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Network design and style scenario right sales term

Wi-fi Network, Internet protocol address, Internet Protocol, Connections

Research from Term Paper:

The company will need to use the Carbonilla hedge router to make the organization to achieve a dependable communication on the internet. The edge router will also associated with company to attain higher potential, scalability, and improve course-plotting protocol convergence at spend less. As visitors volume improves, the solution will allow the company to implement pregressive bandwidth updates without actually changing the router user interface. The edge firewall will be used to guard the network from the unnecessary traffic. The firewall will also be responsible to enforce the net access policy. As an added security policy, the company must also use the Invasion Detection Program (IDS) and Intrusion Avoidance System (IPS) to find and prevent unwanted traffic into the network.

Description of how hosting servers is going to affect the over choices

The router must link LAN communications over a WAN. Nevertheless , the rented line is usually expensive, the paper suggests that the company use WAN through common digital customer line. In this instance, each LOCAL AREA NETWORK in the three locations will certainly communicate with WAN using the regular digital prospect line. The corporation will use DSL-based WAN to shield the company network from attack. The company may also use VPN (Virtual Non-public Network) to encrypt the traffic through internet. The DSL may access Internet protocol address using DHCP (Dynamic Web host Configuration Protocol) that enables the router to provide the dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) address on the private network. The DHCP will allow the company to get IP address in the WAN interface. The DHCP is beneficial to WAN software because it enables the company to obtain useful data such as DNS addresses, standard route, and DNS standard domain name. (AL_Taiey, 2011). Commonly, DHCP will free the company from determining the IP address manually on the network program since DHCP assigns IP address automatically. One of many features of the DHCP is that the DHCP may run on the company router, which is immediately triggered on the company router and server. (Columbia University, 2010).

Recommendations on how on-the-road sales agents connect safely to the central sales application server

The corporation should make use of the wireless WAN to assist on-the-road sales people for connecting to the software server through remote gain access to. The newspaper suggests that on-the-road sales people should use 3G+ or GPRS, or EDGE to connect the application sale hardware. on-the-road sales people could connect with their Androids, or Laptop computers using properly secured access to the intranet. To accomplish secured connection, the use of authentication is required to get access to the application sever. The company should certainly use the security methods to control access to the intranet targeted traffic. Moreover, the company should build the security plans that on-the-road sale people should follow to enhance properly secured network. The remote get will assist on-the-road sales people to get access to the business application machine from useful any site. Access needs to be used throughout the corporate-managed laptop computers or house PC (personal computer). As being revealed fig 1, the company will be able to achieve secured interconnection in the organization intranet through the use of access control to allow simply authorized users to gain access to the network.

Fig you: Secured Business Intranet

Bottom line

The statement provides network design pertaining to Straight Sales Service Company plus the paper advises that the company should make use of internet -based WAN technology to connect the company three locations. The use of wireless WAN is additionally suggested to aid on-the-road deal people to gain access to the company app server. Nevertheless , the newspaper recommends the company should provide enough security system to guard the company network system.


AL_Taiey, To. (2011). The full One-Week Preparation for the Cisco Ccent/CCNA Icnd1 Test 640-822 with Three Carbonilla Simulated Examinations a Documentation Guide with Over 2160 Sample Concerns and Answers with Comprehensive Explanations (First Edition ).

Cisco (2012). Cisco Large Area Program Services: Secure Scalable, and Central Managing. Cisco UNITED STATES.

Columbia College or university. (2010). I . t. Columbia College or university. USA.

Cisco (2012). Cisco’s Virtual Vast Area (WAN) Application Providers: Cloud-Ready WAN

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