Barangay clearance. They are necessary to have their Papeleta and License of Residency (COR) before manually completing a form given by the Barangay Secretary. It includes your personal information, and a 1×1 photo attached into it. After filling up, the candidate will fill in it for the Barangay administration. If the customer has no any kind of bad record in the barangay then the manager will accept their Barangay clearance. Last but not least the customer will pay P26. 50 pertaining to cedula and later donation intended for Barangay measurement.

Once the system has been designed, the citizens can go on-line for their booking of time and date for cedula and Barangay clearance services, rather than doing the old walk-in program. They need initial to register and then they are going to complete the digital form of Barangay clearance and cedula. If the residents don’t have any any awful record in the Barangay he will be given the green light by the Barangay administrator through online. Following having their very own appointment they are going to just go to the Barangay Area on the certain date with their appointment to get their Barangay clearance and cedula. The payment procedure will be required for Barangay corridor. All the information of the candidates can be view in databases.

Significance with the Study

The research is needed towards process improvement in the Barangay Hall. The Barangay Area is one of the departments that support the needs of the citizens in the barangay. The research in this field is also needed to solve some problems in releasing Barangay clearance and cedula.

From this study, the prospective beneficiaries had been as follows:

Barangay Officials. The proposed program will be beneficial to the barangay officials as it will help those to provide very good services to the residents. It will likewise help them to reduce time consuming in releasing barangay clearance and cedula.

Local Government ” This kind of study can contribute to the expansion for other barangay solutions which are more trustworthy and suitable in all barangay levels. Through this study, they will be able to put into action a system which is more appropriate for the requires of Barangay.

Local Occupants ” They will could quickly inquire and get important information and documents that they wanted at a time.

Future Researcher ” this kind of study might serve as yet another piece for the library upon research literature on community administrator and also to the local govt officials. Range and Delimitations

This analyze is focused upon five main areas particularly: (1) on the web information Program; (2) On the web Services from the Barangay; (3) online authorization or disapproval for the application of Barangay Expulsion and Cedula; (4) On the web Appointment; and (5) Repair of the System. The first location is the online information system of the Barangay Canlubang. It includes all the important information about Barangay Canlubang, barangay officials and their services. The second area is a Online Services of the Barangay hall with regards to releasing Barangay clearance and cedula. The third area is definitely the online approval or disapproval for the application of Barangay clearance and cedulla.

Barangay representatives can look at if the consumer has any kind of bad record or blater in the Barangay. They can say yes to or deny the application of Barangay clearance and cedula. The fourth are is usually Online Appointment for the residents whom doesn’t have the required time to visit Barangay Hall for his or her clearance or perhaps cedulla. Finally, the 5th area is the maintenance of the program by the systems administrator. The device administrator is definitely authorized to give access privileges to different amounts of users, deal with maintenance of the machine by adding, upgrading and removing records. Yet , this is limited only to the Barangay creation process on the Barangay Canlubang Calamba Metropolis. Since the examine cover only the Barangay Canlubang. Payment is not included in our system.

Definition of Terms:


Browser. is a software program that provides a way to check out and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. Database. Can be an application info that manages data and allows quickly storage and that retrieval of data. Application. is actually a program built to perform a certain function straight for the person or, in some instances, for another app program.

Macromedia Dream weaver 8. is actually a proprietary web development application originally created by Macromedia, and is also now developed by Adobe Devices. Internet Explorer. is among the most widely used World Wide Web browser. It really is bundled with all the Microsoft Glass windows operating system and may also be downloaded from Microsoft’s Web site. System. Is a Number of elements that work together to attain a common target. Photoshop. Graphic editing software program and regarded as one of the frontrunners in image editing application. Flash. is actually a multimedia platform used to put animation, online video, and interactivity to website pages.

Non Specialized.

Barangay Officials. is someone who holds the workplace in an business, government and participates in the exercise of authority. Papeleta. served because income tax and personal identification pertaining to the local people. Clearance. Activities required or perhaps undertaken to conserve as nearly, and as very long, as possible the original condition of a property or resource while paying for normal wear and tear. Scheduled appointment. an agreement for a getting together with

Maintenance. Knowing, or perceiving, by pure intuition; capable of knowing with no deduction or perhaps reasoning. Intuitive. Received, reached, obtained, or perceived, simply by intuition; because, intuitive wisdom or expertise.


XAMPP. solution stack package, consisting mainly from the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perlprogramming languages HTML CODE. Hyper Text message Mark-up Language

RAD. Fast Application Advancement

DBMS. Database Management Computer software

GAGASAN. Integrated Advancement Environment

DBMS. Database software management System

COR. Qualification of Residency

Chapter 2


The supporter has found existing software goods which are associated with her proposed system particularly: DFA Passport Appointment Program. DFA Passport Appointment Program, is web-based system for your passport app, you can now take advantage of the convenience of getting an designated date, time, and option for passport delivery. Requesting for new passport or passport vitality is now available, all you have to carry out is provide your personal facts online and choose an obtainable date and time convenient for you. Applying for a Philippine passport is now effective and world class. Applicants may possibly set a passport appointment by checking the web through the dedicated website by dialling the DFA Appointment Hotline 737-1000. In summary, DFA Online Appointment Program aims to bring the passport software for passport renewal and new passport processing services at par with first class consular solutions. The services also comes with a option for passport delivery. 2. Web-based program with user-friendly navigation.

5. Eliminate very long line created with the outdated walk-in system. * Convenience of getting a great appointed particular date, time, and option for passport delivery. 2. Applying for passport is effective.

one particular

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