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Malaysians essay

Almost all Malaysians need to bear responsibility to help attain stronger integration and an even more robust countrywide unity. Malaysians must do this by conserving and protecting its many divers religions festivals and customs. Conserving and guarding this is component and courier of our shared broader desired goals of attaining integration and national unity. In obtaining these desired goals, all Malaysians must bear a collective responsibility. The effective approach in enhancing racial the usage is to carry open house on joyous season, accomplish gotong royong and to maintain a ethnic fair.

As we know, open up house are definitely the feast or perhaps celebration that always occurred during festive time of year. In Malaysia, there has a large number of festive time of year such as Chinese language New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Wesak Day and more. When open house have been organized and arranged, each of the races enroll in the party without doubt, anger, and anti-racial. Residents dined together within a spirit of neighbourliness. They are closer the partnership of each additional and they will understand and become familiar with their neighbour, so it will enhance ethnicity integration.

Besides that, gotong royong is among the effective ways in enhancing racial integration. Gotong royong will be activity which hold together almost all races just like cleaning casing area, food preparation during the feast. This will demonstrate spirit of unity once tehey accomplish gotong royong together. The foodstuff has been cooked properly by many races base by themselves way. This allows the guast to taste many sort of food. Gotong royong could gather most residents therefore they will join and connect. This will cause them to become closer to the other person.

On the other hand, to enhance racial the usage we have to keep a cultural fair. The cultural fair could be prepared to show ethnical and trust of all races. As a great examples, the cultural reasonable could be done in the available place just like Stadium Bukit Jalil therefore all individuals can watch the performance like cultural party or cross-cultural performance through which Malay, American indian and Chinese language dances had been performed by childrens. This are able to discover various ethnical sensitivity in fact it is praiseworthy since all other races and culture are well known. The arranged celebration of festive, we are able to know and understand different cultural and trust. Consequently , we can showcase peace and unity in a multiracial region by having a ethnical fair.

In conclusion, peace and unity may be promoted by holding open up house, execute gotong royong and to carry a cultural fair. This kind of activities could gather and unite almost all races in Malaysia for them to recognized the other person.


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