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Notion definition composition

Meaning: Perception refers to how we make an effort to understand the universe around us. Definition: Notion is the method by which someone selects, sets up and expresses stimuli into a meaningful and coherent photo. Perception may also be defined as the task by which a person selects, sets up and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the environment in which he lives. Understanding is a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impacts in order to offer meaning to their environment.

The Perceptual Process:

Perception is composed of six processes:

” Receiving

” Selecting

” Organising

” Interpreting

” Looking at

” Reacting to stimuli

The process of receiving stimuli:

It can be received through five physical organs my spouse and i. e, perspective, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Stimuli may be external or inside.

A) Exterior Factors Influencing Selection: character: visual or perhaps audio 1) Intensity: higher intensity items receive even more attention 2) Size: an object with a much larger size receives more attention than small one 3) Contrast: external stimuli stands out against the backdrop 4) Motion/ Movement: Moving objects obtain more focus that the continue to objects.

7) Repetition: repeated exterior stimulus is far more attention attracting than a solitary one. 8) Novelty and familiarity: New objects in familiar placing or familiar objects in new environment. B) Interior Factors Influencing Selection:

1) Learning and Perception

2) Determination and Perception

3) Personality and Perception

Technique of organizing:

a) Figure surface

b) Perceptual likeness: similarity, proximity, closure and continuity.

c) Perceptual constancy: gives a sense of stability in the changing world.

1) Shape consistency: eg. Pan

2) Size consistency: objects shifted farther aside, we tend to find it invariant size.

3) Colour consistency


Even though people are encountered with several stimuli, they tend to decide on only a few in a given level of time, this can be perceptual selectivity


When the stimuli is so simple that an specific may not even become conscious that he is confronted with some incitement.


* The Perciever

* The point

5. The Situation


Emphasizes around the subsequent actions that occur in the perceptual process after having a stimulus can be received. 1 . Figure surface: Percieved objects are separated from their basic background by the perceiver. 2 . Perceptual collection: ” Drawing a line under (person might sometimes perceive a whole, in which it doesn’t exist) * Continuity(Limited to constant pattern)

* Proximity

* Similarity

3. Perceptual Constancy: The perception of elements just like size, condition, color, illumination of an target remains continuous and won’t change for just one individual to another 4. Perceptual Context: ” It provides that means and worth to things, events, scenario and other people in the environment *Different which means in different conditions.

5. Perceptual defense: A person may possibly establish a defense against some stimuli or perhaps situation because they may be clashing with his personal values or perhaps culture or perhaps may be frightening.

* Denial

* Adjustment and contortion

5. Change in notion

2. Recognition yet refusal to improve

Process of examining:

Looking at by more self examination.

Looking at about the interpretation with others.

Process of reacting:

Shall indulge in a lot of action in relation to his notion.

Factors Influencing Perception

* Charecteristics of the perceiver

* Charecteristics in the perceived

* Charecteristics of the condition

SOCIAL PERCEPTION: (how an individual perceives others)

5. Charecteristics that influence the perception:

* Understanding of one’s very own behavior

* Personal charecteristics of the person

* Self- esteem

* Certainly not on one single skill

1 . Attribution: Refers to the process by which an individual designates causes to behavior he conceives. Elements such as status, intentions and consequences. -Disposal attribution: (Behaviour is troubled by the charecteristics of a person)

-Situational remise.

2 . Stereotyping: It is a process of judging someone on the basis of a person’s perception of the group to which the perception belongs. It provides a magic formula to predicting behavior. 3. Halo effect: It identifies the tendency of forming an over-all impression regarding an individual based on a single characteristic. Need not regularly be a positive attribute. An individual may be down ranked based on the negative analysis of her or his behaviors. This method is called ‘Rusty Halo’ or perhaps ‘Horns Impact.


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