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On the successful business owner essay


This is certainly a research depending on one of the most spectacular, successful and goal orientated entrepreneurs in my Drewsland, Miss Coral Parish who own From suppliers & Full business i think is a very powerful business, containing grown considerably over the years. The organization is located in Drewsland in normal water house, around two 1 hour drive coming from Stony Hillside to drinking water house.

Miss Parish features portrayed in my honest judgment immaculate entrepreneurial skills, that can be the corner of their very own success during these years, and which will enable them to fulfill future problems and goals with the Sophistication of goodness

From my own research, it can be clear to my opinion that they have into their selves’ pioneeringup-and-coming skills that just can be acquired through years of knowledge.

This while led Miss Parish to be a groomed, determined risk taker and a brilliant man, decent entrepreneurs


I would like to thank initially my friend for helping myself and taking the time out of him busy schedule to help myself to put together a precise evaluation regarding Miss Parish Wholesale organization.

I would personally also like to thank my own mother intended for assisting me while I was completing this evaluation, Mrs. Halyes to be so sufferer with me as well whate and my overdue project for also inspire me to look an research the case analyze without much pressure, and almighty God for giving myself the strength and understanding for completing this project.

History of the Internet marketers

Miss. Coral June Parish was born in Kingston Discovery bay, jamaica on This summer 3, 1978 and grew up by her mother and father inside the District of Water Home. She enroll in the Drewsland Avenue Primary School were she put in 6 years following the 6 years the girl sat inside the common access examination, where she effectively passed and was put in a Pembroke Hall Secondary school, and in 1992 she performed six SSC which the girl successfully handed, while in high school she was in your home and Family Management wherever see discover how to cooking and baking.

Miss Parish sadly did not go to a college or university, because her parents cannot afford to deliver her to further her study, in her live she would perform peculiar jobs including working in a food store with her mom.

In the year of 1996 the girl then tries to open her business, which will she by staring offering Bag Drink and candy from within that moment till presently. In 1998 later on find a partner who was trying to open a food store, which they the two collaborate and open. The grocery store started out I procedure with only a few food items that cost only fifty thousand dollars. After a few years the business developed considerably. Right now they identify that the business going easily and is now hoping to open another organization in another community within the next couple of months, which the lady said will also be successful.

L. E. C. S

that they have displayed

That they both started out business with only foodstuffs and keeping from miss Parish consideration, while Mister. Atkins uses his funds from which this individual got by his in that case Member of can be family, Mister. Robinson not knowing whether they may stand to loose or perhaps get a gain and a profit. In which that they gain and which advance to a larger business.

They began selling a couple of food items, that was in superb demand by the members of the community not being aware of whether they were going to make a profit or loss.

Miss Parish plans to open a new shop after seeing the requirements of the items needed by members with the community thus Miss Parish and David Atkins in that case planned to open the inexpensive, which is now in existence fulfilling the requires and demands of the part of the community.

Miss Parish products are mostly bought from several enterprises, from where she buy her treats, baked companies juices which is delivered to the enterprise inside the district of Waterhouse the majority of the goods particularly the juices are order about credit, she always make an effort to pay off her credit inside the prescribe period set by suppliers, that they can mostly give one week to pay the credit. The meats, tin foods and bag food product such as rice, flour, sugar, cornmeal etc . goods are purchase inside the City of Down town Kingston She will pay her workers on time and her charges whenever this individual receives all of them.

Miss. Parish was advertising cooked meals on saturdays and sundays, while Mister. Atkins could operate tiny shop with is supplies when they both equally come together create a plan to open a grocery store shop. That was a great want to open the grocery shop, with great encouragement contact form their community members, a store is now fulfilling the needs and need of the community members as well as the business is now becoming more and more successful day after day.

They will both, was confident in coming jointly to open the grocery store and with the knowledge that they were gonna be successful. Their confidence was baked by simply positive action that was necessary for making sure the grocery store shop accomplishment.

Miss Parish and Mister. Atkins both equally see the opportunity to open the grocery shop to satisfy the need and desires of the community members and opening the grocery store they would be different from the other entrepreneur in the neighborhood by turning into the first to open a food in the community, hence the see the option and seize it with great delight and they obtain a great achievement.

Both of the entrepreneur performed together to obtain one prevalent goal, to ensure accomplishment of their business, but they tend not to do it independently, they have to convince others that have larger grocery shop and supermarkets, to offer them confidence and give all of them steps to obtain there objective. The two associate they use to get persuasion and networking happen to be: Superplus grocery in Pembroke hall, Master Mac Business in Down Town Kingston, which are two large businesses in the isle of Jamaica, in their field of business for social networking.

Both businessman see the opportunity to satisfy the requires and desire of the community members and offer a solution to meet the community members problem, essential they both equally come together to open up the grocery shop. So try their very best offer high quality merchandise and support for their buyers, so they try their utmost in choosing the right quality and good amount of goods and making on time purchase and ensuring that they get the correct vendors.

