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Reflective articles are a useful procedure for rns to learn coming from experience. In nursing, self reflection is crucial to accept own power and constraint and to initiate necessary changes in future to improve the situation and for professional creation (Ushe, Engender Stewart, 2012). I have picked Gibb’s reflective cycle to reflect the incident as it helps to express both incidents and emotions generated simply by experience (AndreHeartfield, 2011, pp. 62-63).


On positioning, I was given to take finish care of some patients within a surgical keep of the Clinic Umum Sarawak under the direction of senior nurse. The night shift new graduate rn handed over to us the particular one of our content operative individuals had an indwelling catheter(IDC) that was taken out a night before and patient voided after removal of IDC. The nurse reported that the person’s incontinent aid was moderately wet at night, however the affected person was still worrying of not being able to void which manufactured the nurse think that the patient was mixed up.

After receiving a handover, I went to check my personal patients and I found that particular affected person was restless and when asked she mentioned she a new lot of discomfort in her lower belly. A quick physical examination unveiled distended decrease abdomen. After reviewing her clinical paperwork I noticed patient received PRN (as needed) analgesia pertaining to abdominal discomfort early that morning nevertheless no further investigation and involvement were done for soreness. Furthermore, My spouse and i assessed the sufferer and found she was well orientated to time, place and person as there is no significant history of confusion or delirium in her clinical notes.


In those days, I believed the situation had not been correct and I reported instantly to my personal mentor. She appreciated my personal initiation and instructed myself to perform a great ultrasound urinary scan.


Bladder check revealed a residual volume of 998 local mls of urine in urinary. I immidiately noticed my own mentor and the junior medical officer working on the floor whom reviewed the individual and bought for quick insertion of IDC. While I was applying IDC below supervision of my coach I delegated the assistant in medical staff (PPK) staff working away at the floor to hold on close eye on my rest of the sufferers and solution their needs. Upon insertion of IDC a urine outcome was 1650mls within a short while and patient stated she felt convenient. Patient thanked us for not ignoring her complaint of pain and never considering her as confused and starting prompt actions to make her comfortable.

In my opinion, the night shift registered nurse changed her incontinent aid which was reasonably wet thought the patient was confused when ever patient explained she aren’t void. The individual might have imperfect bladder emptying or flood incontinence that the night health professional might have presumed as patient voiding normally. Later, my mentor spoke to the night duty registered nurse about the incident and asked her either the girl attended bladder scan or informed one of the senior nursing staff or dealing with team on the situation. The health professional said the girl was really active and your woman didn’t think it over. My advisor explained to her how important is to attend extensive and accurate assessment of patient rather than making an own reasoning. My coach discussed about legal requirement of nurses to fulfill the duty of care and exactly how negligence can result in harm to the patient. The night switch nurse certain my coach that she’ll never ignore patient’s needs and always fulfill her duty of care in future.


Australian Breastfeeding and Midwifery Council (ANMC) have defined the expertise for nurses to provide secure and skilled nursing practice adhering to the legal and ethical framework(Davidson Everett, 2012). ANMC proficiency for registered nurse requires nurses to perform a comprehensive and exact assessment from the patient just before performing any kind of interventions (NMBA, 2006). With this scenario, evening duty registered nurse should have performed comprehensive analysis (physical analysis and urinary scanning) if the patient was complaining of abdominal discomfort. It is the responsibility of rns to fulfill the duty of care for their patients. Based on ANMC competency requirements, reflecting on this incidence provides enhanced my own understanding of the value of work of proper care, nurses part to counsel for their patient, critical pondering and analysis, comprehensive and systematic nursing jobs assessment to spot actual and potential medical condition and require of effective communication and care skill with multidisciplinary team to attain optimal level of health. Furthermore, with this kind of incidence I have also learned that whilst featuring care towards the patient doctor must understand their own personal value and attitudes should not impose the care they give to their patients(NMBA, 2006).


