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Response to globalization essay

The positive effect can be investigated many different various ways. It can be seem as a method or technique that is rapidly reshaping the earth. Improved in technology and communication reduce the limitations separating between countries and government. The world becomes more interconnected more then at any time in the past. It is easy to travel from one place to another with a , 000, 000 mile of distance. Most kind of merchandise can be found in most places nowadays such as McDonald and Pizzas Hut. Generally speaking, this might be look being a positive result but in deep, it also create a negative side impact too many producing countries. The positive effect can be result in both great and adverse way depends upon how persons see it in various ways.

Globalization looked being a positive techniques. Globalization brings down the gab between produced and growing country. At present to travel via Thai to United Point out might take even more then a week by traditional style air airplane. Today, the fasted air flow plane you can find yourself from Thai to USA within a few hours. The positive effect also linked and helps every county to have a good and strong relation ship including UN and WTO corporation.

UN can be useful for term of co-operation between your nations and tries to prevent war between your two countries such as Pakistan and india. UN as well help the poor countries by simply provided them with good and services. WTO helps reduce the contract price of good and service from one nation to other. Not just that, globalization ensure that the world progressively more effective in term of communication. Today we have a great e-mail which will sent any information to various other country as easy as tab the finger for the mouse.

Let appearance as a damaging effect that bring to almost all developing countries especially in poor and small when. Nothing comes for free. Almost all service and good will be costly which will only several country which could effort the. If we appear deeply in those poor countries we can see that they acquired nothing in return from getting part of the positive effect world. Because they are poor for them to not work any of individuals hi-technology and everything expensive very good. Then how could we declare globalization provide developing to any or all nation. Not only that, globalization as well destroy any kind of culture and traditional of other countries.

A good example in such a case is the influences of Traditional western culture to Thai teenagers. The tradition effects of the positive effect can be seen in dress, dining and music and. In most capital of the world, skinny jeans and T-shirts seem to be common attire. Burger king and pizza Hut are example of global fast-food organizations. Pop and rock music have become common listening all around the world. Thai teens are failing to remember what the Thailänder traditional are just like. Most of them are merely lessen to international music including me personally too. The majority of them might not possibly know and have absolutely heart virtually any on Thai traditional music. Instead of going to the temple that they prefer to go to the pub, nigh club and karaoke club.

All in all, globalization take both good and bad positive in the same time. Globalization are created the world will be more interconnected in several way but it also destroy some nation lifestyle. Nothing is excellent in this world. We can not assess weather the positive effect is good or perhaps bad. It depends on how you are getting it and use it in a confident or unfavorable way. Simply do what you believe it the very best fit for yourself and do not treatment what the various other say only believe in yourself.

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