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Solar power heated grill essay

We wish to say thanks to following for endless help in making this Investigatory Project: a. Our Parents who are always there to guide and support us in all of the our activities, encouraging us to do more and to give associated with ourselves. n. Our tutor, Ms. Neis who is always there nourishing the hunger pertaining to curiosity, allowing for us to submit some chapters even past due. c. Good friends and classmates who maintain us surviving all the time.

deb. Lastly, to the Creator, whom gave this all talents, expertise, knowledge and much more that we have used in making this Investigatory Project possible


This kind of study aimed to find out if a vintage shoebox and a thick tin foil can be converted to amore useful piece of kitchenware.

The feasibility of reflective solar heated grillthat is built coming from a cardboard boxes box, container foil, and posterboard as a substitute cookingequipment was studied from this research project. The cardboard container was minimize andshaped. the tin foil is resolved in the middle making it looks like a slide.

we go outside inthe temperature of the sunshine. the bbq sticks were placed in the spot where representation of thesunlight focuses on the hotdog. similar to a real skewer the hotdog were cooked properly therefor moments. tasted that. and bam!. real hotdogs on adhere just like mother used to prepare food.

Part I


A solar heated grill may be built from a cardboard field, tin foil, and posterboard. Sunlighthits the reflective surface and is targeted on the hot dog held in the middle. Students canwork in pairs or separately if there are enough supplies. This is a parabolic pot we developed a while ago, and so unfortunately we can’t demonstrate step bystep photos of it’s structure. However , it’s relatively easy to find out how it absolutely was puttogether. This makes a great Physics project. Unlike most, you’ll basically get some work with out of itafterwards. A few of the principles it demonstrates will be: 1 . Optical technologies: focusing parallel rays of incident lumination through the use of a parabolic reflect. 2 . Energy transformation: lumination to high temperature

3. Power: solar power


General Objective:

This study thru physics aims to find out if an old boot carton container can be useful to makean option cooking equipment.


This study should find out if a classic shoe documentation box can be useful to make analternative cooking equipment. player is usually significant in order to sectors to get various causes: Function as an eye-opener for those who dont have a grill within their backyard who want toconvert their old boot box ticket into a hotdog grilling equipment. Give information to students and teachers according to recycling of cartonbox or old shoe package. Serve as encouraging factor pertaining to the schools or perhaps institutions to direct their particular students and tofurther improve their features for expanding old fichier box right into a cooking grilland other processes to maximize the recycling of old ticket box. Furthermore, the outcome of the study can provide empirically based information topolicy makers in Ecological recycled Waste Management. (RA 9003) trash cartons areusually stocked or perhaps thrown out anywhere else. Converting these types of non-functional cartons doesnot just support RA 9003 it opens a place to develop technology in thecommunitySignificance of the Examine

Scope and Limitations

This study was conducted February 23, 2013 to March 25, 2013. finalized in a day. It is limited to the use of fichier box, container foil. Glu, muskin strapping barbeque twigs, andhotdogs. scrumptious. The alteration of an outdated carton container into a solar power heated barbeque grill is the main concern of thisresearch. The output can be done by simply properly assembling it Estimated Time Frame: 2 Days

Meaning of Terms

Intended for purpose of clearness, the following terms used in the research are hereby defined. Hotdog ” A commonly-used (but etymologically obscure) term to get a sausage that isusually enjoyed in a bun with ketchup, mustard, and relish. Grill “. Outdoor cooking product. To prepare food previously mentioned charcoal, gas or different means of high temperature. (typically outside). Tin Foil ” A wrapping compound to keep food freshSkewer ” is a thin metal or wood keep used to hold pieces of food together. That they areused while grilling or perhaps roasting lean meats, and in different culinary applications.

Chapter 2

Overview of Related Materials

Proper barbecuing doesn’t originate from propane or perhaps charcoal. Both can be used to generate tasty benefits. No, the most important aspect can be high heat administration. Getting your barbeque grill hot enough to give that grilled taste on your beef without turning it to lung burning ash is an art. That’s why this new solar power grill provides me weary. It’s rather than an electric barbeque grill that operates on solar powered energy, it’s literally a grill that cooks with the sunshine. Cool idea, yet We can’t support but dread it provides average fare intended for the paper plate. The Solar-Grill works on the flexible looking glass to target the team rays at the black “barbecue cup to get it nice and toasty. Afterward you simply toss the meat on and the heat produced during the preheat phase at home cooks the various meats. Since it can light and simply transportable this is a good solution pertaining to camping and even tailgating. You should not worry about flames or smoke, just prepared meat to take pleasure from.