Reflection with this incident in feel my spouse and i performed pretty well nevertheless , I should have acted much sooner to alleviate my patient suffering. These days realize easily would have overlooked the incident thinking the person is baffled I would include put my own patient’s health at risk. Retention of more than 800mls of urine in urinary increases the likelihood of bladder above distention injury (Nguyen ain al, 2016). Similarly, there are numerous other problems associated with severe or serious retention of urine which may include contamination, flaccid urinary, renal destruction due to reflux and advancement bladder diverticulum or pouching (Casey, 2011). Hence, in case the relevant actions wasn’t started in time the specific situation might have been worst. Looking back on this event, apart from satisfying duty of care I realize nurses are legally obliged to recognize and respond rapidly to hazardous and compromised care. Consequently , keeping affected person well being with the forefront i also learn to challenge the practice of colleagues if their practice put patient’s well being at risk(NMBA, 2006). Furthermore, this episode helped me to comprehend the importance of comprehensive affected person assessment in identifying genuine and potential health issue. By conducting through patient evaluation the exact source of the problem was able to notify with the involvement of multidisciplinary team the issue was easily resolved. This prevalence provides me an insight of the importance of affected person centred healthy care, successful communication and teamwork skills for softer transition being a beginning level registered nurse(Walker et ‘s, 2013).

Action plan

Nurses happen to be accountable to supply safe and competent breastfeeding care (NMBA, 2008). The national expertise standards pertaining to registered nursing staff to fulfill obligation of proper care and recognize and reply to unprofessional and unsafe practice(NMBA, 2006). With this chance I have discovered to fulfill the duty of care carefully and to significantly improve the assertive abilities. Similarly, successful communication is an essential credit a new graduate student nurse really should have. Taking the perfect time to listen to the person, recognize their particular need and involving these people n their own care helps bring about patient based care(Stein- Parbury, 2012). Relating back to the incident, as a result of lack of successful communication a client needs was neglected consequently , in order to effectively transit into beginning level registered nurse i ought to develop qualified communication skill.

The move from students into the professional graduate is often confronting and requires a wide range of expertise and professional skills (Williams, RichardA Sayah, 2015). In order to successfully undertake into the professional role, a new graduate nursing staff are expected to prioritize treatment, manage workloads, make an ideal clinical decision, exert leadership skills and work in the interdisciplinary team(Williams et ‘s, 2015). The other essential competencies required for a new graduate nurse happen to be practicing inside the evidence based framework, coaching, regularly monitoring patient progress, care choosing and promoting for sufferer (Davidson Everett, 2012). Apart from other expertise, a novice practitioner is usually expected to have skills just like leading, coaching and delegating the task to other staffs based on their particular competence and scope of practice(NMBA, 2006).

Leadership skill is one particular the essential in the nursing profession. Upon completion of graduation, a new graduate registered nurse is also anticipated to lead a team based on the organization coverage and protocols. The new graduate student nurse can demonstrate and built management capability by working within a small group of staff who has different competencies and expertise such as enrolled nurse and assistants in nursing to be able to achieve a common goal (Thoms Duffield, 2012). Leadership skill requires a doctor to clearly delegate duties to various other, provide recurrent feedback, connect effectively within a team and involve in the professional development of self and others(Thoms Duffield, 2012). Charging a task in front of large audiences is often a tough job for a new graduate health professional. Before delegating a task to others it is essential to include a audio knowledge of skills and features of various other team members (Thoms Duffield, 2012). In addition , consistent supervision, support and coaching are essential to assure delegated task has been performed safely and accurate (NMBA, 2006). Meantime, as being a leader rendering appropriate feedback is also important to motivate team members.

Consequently, reflecting within this incident has helped me to get insight into my clinical practice, understand the importance of complete assessment, assertiveness, holistic sufferer centered treatment, interdisciplinary team work, leading mentoring and delegating in the team to get a successful changeover into the role of rn.

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