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Organization ethics representation essay

Some three years ago, my company chosen to hire a male of Middle-Eastern decent to fill an open project executive position. The gentlemen exemplified what the organization wanted and needed within an employee. He had the educational requirements, work history, and numerous years of experience inside our manufacturing field. He shined during the interview process and stood head and shoulders above the other candidates. My own company lost no time producing the man a fair offer and he gladly accepted soon afterwards. In a few months after his introduction, the man was tasked to lead a project to install a great aseptic combination operation.

The aseptic mix operation acquired some rigid personal hygiene requirements. 1 critical need was no employee could don a facial beard when working in the mix area.

Ironically, the lady sported an entire lengthy beard in which he wore happily as part of his Middle Far eastern culture. Sooner or later, an unexpected ethical dilemma was on the rise. My company was caught between asking the man to shave his beard, assign one more engineer to the project, or amend the requirement.

After a few weeks of laboring above this problem, my own company decided it would be in the best interest of all parties involved to permit the man to hold his beard and still business lead the job. To do so, my personal company searched and surely could source large aseptic-acceptable beard nets. The gentleman was open to the concept of wearing the beard nets and the task was completed on time.

The virtue, benefit, and meaningful conceptual issues in this ethical dilemma were also of interest. Regarding virtue, this kind of man’s persona was by no means in question. Having been neither proper nor incorrect but was merely adhering to his cultural ways. In terms of beliefs, the male’s personal beliefs differed coming from those of the company’s. The man highly valued his culture and kept it in high view. As a result, selection a choice to sport a beard that signified his culture and ancestry. On the other hand, the company primarily valued their particular policies. Yet, the company ultimately decided to modify them to honor the man’s values. Morally speaking, the virtues plus the values in the companyand the man were not lined up thus causing an ethical dilemma. Not of the two was right or wrong but merely had different beliefs.

There are several ways in which external cultural pressures affected business integrity in this condition. For example , once local Middle-Eastern delegates identified about this honest issue they became irate. They endangered to exclusion the company’s products, protest outside of the company, and pursue a lawsuit. The neighborhood ACLU, The American Civil Liberties Union, spoke facing the company’s procedures as well. Whilst they didn’t warned any activities, their simply presence was enough to sway the business to change it is policies. Finally, social pressure form the many Middle-Easterners inside the community, county, and state weighed heavily on the organization. These exterior social pressures along with internal pressure from personnel were excessive for the company to dismiss. Again, as a result, the company amended its aseptic operation plans.

If I was a company and was up against the same dilemma today, I would have attained the same answer. Personally, in this situation, it would be better to modify a policy by finding suited solutions, than it would be to stand firm. The company did the ideal thing simply by finding and purchasing acceptable facial beard nets instead of fight an extensive battle inside the judicial program and the the courtroom of open public opinion. Consequently , I would have done the same thing today. If I was the gentleman from this situation, I would have done precisely what he actually did; stand your ground and work at to answer in which both sides are pleased. I would not need decided to lower my curly hair because that would have violated my ethnical values and private value program. In the end, the perfect solution was inviting to both the gentleman and the company.

This ethical problem, although fixed in a reasonable fashion, brought to light additional policy concerns within the business. As a result, the corporation hired an ethical expert who oversees all plans, rules, and procedures. Likewise this individual will help orientate new hires who cultural techniques and ideals are not conveniently recognized. It has helped the organization become more cultural diverse and even more cognizant of others who principles differ from most ofthe workforce


* Managing Business Ethics

5. L. Trevino & E. Nelson

* 2007


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