I recommend putting your beef on a stay because anything is better in a stick, really why lamb chops are so inherently good. If you’re interested in testing this kind of thing out it can be found for $240. That appears a bit pricey considering you are able to pick up a Weber a lot grill for below $100. But hey, if you’re cooking with all the power of direct sunlight. Captain Planet would be happy. It can be used like a science project but there’s a minimal probability that it can make a mess when not properly managed. This job is intended pertaining to secondary college students with a parental supervision. (http://www.cinemablend.com/technology/Solar-Grill-Uses-The-Sun-To-Cook-Food-

3715. html Part III



1 ) Two bits of heavy card (like the medial side of a cardboard carton). The first piecemust be in least ten inches squareand the second smaller sized piece must be at least four inches by five inches.

installment payments on your A piece of lumination posterboard eight inches wide and sixteen inches wide long.

three or more. Twelve-inch extensive aluminum foil. (You will use about thirty-two inches in the material. )

4. Several masking recording. (You may experiment with other types of tape. )

5. Eight inch long sticks regarding 1/16 ” in size. You may also work with lengths of heavywire.


Select a extended narrow box; the longer the box the greater heat collection is possible. Pick a focal size between 5³ and 10³ and design a parabolic curve because seenin the style. One design template could be utilized for all the cookers. Trace the curve onthe open end of the box so that it is definitely centered and straight. Eliminate the shape with a power knife. Anxiety the importance of being exact. Measure and lower a piece of posterboard that will resolve flush up against the opening tothe box. Add this with tape beginning at the center and working toward toedges.

Cover the contour with white colored glue and apply light weight aluminum foil sparkly side away. Start inthe middle and smooth toward the edges. Try not to -wrinkle or flip the foil; youwant it as clean as possible. Work with two waste of card taped to each side because supports. Using the sun or aprojector mild, test the focal point. There ought to be a shiny spot exactly where light isconcentrated; mark this spot and punch a hole pertaining to the skewer. Use a section of acoat hanger from which the paint has been removed to get a skewer.

Section IV

Discussion of Outcomes

This phase presents your data, analysis and interpretation of findings. It truly is in this partwhereby the data have been completely sorted out, tabulated, afflicted by statistical research andthen the findings were interpreted. after we had produced the hotdog barbeque grill out of recycled older carton box. and grilled thehotdog there thru discovered sunlight reflections on the container foil. We asked somebody torate the taste and acceptance of the meals

Chapter Sixth is v

Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation


Solar Grill helps all of us in many ways, in conserves strength and it may come in handy, it might be even produced thourgh recyclable materials.


Our speculation was correct. The hot dog grill made of cardboard can definitely cookeddelicious hotdogs which is acceptable in the real world, the cooker is cheap in the event built. for the reason that materials are certainly not expensive. developed hotdog is the same as it is grilled inthe barbeque grill. We think that if a reflecting hot dog cooker can be built from a card box, tin foil, and posterboard is feasible that hotdog could be cooked presently there just like mamaused to prepare food. We think it is cheaper and economical seeing that we reside in a tropicalcountry, we think this will be satisfactory in our period.


Based on the findings formulated, the subsequent recommendations are offeredfor conceivable further study. 1 . Information disseminations to the people on the appropriate recycling of old anddilapidated Carton packing containers and other recycled wastes needs to be intensified. 2 . People should know the beliefs of recycling not only the biodegradable andnonbiodegradable wastes also for them to perform their portion to cut down onwaste air pollution that impacts the environment. three or more. carton users should be guided accordingly in order to recycle damaged shoecartons rather than to junk them in other places, because dropping them in other places, will at some point can cause messy surroundings. For them also to help reduce thefire that happen to be fatal to human beings


Solar Cooking Frequently-Asked Questions

What are the fundamental kinds of solar cookers?

There are three basic sorts:

* Container cookers-This form of cooker has been the advantage of slower, even cooking food of largequantities of food. Variations include slanting the facial skin toward the sunlight and thenumber of reflectors. You’ll find an article discussing sun box cooker designshere. 5. Panel cookers-This recent expansion was sparked by Roger Bernard in France. Through this design, different flat sections concentrate the sun’s rays onto a pot in the plastic carrier orunder a glass dish. The advantage of this design is they can be built-in anhour or so for up coming to nothing. In Kenya, these are staying manufactured intended for theKakuma Asylum Camp job for US$2 each.

2. Parabolic cookers-These are usually curvy disks that focus the sunshine onto the bottom of a pan. Theadvantage is that foods cook about as fast as on a typical stove. Thedisadvantage is that they will be complicated to generate, they must become focused frequently tofollow direct sunlight, and they can cause burns and eye damage if not really used properly. Some of these issues have recently been reduced by Dr . Person Seifert’s style. There is a thorough document here showing numerous variations in thesethemes. You can even listen to a good introduction to sun cooking below. Who made the first solar oven?

