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Science and technology Adv of technology First of all, systems play an essential role in society as it makes your life easier to go on and less time intensive. Technology has the capacity to create cutting corners in operating. People do not need to do all of the hard labor anymore. For instance , microwave ovens cook foodstuff easily without using any ranges and making a big mess. Some ten years ago, there have been no gas or electric power stoves, individuals have to acquire firewoods and lighting all of them up for preparing food.

Technology makes things easy to use comparing it in the old trend way.

Furthermore, medical science is very modern and helps you to save many innocent lives. Medical treatment has been running nicely with the help of technology. Nowadays, hospitals use technology as the help for the operation. Doctors use machines to produce treatments to cure sickness plus the discovery of x-ray permit doctors to treat some kinds of disorders. On the otherhand, the application of scientific research leads to the introduction of technology.

Technology originates from the Ancient greek language word tekne, which means fine art, craft or perhaps skill. Technology is the artwork craft and skill of harnessing scientific knowledge.

Technology has improved the quality of existence in many ways. DNA Analysis has become used to solve crimes. Packaged livelihood technology produce products and provide function and salary. Nuclear research has brought about systems fro treating cancer, preserving food and providing energy. Harnessing strength from the sun has brought about solar powered batteries for calculators and watches. The aqualung allowed man to research the ocean depths thereby starting the underwater world pertaining to deeper search. In addition to this, technology and technology influences our lives.

These technology that have changed the world happen to be products of genuises who have altogether make up only a tiny percentile of the millions of people whom inhabit the entire world. Disad of tech Nevertheless , there is always a down side to everything. Like a saying goes, there is no such thing because free lunch. Technological advancement has its own unwanted side effects. For example , the burning of fossil fuels is primarily to energize the modern worldand to electrical power cars. However , it has degraded the quality of air flow we breathe in and has caused additional environmental hazards with wellness threatening effects that negatively affect existence.

On the contrary, technology also provides harm to each of our society. The booming of industrialization and development causes pollutions to our world. For example , the smoke cigarettes from the automobiles and devices affects the quality of air and destroy the ozone coating. As a result, people suffer illness like cancers. In addition , technology also create financial complications in family members because most of the technologies can be very expensive like computer systems. People that cannot afford to buy these kinds of technology can live in a stressful life. For example , people that don’t have washing machine will have to wash clothes by hand which can be time consuming


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