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The time honored athens and han chinese suppliers

Han china and classical Athens shared a large number of differences around the 5th century such as social image, cultural environment, sociable structures, plus the overall similarities and differences.

Document M (population quotes from combined sources¦) states that the human population of time-honored Athens in 422 W. C. Elizabeth was to be 315, 000 total. Whereas Doc C (population estimates from merged sources) the citizenry of Han china in 200 C. E was 65, 500, 000 total. Han cina and time-honored Athens populace was sent out differently. Just like classical Athens population division was more general so it was divided in four sections that have been free men citizen, free male non- citizens, cost-free females and slaves.

On the other hand Han chinese suppliers population division was more specific so it was divided into six sections that have been emperor and appointed representatives, educated mandarin bureaucrats, ended up aristocracy, typical farmers and several skilled downtown works, retailers, and “mean people. Even though Han chinese suppliers and classical Athens have sufficient differences in addition they had several similarities just like both recently had an underclass indicate people in china and slaves in Athens.

Another similarity was that that were there was that a largely farm building based inhabitants.

Document T (discus thrower) and doc L (Ch’iu Ying, Landscape in the type of Li T’ang¦) were also very different from the other person. Document T (5th century) was even more cultural base, discus throwers were among many rivals in the Ancient greek Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were hosted every 4 years. The actions of the doj were jogging, horseback, boxing, jumping, fumbling, javelin throwing, and chariot racing. The sole ones the competition was done usually in nude were the charioteers. In the event that an athlete earned he was permanently famous and brought honor to his city-state. Record L (551-479 B. C. E) was more ethnical environment as it showed moments of nature, Han palaces and houses.

This record represented the Chinese scenery, the human labor and slaves. It was proven that a person was overwhelmed by the degree and benefits of nature. Both these documents had been very different because document E seemed the Olympic Games plus the athletes had been very important to the Athens. While document D it was more about theenvironment and how character was very important. Also just how people resided and performed things each day while residing in that amazing place of mother nature. There weren’t any commonalities between the two of these documents.

The classical Athens and Ryan china were different because their role because an individual in society was different, how they viewed their particular social classes and how that they ruled their government. Athens believed in the democratic govt which was the rule of mob while Han china believed in the bureaucratic sort of government and also monarchy. Traditional Athens was a city condition and Ryan china was an empire. The geographic of old Greece plus the Han Empire were very different. They also have a few similarities because both remedied women with little respect. Another similarity is that woman didn’t possess as superb rights because man and also women did not take part in national politics only gentleman. Man acquired more rights because these people were the experts and they were the ones making the money while women simply stayed house and increased a family.


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