The first solar cooker we know of was created by Horace de Saussure, a Swiss naturalistexperimenting as soon as 1767. Observe this article to find out more. Where are solar stoves being used one of the most? Here are trustworthy reports there are over 75, 000 cookers in use in both India andChina. Were aware of sun cooking assignments in most in the countries of the world. Solar Cookers International has recently had a breakthrough discovery in Kenya using the CooKitpanel cooker. A lot more than 5000 households are now sun cooking there. How warm do solar ovens obtain?

Place the oven thermometer in the sunny area of the oven to have a reading comparable towhat the cooking weed is “feeling. The temperature reached by box cookers and panelcookers depends mostly on the quantity and scale the reflectors used. A single-reflector box cooker usually tops away at around 150 C (300 F) as the foodstuff approachesbeing done. High temperatures, however , are not necessary for cooking. The oven willcook just fine so long as it gets up to about 90 C (200 F) or so. Bigger temperaturescook larger quantities, cook faster, and enable for cooking food on marginal days; However , many persons prefer to prepare food at reduced temperatures, after that they can keep the foodto cook whilst they go of the business. Using a single-reflector package cooker, when thefood is cooked, it just stays nice and won’t scorch. It’s good to remember that nofood can go previously mentioned 100 C (212 F) at ocean level anyways, unless a pressurized cookingvessel is used. The high temperatures you observe in cookbooks for conventional ovens are merely for convenience and for special effects such as quick browning.

How long does it take to cook dinner?

As a rule of thumb, you may figure that food in a single-reflector box cooker will takeabout twice as long as with a conventional the oven. However , while you can’t genuinely burn yourfood, you don’t have to view the cooker or stir any foodstuff as it cooks. You can only put ina few containers with different foods and then return later inside the day every pot willcook to perfection and then stay hot right up until you take it out. Panel cookers prepare smaller portions, usually only in a single pan, but frequently they cookslightly faster. A lot of people have reported the need to stir food every single once in a whilewhen using this kind of pot to assure that the food temperatures evenly. Cooking food with a parabolic cooker is incredibly similar to cooking food on one burner of aconventional stove. Since the concentrated sun rays shines upon the bottom of apot, the whole pot heats up and cooks rapidly. The food will certainly burn although. So you have tostir this and watch it carefully.

Must you turn the cooker to adhere to the sun?

Package cookers with one backside reflector don’t need to be turned unless you will be cookingbeans which usually take approximately 5 several hours. Panel cookers need to be switched more often than boxcookers, since they have part reflectors which could shade the whole pot. Parabolic cookers are themost difficult to imagination focus. These kinds of need to be switched every 10 to thirty minutes, depending on the focal length.

Do i need to take the time to develop a box pot out of “real supplies like plywoodor glass or is card good enough? Unless you need a oven that can stay outside actually in the rainfall, you’ll work just fine with a cardboard boxes cooker. Cardboard boxes is much simpler to work with and holds heat just as well. Some people we know have used a similar cardboard field cooker over 10 years. Will a mirror generate a better mirror?

While showcases are more refractive than simpler materials such as aluminum foil, but theadded gain is typically not worth the increased expense and frailty involved with using a mirror? What style of planting pots work best?

Essentially, you want to use a dark, light-weight, shallow container that is somewhat larger than thefood you will prepare food in that. Metal cookware seem to prepare food best. Hardware stores inside the USusually hold dark, speckled, metal pots and pans called Graniteware. Shiny aluminum pots”socommon in developing countries”can be painted black or can be blackened in a fire. Cast straightener pots works, but extra solar energy is used to warm up the pot as well as thefood, thus they will not operate marginal circumstances

If solar power ovens are incredibly good, why isn’t everybody using a single? There are many elements at work below. First and foremost, the majority of the world’spopulation does not even know that it will be possible to prepare with the sunshine. When they findout about it there is almost universal enthusiasm, particularly in regions exactly where thegathering of cooking energy and the technique of cooking over the smoky fire is a greatburden. There are many factors that need to be set up to make it possible for poorpeople to solar cook with an on-going basis. The most successful projects have been completely oneswhere the need was the very best, the weather one of the most favorable, and where the solarcooking promoters took a long-range approach to the transition. An example of this is the work by Sun Cookers International in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. If you make a box pot out of cardboard, won’t it catch fire? No . Paper can burn at 451 F (233 C) plus your cooker won’t get that hot.


* http://www.google.com.ph/search?um=1&hl=fil&rlz=1C1AVSX_enPH503PH503&biw=1440&bih=766&noj=1&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=stick&oq=st


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