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Nixon essay thesis

Causes of Richard Nixons 69 Election

Richard Nixon, was created on January 9th, 1913, in Yorba Linda, Cal. Fifty-six years after having been born this individual became the 37th president of the United States. In the political election Nixon just defeated the democratic applicant, Hubert Humphrey, by about five-hundred, 000 in the popular election. Nixon is recognized as one of the most controversial politicians in the twentieth century. He applied his political experience, his background, the communist terrify of the overdue forties and early fifties, and some other factors to become the President of the United States.

When folks are deciding whom they will choose an important factor they are at is definitely the candidates educational background. Nixon grew up within a southern California Quaker family. He was stressed about the importance of hard work and integrity. He was always a good student in school and had the chance to apply to Harvard and Yale. He had to show down the give though because of a family illness which caused him to stay closer to home. He made a decision to attend Whittner College, where he graduated second in his class. He went on to attend regulation school at Duke School where he managed to graduate third in his class. It is necessary to have a very good education because you will appear much more skilled in the eye of the people voting for yourself. By obtaining and performing very well in the education Nixon got the support he’d later have to become Leader.

Another extremely important factor was Nixons earlier experience in politics. After graduating from Duke University, Nixon joined the navy during World War II. After returning from the war Nixon jumped straight into politics. This individual answered a Republican Party call in the newspaper. They were looking for someone to run resistant to the five-term Democratic Congressman Jerry Voorhis. Steve Ehrlichman when said of Richard Nixon, He is just like a race horse specially taught to run a particular race without good for drawing wagons. Hes for operating the race to be chief executive, and that is what he lived to get (Matusow 1). That simply gives you a good idea about Nixons attitude. He would do whatsoever it took to be able to win. The style of Nixons initial campaign intended for congressman collection the tone for the first part of his political profession. An example will be that while working against Voorhis he offender him to be a communism. He even had campaign workers call someone to voters explaining how Voorhis was obviously a communist and advising them that a choose Nixon could be the best approach. To get the arrêters over in that situation he used the communist scare to swing peoples decision when they the best performer. As it turned out his communist baiting worked well and he defeated Voorhis to become a Congressman. Nixon later on said, Naturally I knew Jerry Voorhis isnt a communist, but I had fashioned to earn. With this kind of attitude having been able to persuade many of the arrêters to vote for him. In 1950 Nixon was elected to the U. S. United states senate by again using the same tactics against his opponent. Nixon was only inside the U. T. Senate for the year and a half when the Republican National Conference selected him to be Standard Dwight M. Eisenhowers working mate. Among Nixons solid points can be his ability to make his opponents appear incompetent inside the publics eye. Nixon was expected to do the dirty work from the campaign, which he do extremely well. Eisenhower won the election so when he ran again next year Nixon was at one time again his vice president. Nixon has had a lot of knowledge dealing with national politics and the negotiations of what a President truly does. People realize how much knowledge he had with politics thus when it emerged time to operate for President the people realized that he was qualified pertaining to the job.

Though he had a lot of experience with politics the first time he leaped for chief executive he did not win. He ran against John F. Kennedy who had been young and inexperienced. Kennedy got advantage of modern day campaigning approaches, which included the television, more than personal contact. Kennedy who looked attractive came away as solid, confident and control, although Nixon refused to wear makeup looked haggard and ghost like. When he came back to politics he took a different sort of approach to advertising. When he ran again in 1968 this individual let the Democratic candidates, who were split over the Vietnam Conflict, tear themselves apart although he prevented the issue saying only that he would you should find an honorable end. One of the most significant things in the 1968 election was dealing with the Vietnam Conflict. While promotioning one of the most significant details which the public paid attention to was, that which was going to happen with the Vietnam War. The general public heard each party and what they were doing and because of Nixons method to the problem this individual got many people in back of him. This was one of the crucial issues in the race and it was necessary for Nixon to prove to those that he had a solution. This individual did and he wound up winning the election.

One more important factor could be the candidates personality and persona. From his parents he picked up the values of hard work and integrity. Nixon has been defined like this simply by Robert Finch, He isnt nearly because attractive, literally, as some of the other candidates, but he was and so intense, having been a strong character. You viewed him as being a comer, someone who would be successful and good in political activity. I had been impressed by his obvious personal skills, his intelligence, and his drive (Strober 31). This definitely feels like some features that would help to make a good chief executive and the public decided by choosing him President.

Nixon though considered one of the most controversial political figures used his political encounter, his background the communism scare from the late forties and early fifties to become President. It took Nixon about four years but at some point he end the Vietnam War. This individual promised the American people that when he got office his highest concern would be putting an end towards the horrible warfare. He would what he promised and deserves credit rating for that. Although things did not always lift weights for him he went back from the situations a smarter person. He applied his understanding to succeed the selection. It takes an intelligent man to find out from his mistakes and Nixon mixed dough. That is why he deserved to get President of the United States.

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