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The seagull monologue composition paper

A monologue from your play simply by Anton Chekhov

NOTE: This monologue is definitely reprinted from Two Plays of Tchekhof. Trans. George Calderon. London: Grant Richards Ltd., 1912.

NINA: Men and lions, eagles and partridges, antlered deer, geese, spiders, the muted fishes house in the normal water, star-fish and tiny animals invisible for the eyethese each form of life, ay, just about every form of life, have concluded their despair round and be extinct. A large number of centuries have passed since this earth bore any human being on their bosom. Bleary vain does yon paler moon mild her light. No longer the actual cranes wake up and weep in the meadows, the sound of the cockchafers is silent in the linden groves. Almost all is cool, cold, frosty. Empty, clear, empty. Horrible, terrible, terrible. The body of living beings possess vanished in dust, the Eternal Matter has modified them in stones, in to water, in to clouds, and their state of mind are combined in one.

My spouse and i am that spirit, the universal heart of the world. In me is the spirit of Alexander the truly amazing, of Caesar, of William shakespeare, of Napoleon, and the toughest of the leeches. In me the mind of men is combined with the instinct of family pets, I remember everything, everything, everything, and in me personally relive each individual life. I actually am alone. Once in a hundred years I open my own lips of talking, and my personal voice echoes sadly with this emptiness with no one listens to. You too, light fires, you hear me not really. The corruption of the marsh engenders you towards early morning, and you stroll till the dawn, nevertheless without believed, without can, without throb of existence. Fearing poste life should certainly arise in you, the daddy of Timeless Matter, the Devil, effects in you, as in stones and water, a perpetual veränderung of atoms, you change unceasingly. In all the universe spirit alone remains constant and unchanging. Such as a captive flung into a profound empty very well, I know certainly not where I actually am nor what is justa round the corner me. One thing only is usually revealed to me personally, that in the cruel and stubborn have trouble with the Devil, the principle of material forces, it really is fated i shall be victorious, and thereafter, spirit and matter in order to merge collectively in delightful harmony and the reign of Universal Will certainly is to commence. But that cannot be till, little by little, after having a long, extended series of hundreds of years, the celestial body overhead, the shining dog-star as well as the earth happen to be turned to dust particles. Till in that case there will probably be horror and desolation. See, my mighty antagonist, the Devil, approaches. I see his dreadful, blood-red sight

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