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We am undertaking my report on a country by the name of Nepal. The formal name is The Kingdom of Nepal. The word for residents is Nepalese. The capital of Nepal can be Katmandu. Nepal became independent in 1768 when a number of independent slope states had been unified simply by Prithri Narayan Shah as the Kingdom of Gorkha. The spot of Nepal is 56, 827 square miles. Its population according to the 1991 census was 18, 462, 081. Nepal is located between Cina and India.


The latest information about Nepal’s population with the year of 1994.

It was an estimate of about twenty, 000, 000. At this time the typical family was made up of 5. 9 people, and the life span was about 50 years. About per cent of the total population was of working age, or perhaps between the age ranges of 20 and fifty-nine years of age. Nearly 44 percent of the human population is in the Terai Region, forty eight percent inside the Mountain Location. In 1981 the capital, Katmandu, had a population of 235, 160.


Nepal has a constitutional monarchy government.

The multiparty democracy established along with the Nov 1990 cosmetic which substituted the panchayat system.


The education program has extended rapidly since 1951. Right now there are elementary and high schools found in most areas of the country. Tribharan University began in 1961 to serve as the hub of a higher education system.

The literacy rate continues to be only an estimated fifteen percent, with the majority of the literate populace concentrated in Katmandu Valley and in the Terai.

Vocabulary In Nepal there are numerous different languages spoken the problem because they do not are part of the same family group. The most typical and countrywide language, Nepali, stems constitute the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo European friends and family.

Nepali is spoken by simply 60 percent of the populace. A second group of languages in Nepal is the Tibeto- Burman languages, which the most common will be Newer, Magarkura, Gurangkura, Karin and Limbuani.

Religion and Society

Religious beliefs occupies an important position in Nepalese lifestyle and contemporary society. The main faith in Nepal is Hinduism, but most of the population employs an unorthodox Buddhism strongly affected by combos of Hinduism. The fact that Hindus worship in Buddhist temples and Buddhists praise in Hindus temples has become one of the main reasons enthusiasts of the two dominate teams in Nepal have never engaged in any conflicts. Because of such dual hope practices the differences between Hindus and Buddhists have been generally in characteristics. In 1991 about 89. 5% of the Nepalese people indenified themselves while Hindus. Buddhists and Muslims occupied simply 5. several and installment payments on your 7 percent. The remainder religion is Christianity.

At least 87 percent of the inhabitants in every region is made of Hindus.

Buddhists are mainly found in the Eastern Hillsides, the Katmandu Valley, as well as the Central Terai, in each area about 10 percent from the people were Buddhist.

Terai The Terai location of Nepal is a low, fertile limoneux plain, essentially the northern extrusion with the Ganges simple. It is twenty miles large at its largest point and extends above most of the southern edge. North of this, bordering the forests of the Bhabar and Chria Hills, the Terai is marshy and malaria is usually endemic. A natural belt of fantastic timber parallels or heavy elephant lawn growing to a height of 15 foot.

Climate The climate is moderate only in the pile valleys, about 5, 1000 feet previously mentioned sea level. The rest of Nepal is either extremely sizzling, as in the Terai, local climate changes greatly with level. In the Himalayas, exposure to direct sunlight and to rain-bearing winds generate complex habits of local climates. Normal temperatures inside the Katmandu Valley range form 50 deg in January to 80 degrees in July. Rainfall mainlyoccurs among June and September. The dry period is Nov to January.

Agriculture About 90 percent of Nepal’s working pressure is immediately engaged in farming pursuits. Arable land is at 30 percent in the total terrain area, which 60 percent is classified as well suited for wet fostering and 30 percent for dry out cultivation. The primary crops are rice, hammer toe, millet, wheat, sugarcane, cigarettes, fruits, and vegetables.

Rice is grown in the Teria, Katmandu Valley, and the reduced hill location. Corn and millet are definitely the main vegetation at bigger altitudes, which is about 6, 000 ft above marine level.

Twelve-monthly Rainfall Open fire climate areas and specific zones based on éminence range from semitropical in the Southern region, to cool summers and severe winters in the North. The total annual rainfall depends on a monsoon cycle which provides 60 to 80 percent with the total rainfall. The Eastern part of the region get the most with 2, five-hundred millimeters. The Katmandu uses around 1, 420 millimeters. And Traditional western Nepal gets around 1, 000 millimeters.

Himalayans The Himalayans are what Nepal is known pertaining to. The Himalayans were formed about sixty million years back, When the earth’s continents had been still creating, a part of east Africa broke loose and began to driff slowly northward. When it rammed into Asia, the push of the crash caused the land to crumple up into a great mountain range. More than you, 000 mls long and hundreds of kilometers wide. This product contains a number of the highest mountain range in the world. The most famous of these is Mount Everest.


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