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Chief executive Andrew Meeks was the seventeenth president of the United States of America. He came into office after President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Leader Johnson came to be on December 12, 1808 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Manley grew up in poverty, his family was too poor to send him to school. The moment Johnson was older this individual got work as a tailor boy yet ran away later. When he was elderly he became available a custom shop in Tennessee. He started with governmental policies by discussing in a neighborhood academy. He married Eliza McCartney together six children. He was a senator and was a person in the House of Representatives. In the civil warfare he stayed senator, many northerners thought he was superb but the southerners didn’t like him. After he acquired appointed to be military governor of Tennessee by Chief executive Lincoln.

In 1864 he got elected to be vice president intended for Abraham Lincoln subsequently. Andrew Johnson got elected as vice president, not chief executive. After Leader Lincoln’s murder at Ford’s theature he became chief executive. He was as well supposed to be assassinated by George Azterodt. Yet Azterodt didn’t end up dealing with with the killing out of fear. Though he don’t go through with all the assassination, Azterodt was still strung. What competent him to be a vice president was because he was obviously a Senator in Tennessee having been steadfast to the Union through the civil war. He was as well appointed Armed service Governor of Tennessee by simply President Lincoln. Andrew Manley had a couple of controversies when he was president and here are a handful of them.

When Manley became president some “radicals” in the House of Representatives, United states senate, and Congress wanted to move a bill working with former slaves. President Johnson then vetoed it as they liked slavery and owned or operated slaves. The “radicals” acquired enough ballots to override the leader. It was very first time in American history that congress override the leader on an crucial bill. Our elected representatives passed the Civil Rights act of 1866 that let ex – slaves always be American citizens, and this there could hardly be virtually any discrimination against them.

Andrew Manley was the initially president to move up for impeachment, some people also call him the worst president in American history. The senate wrote up 11 articles for Johnson’s impeachment. The main reason why he received put up pertaining to impeachment was because he got Stanton out of office and violated an action. He substituted Stanton with Thomas with out going to united states senate first, which is violating the Constitution. Johnson escaped staying impeached by only one election.

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