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Norma rae movie evaluation

Norma Rae

Arquetipo Rae Film Analysis

Norma Rae is a film about a woman named Norma who works a minimum salary job in a fabric factory. A union organizer named Reuben comes to her town to provide a conversation on unionizing the linen factory and Norma makes a decision to join his cause. With this film Rueben is recognized as the primary innovator in unionizing the linen factory, yet , Norma becomes his protégé, in a sense, so that as the movie progresses she discovers from Rueben how to encourage the workers to fight back up against the inequality and discrimination that they face inside their unsympathetic work place. This is proof that one from the biggest common myths about leadership, that leaders are delivered not made, is in fact a myth (pg. 9).

Rueben’s abilities as a head are obvious throughout the film, as one want from a guy in his job. However , through his capability to motivate other folks to recognize their potential, it can be Norma who becomes the main element figure in leading the fabric workers to form a union. Wayne Burns identifies transformational leadership as “a process in which leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation” (pg. 86). I believe that this is a perfect example of a staff leadership basic principle that Rueben, and eventually Arquetipo, use to aid the process of creating a union. According to Burns, the primary component of modification is the ability of the innovator to observe to the real requires of their followers and effect or change whatever could be obstructing these types of needs (pg. 86). Alternatively, Norma occasionally also exhibits characteristics of the autocratic type of leadership, which, in some cases, impedes their target of forming a union. She is incredibly job centered and job oriented, in particular when it comes to creating the union. In one picture she begins arguing with one of her peers for not showing up to work on time, which causes valuable time to end up being lost and unnecessary hard work to be used on arguing instead of focusing on the task at hand (pg. 47).

In this film every type of power listed in the book is present in on method or another. The book declares that reward power is usually when a person in a position of power trading positive offers in order to achieve a desired behavior from an individual. When Canon first begins to inform her co-workers with the benefits of developing a union the plant director tries to use reward electrical power by offering her a promotion and a raise in hopes of stopping her in forming a union. The next type of power portrayed with this film is usually coercive electrical power, which is the cabability to withhold unfavorable penalties in substitution for a desired behavior. The very best example of this is how the plant manager threatens to fireplace Norma and finally does as well as has her arrested once she will not leave the plant. Another type of power in this movie is legitimate power, which comes from the perception of authority and is a product of position. It truly is fairly obvious that the supervisor of the linen plant is definitely the primary example of legitimate electricity due to his position with the factory. As well on display through this movie can be expert electricity, which originates from the perception that an specific has experience on a certain matter. Rueben is the figure in this film that ideal portrays professional power due to the fact that his job is a union organizer and he offers expert knowledge on assemblage and how to start forming one particular. Last but not least is definitely referent electricity, which is understood to be a electricity comes from persons developing solid bonds of mutual respect for one one more. I believe that this is the most frequent type of power in this motion picture. At first just a few people, largely Rueben and Norma, strap together in order to form the union. However , after Norma makes a stand and it is arrested more people sign up for their cause, and soon after the workers union is formed (pg. 73-74).

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