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Roro jonggrang dissertation

Once upon a time, there were a empire named Prambanan. The people existed there peacefully. But all of a sudden, the kingdom of Prambanan was attacked and occupied by Pengging kingdom. Because of that, Prambanan was ruled by Bandung Bandowoso from Pengging empire. He was a king together supernatural electrical power. His troops were both humans and genies. Bandung Bandowoso became adoringly obsessed with Roro Jonggrang, a beautiful daughter from your king of Prambanan, and he desired to marry her. Roro Jonggrang was surprised to hear that.

She don’t like Bandung Bandowoso as they had wiped out her daddy. She planned to refuse his love although she worried. She believed and thought. And then the girl found a great way to refuse Bandung Bandowoso’s like by asked Bandung Bandowoso to make one thousand temples and two bore holes in one night time.

Bandung Bandowoso accepted the necessity. And when the night came, Bandung Bandowoso accumulated his genies and asked them to make one thousand wats or temples. And the genies immediately built the wats or temples very quickly.

Roro Jonggrang got worried when she saw just how quick the genies developed the temples or wats. And then the girl thought barely to make the genies stop working. She’d make the genies stop all their work by simply gathering the servants of Prambanan kingdom to lose straw, band the dimples, and lay down all the plants.

The genies left their very own work because Roro Jonggrang succeeded to make the night into morning by burning the straw, the rooster acquired crow. And the morning, Bandung Bandowoso told Roro Jonggrang to see every one of the temples. Roro Jonggrang measured the wats or temples one by one, and there were just 999 wats or temples. “I’m apologies, I cannot marry you. There’s only 999 wats or temples,  stated Roro Jonggrang. Bandung Bandowoso got upset. “So, you can expect to complete every one of the temples, Roro Jonggrang.  And then Bandung Bandowoso heart-broken Roro Jonggrang became a temple known as Lara Jonggrang that means “the slim woman.

Questions by “Roro Jonggrang Story

1 . Who do attack the Prambanan kingdom?

Pengging kingdom.

2 . Who was Roro Jonggrang?

She was obviously a beautiful child from a king of Prambanan.

a few. Why would Roro Jonggrang dislike Bandung Bandowoso?

Because Bandung Bandowoso experienced killed her father.

4. What was Roro Jonggrang asked to Bandung Bandowoso because she wished to refuse his love? The girl asked him to make one thousand temples and two bore holes in one evening.

5. What did Bandung Bandowoso do to satisfy Roro Jonggrang’s requirement? This individual gathered his genies and asked them to make one thousand temples.

6th. Why would Roro Jonggrang get worried once she saw how quick the genies built the temples? Since she didn’t want Bandung Bandowoso to complete his work.

7. What trick would Roro Jonggrang use to associated with genies cease working? She accumulated the servants of Prambanan kingdom to burn hay, ring the dimples, and lay all of the flowers to help make the night in to morning.

almost eight. How various temples Bandung Bandowoso plus the genies experienced built? 666666666 temples.

on the lookout for. What performed Bandung Bandowoso do following he got angry?

He heart-broken Roro Jonggrang became a temple to complete each of the temples.

twelve. What is the moral benefit of the account?

No longer cheat, because it will be paid back later.


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