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The only purpose of this paper should be to show the network implementation system for ROND advertising company in its two newly proven sites at New York and Los Angeles. The paper is going to highlight the huge benefits of applying windows machine 2012 in order to meet the companies objectives in networking.


It is beneficial to include a review of the general network infrastructure at ROND advertising company and show the huge benefits of making use of the windows hardware network facilities. To this date many organizations have had issues with all their general network security which leads to enormous losses once hackers or ill oriented people obtain loopholes in an organizations network and maliciously get unauthorized info. I will utilize the windows network infrastructure in order to block this kind of loopholes and also enhance the protection of the organization in reference to data security (krenn, 2012). I am not only talking about stopping 0network online hackers but demonstrate need for data security among users. Intro of a protect tunnel by using IPSec will help a secure transmission of inter site traffic between two sites and in turn safeguarded the data transmitted. This will be sure that transmission of information will only employ the approved persons just. With the use of a proxy above the network and admin produced IPS could make it more difficult for unauthorized persons to access the network. This all are rewards that comes with glass windows network system that I displays in this daily news.

There is need to have more than one web servers located in the different sites with a local IP pertaining to easier access. This will be sure that one server is not loaded with each of the data which usually reduces the risk of data loss in case there is failure (krenn, 2012). With this I mean, it will have a requirement of having two servers that you handle the emails as well as the other to handle the general data of the firm. The two computers will be username and password and IP protected to make certain that only the IT administrator may access.

House windows server 2012.

The turns out of house windows server 2012 in the company will be a big boost to the data secureness and also output of the company. This is because regardless of its simplicity in utilization it provides with that various features that will be incredibly beneficial. These kinds of features contain:

Gui (GUI)

Having being made out of the Metro design dialect, Windows Machine 2012 has an eye-catching appearance and feel. This is because it can be installed in two callosité namely Machine core that has a well-designed Interface with limited options as well as the Server with GUI alternatives that offers the options without reinstallation. Windows Machine 2012 enables the move between both cores using the administrator privilege (Technet, EQUIPMENT, 2012).

Address Management.

The best thing with Windows Storage space 2012 is the fact it offers a great IP address management(IPAM) that has a part of management of sites IP address space, monitoring, auditing, and discovering new address within the system.


This kind of feature provides scalability, virtual extensibility switch that make it possible to nearly extend the network operation which was either difficult or impossible in the earlier versions.

Active Directory site

There have been quite a few changes in the hardware. It has been authorized for the PowerShell-based used wizard to work slightly thus making it possible for administrators to advertise cloud structured servers to domain remotes without having the wizard to operate on the machine itself. This permits the supervisor to remotely sort out hardware related concerns remotely within just any laptop on the network.

File system

There were additional of Refs(Resilient Record System) to get file servers that allows logging and having the ability to detect errors within the network.

Storage immigration

The Home windows Server 2012 allows the live storage area migration thus its not necessary to use virtual machines while migrating storage.


The server will allow group aware upgrading that will allow the full cluster to be online while the update is within progress.

Application and Storage space Editions.

I will implement the usage of two computers that will be employed in managing the organization.

Email Server.

There is need to safeguarded the email interaction within the firm. This will call for the use of a message server that will make this happen. In order to make use of the email privilege within the organization, the supervisor will create identification that are domain name based with regards to the firm. This will likely mean that all users have to be added inside the active index so as to allow the creation of domain based ids for the assistance of email connection. The storage space will be IP and password protected which means only the supervisor will have the rights to configure the users (Technet, DHCP, 2012).

Through this server, Let me implement the utilization of standard edition type of house windows server 2012 mainly because electronic there will be no need of virtualization environment.

I will as well implement the usage of server core with GUI. This is because the administrator require a simple monitor on the storage space for simpler troubleshoot in the case of errors. It is also essential to use standard edition in customer machines with all the server key with GUI for simpler interface.

The hardware will be located at the main site in the IT managers office. This allows easier monitoring. The use of intranet which means only the members inside the network can access the network will probably be of main help.

This sort of server will probably be manually used to allow the administrator to setup and set up the machine in order to ensure complete safeguarded channels of communication.

Data Server.

This will be a significant type of machine. All the users will have the access of the servers as it will be the place of storage for a lot of company data. The storage space will also be IP and username and password protected that will mean that only authorized individual will have entry to the data. It’ll have virtual machines in it to allow supervision of privileges of get for different usersTechnet, (Configuring Effective Directory, 2012).

This will multiply the weaknesses of invasion multiplying the possibilities by zero. It will be a good implementation of information security generally by managing the rights of access from my personal side.

It will be for the best to use the datacentre copy of the home windows server, the reason is , it enables private virtualization thus it will make it possible to regulate the privileges of access. This requires the application of server key with GUI also to be able to enhance around the interface and management in the server.

This server will be located at the primary site. The implementation of the intranet type of network enables access to every one of the users inside the two sites sequentially.

the server will probably be manually implemented so that the THAT administrator can easily install the server and configure all of the users.

Active Directory.

With this organization I, is going to implement one active domain forest. This will likely make this scalable for the reason that more energetic directory domain name services could be created inside the forest allowing a hierarchical configuration and data monitoring according to the right of gain access to.

In order to enhance info security, there will be no make use of Read-Only site controller. As being a new characteristic in the active directory RODC allows caching of experience which probably would not be a great option with respect to info security and intrusion elimination.

With the use of the active listing located in the server with the main internet site, the administrator will be able to build a connection website link for the 2nd site. This will help in taking care of data replication between the two sites and allow the second internet site to contact the lively directory inside the intranet.

With the aid of the Energetic directory forest domain controller, it will be a fairly easy job for the administrator to group the users of the network according for their hierarchical legal rights within the firm policy. Because of this each user will be over a certain amount of access within the firm policy.


DNS stands for domain server. It is largely similar to a phonebook as it keeps a directory of most domain names and ultimately translates these people into net protocols(IP) address. It is necessary in this although it is straightforward for everyone to remember their brand addresses the device uses the IPs to get into websites. This will be a superb implementation in the network by simply allowing assigning each of the two servers an IP address in order configuration of the users can be utilized using the IP addresses to get the computers.

DHCP refers to a active host control protocol which usually automatically assigns IP address to users of the network. In my view, it will not have order to implement DHCP make use of as I favor admin assigned IPs intended for security uses.

In respect to DNS name spacing, three points will be considered. Perhaps the dns will be used for the internet, if the active listing will be used and whether the namespace will be used to get internal functions. All the 3 points will be the building block in the DNS namespace. Since all three will be applied there will be need to create a common DNS to be used for every one of them. A common DNS will allow the user with the intranet to reach all the solutions within the network.

Applications application.

All applications that will be utilized within the company will be shared over the internet in a common folder that can be utilized within the network by the users. However , installation rights will probably be for the administrator to be able to avoid installation of third party applications by the users.

File and Printer showing.

All this will probably be via the internet. One common folder will be created that can be accessed inside the network by all users making it simple to share documents within the organization.

However , all of the printers will probably be configured with an IP address within the firm namespace thus ass to allow all users be able to gain access to the machines within the network.

There is need for a allocated file sharing, this will be with the assistance of the DNS and the Lively Directory. This will be able to control replications and allow file sharing too.

The administrator will certainly configure the File Machine Recourse Manager(FRSM) so as to know to control and monitor the kind of data stored in the server.


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