Great the Business

The entrepreneur both have solid determination to overcome almost all obstacle that they can meet. They can be willing to function until all their job carried out well and on time.

They also try to be up dated with the products they markets and try to get the new products that arrive in the marketplace so they are really always looking to be competitive with larger entrepreneurs. They try to overcome all the challenges that face all of them each day, to be successful.

Great and Companies the business provides

They both have a eyesight of where they wish to go plus they are trying every day to develop practical plans to achieve there. Both entrepreneurs are setting obvious goals aiming everything to obtain the desired goals to become extremely competitive in the grocery sector and to satisfy the need and want of there consumer.

Contribution they makes for the economy

The organization only began with only the basic foodstuffs like: rice, sugar, flour, cornmeal, tin foods and small amount of meat. In the first three years they earn a profit of nearly $350, 000 that they can try and develop the business down the line, which is turning out to be their very best success. With that profit they will expand on the business getting more food products, small appliances and buy a second box, because the organization is anticipated to grow considerably in the arriving years.

P&A Wholesale & Retail can be described as small business; in the district OF DREWSALND the organization was establish in the later part of the year 1996 They both use the funds from their initial business to acquire the container and rent the area to operate the company. Mr. Atkins diet also gets a charité from then a Member of is definitely Family to get cement, steel paint and also other items to work with the pot.

Conclusion and recommendation

The business sells food items such as Biscuits, which include Butterkist (cookies), Shirley (coconut cookies), and Nationwide (vanilla, strawberry, duplex). Pastries, which include Parmesan cheese Bread, cinnamon rolls, sugar bun

cheese crunches, double cheese, cheese curls, cheese cake, cheese trix, plantain poker chips, Frito-lay, cheese puffs, clown chips, corn pop, spice bun, wine beverage cake, rum cake, ruido cake, American apples, grapefruits, ripe plums, melon, basic cake, loaf of bread pudding, topping cake. The company also provides beverages including cocoa coca-cola, D&G carbonated drinks, tropical tempos, swizzle, and small juices for the youngsters to carry out on trips and also to school., Lasco food drink (Strawberry, vanilla, carrot, delicious chocolate, creamy malt), tang (mango carrot, fruit, pineapple melon, cherry melon).

The business also sells alcohol consumption such as: Red Stripe Beer, Guinness, Heineken, Red Stripe Light, above proof Rum, Appleton and an array of different alcoholic beverages. School books, pencils, pens. They recently start advertising bulk viscous, thick treacle, which is right now doing well in the marketplace. The business likewise sells butchered meat such as: beef, mutton, pork, cow skin, cow foot, poultry, chicken foot, different various fish, chicken neck and other wide range of various meats.


Both equally entrepreneurs recruit community centered events, including family entertaining day, which is held just about every Boxing Day time and a stage present which is held every other Sunday in the community. They supply food items, refreshments, and entertainment, for the fun day, and for the level show; they provide a monetary gift of six crates of liquor, that may go towards the community development program.

The entrepreneurs also put on their fun time in the month of Aug, by providing entertainment, food and dessert for the children and a dance session pertaining to the adults in the evening which is generally free. “It is great helping the community that help developing the community.

Additionally they try to ensure that the elderly in the neighborhood, for example among the senior’s house was eliminate in hurricane Ivan, they sponsor the elder by building a one bedroom, for the elder being comfortable and enjoy life.

I conclude that with a little endurance, self-confidence and a little perseverance you can open your own organization.

I like to recommend that they sign-up their organization immediately with the Kingston and St . Toby Corporation and also the Registrar Business, before furthering the business.

Pebbly Hill Cardiovascular system Academy

Stony Mountain P. O.


TEL #: 968-7488/9

Good morning/ evening I i am Dirk Dillon a student at the Stony Hill HEART School, where My spouse and i am seeking a training course in Data Operation as of September 5, 2007. I am gathering information in order to produce a account of a powerful entrepreneur. Would you be kind enough to allow me a couple of minutes while I dispense a short volume of forms?

1 . What is your name?


installment payments on your What is the name of the business or perhaps your institution?

3. Where is your company located?


5. What activities were you involved in when enrolled in college?

5. Following school, what path performed you take to better your self?


6th. Were you previously applied before becoming an entrepreneur? Certainly () Zero ( )

If you do, please condition


7. What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?


8. Did you create the business on your own or someone motivate you? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

being unfaithful. What strategy do you put in place to satisfy clients for top quality and effectiveness? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

twelve. Your business today is the completion of your goal?

Certainly No If you do Please state ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

eleven. What type of management style do you really exhibit within your organization? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12. What new creativity (if any) did you bring to the business enterprise? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. What are these products and or companies does the organization offers to customers? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

14. Maybe you have registered your business with the registrar of companies? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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