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Scarlet page by hawthorne essay

Nathaniel Hawthornes novel The Scarlet Page, had a debatable plot when

it was printed in 1850. The same controversy exists today even though there exists

a decline in meaningful behavior. The main character, Hester Prynne, and her scarlet

A have already been a symbol of adultery for over hundred years. It can be

hard to ascertain whether Hester is to be regarded as a ttacker or the food

throughout this kind of novel. Person upbringing and teachings could create a

established opinion of Hester as well as the sin of adultery. Hesters beauty was

breath-taking. Her dark frizzy hair and darkish eyes were alluring. A stunning figure

drew much attention from both male and feminine members from the community. Jealousy

caused lots of women to reject her a friendly relationship. Men secretively desired her although

they could have pretended otherwise. A large number of prejudged Hester as being to some degree less

than a symbol of virtue as a result of her outward appearance. She was never given

the opportunity to produce a deep and private friendship with anyone besides

the clergyman. Her dependance on him drew her closer to him than the lady realized. Her

tenderness and keenness was pressed deeper inside as years passed. From your very

starting she became a patient when her parents arranged her marriage to the

wealthy yet well known Roger Chillingsworth. He was a man who had to collect

points and Hester became another possession. His great prosperity enabled him to

business lead many different lives and become anyone or whatsoever he decided to go with. However , his

greed and selfishness drove him to abandon Hester and damage any love she might

have had for him. After his returning, during the system scene, the lady pretended not really

to know him. At that moment her attraction to him continue to existed. The author

portrayed her as being smug and almost flaunting her sin, while at the same time

your woman noticed just how handsome her husband looked. The promiscuity of Hesters

character not only instigated her affair nevertheless had also drawn her towards Roger

Chillingsworth to start with. One could see this being a predaceous top quality.

For seven long years, Hester and her bastard child Gem suffered superb anguish.

Their existence with this Puritan establishing was almost intolerable. Yet they went

about their lives and required each little happiness, even though few, to make the most

of computer. It is the tendency of many to thrive around the failing and downfall of

others, that is what transpired during this period. Probably, her activities served

being a catalyst to get exploitation, although how she was perceived by her fellow man was

not just a significant take into account her decision not to show her lover. Cruelty can

wear many disguises, as luck would have it these Christian people were unforgiving and

heartless. Her bitterness was attributed partly to the loneliness and isolation

the girl suffered. Hester fell food to gossip and became another victim of any societal

view. The true bad guy in all on this was the priest, Arthur Dimmesdale. He

allowed a woman, to whom he supposedly loved, being publicly bullied and teased and

embarrassed without arriving forward and confessing his involvement. Hester always

acquired hope that her love would not end up being unrequited. Her character was of strong

nature and her appreciate for the priest was excessive. 1 might consider her hope

in a person as not worth as Arthur Dimmesdale as a major catch in her character

but it also proves that passion can easily cast a shadow of sin to each of our spirits.

Love, at times, can blind one to the blemishes within another getting. However , it

would appear that Hawthornes heroine entered the relationship with Arthur

Dimmesdale with eyes opened wide. Again, Hester was alone to handle the

consequences of her infidelity and his deceit. Although throughout the plan

Hester dreamed of running from it all and starting a brand new life with her

mate and child, her strategies went wrong. Her foreseeable future with the priest was not to

be. Nonetheless it proved to be enough for her that Arthur Dimmesdale finally encountered the

townspeople who had placed him so high on his basamento, and confessed his sin.

Her neverending pursuit of him, in spite of his vow of chastity and Gods rules

eventually generated his early demise. Hesters actions a new misinterpreted

image of her. A great obsessive appreciate robbed her daughter in the freedom of childhood

and created the loss in an innocence that comes only with youth. Consequently , the

response to the previous problem of whether Hester was the predator or the food

is clarified, she confirmed characteristics of both. Her actions demonstrated time and

again that the girl fed off the stigma associating the scarlet letter yet fell

victim to the effect. Ones perception of Hesters personality and deeds might

include changed over the novel. Many might believe that under simply no circumstance

ought to one go against or disregard the commandments of the Lord. That might prove

to many that Hester was an enemy of fidelity and commitment and displayed

immoral behavior. Nevertheless , many could view her crime of passion while an occurrence

caused from weak point of moral persona, but realize that each people should display

compassion and forgiveness. Quite possibly her personality needed an acceptance

from her peers that could certainly not be given as a result of elements of that era. From this

day and age, she’d be considered a sufferer of scenario but ignored as

becoming a reputable persona. A tolerance of trouble is a feature of todays society

and again someone must evaluate her either as ttacker or prey. Adultery is and

usually will be a arguable subject. Drop in meaning ethics of the society offers

proven to be the primary cause of its self-destruction. Throughout time, it really is

evident that every great empire was more tolerant of sinful acts as it

advanced. Progression will often lead to regression just as this occurred in

this epic tale.

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