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School counselor essay

Every student needs help in a way whether entering high school, requiring information, deciding on a career, or perhaps talk about personal problems. Being a high schoolor, students realize what roles counselors perform in school careers and options contracts. School advisors are there every step of the way. A school counselor plays multiple roles in a students’ life. Just before anything, the counselor and student must get to know each other, so the college student is secure. (Job Single profiles, 2011) Each time a student enters freshman year in senior high school, there is a single counselor that is there throughout the four years of high school.

Students are involved about the newest people, new classes, where the classes are, and so forth The counselor allows the student to choose their classes, nonetheless they must also fulfill the graduating requirements. Another work the school counselor does is usually helping students plan their careers for future years. They provide information about careers they may be interested in, educational institutions and their requirements. Throughout the students school years they guidebook them in a route that will help them in the future, depending what colleges they need to go to and what they want to major in.

Lastly, university counselors support students manage personals challenges. For example , family members related, medication related, social problems or struggles in the lecture. Your counselor is there for you personally whenever you will need them. To become counselor, you have to want to assist the students inside the best way conceivable. You are required to be patient, confident, trustful and practical. My main goal while as being a counselor is definitely making sure trainees feels safe. But as well, help them using what they need, make sure they still have fun, listen to what they claim and guideline them in the direction of success.

It might not be convenient but it will probably be worth it. I believe that I would enjoy this task the most because it challenges me personally to help someone in the simplest way possible. (KidsHealth, 1995) To lead into your career of a university counselor the high school classes that would be many helpful is always to take four years of English, three to four a lot of math, four years of cultural studies and science and 4 years of virtually any career and technical training. For example; Profession Exploration or Human Development & Expansion. It is needed in all declares for any institution counselor to get a state certification.

And in a lot of states it really is required to have got a masters degree. Likewise, it could be instructed to take a 1-year teacher education program that may be offered because so many 4-year universities. Any schooling or counselling programs are incredibly helpful as well. (Job Information, 2011) Over a weekday basis, counselors improve around 7-8 hours per day looking to see how their learners are doing the whole day and how all their grades happen to be. They have precisely the same hours and days while teachers carry out. They function throughout the institution day right from the start of the college year for the end.

But in reality prepare for the next school season in the summer. Consultants often work on their own, nevertheless sometimes they could talk to various other counselors about things, and in addition they may talk to students by themselves, or in little organizations. Counselors get their own offices. ( KidsHealth, 1995) The salaries that the counselors earn depend on their particular level of seniority or education level. On average they would make around $32, 000 to $86, 000 a year. Starting off their particular career like a counselor earning $18. 53 an hour, although once they are more experienced earning $36. 53 an hour.

They may also get benefits simply by contributing to health insurance for a scholar. (School Counselor: Job Account & Income, 2012) You will discover three simple levels to turn into a counselor. The first step is becoming a teacher while using responsibilities of thinking ahead, being organized, teaching students, and attending meetings. Then they enhance to be a school counselor. They are responsible for therapies students and meeting with father and mother. And as the best level you might become is the director of counselors. That they run the whole department of counselors and plan new programs.

(Career Cruising, 2012) I believe this kind of career can be right for myself because it matches my individuality. On a daily basis I am always there for my local freinds, helping these people whenever they need it. I provide to most sage advice I can to anyone who demands it. That they classes i take today fit into certain requirements that I need to become a counselor. And for college or university I would attend a 4 year university right out of high school and take any extra therapies programs. We am thinking about helping pupils in the future and lead all of them in the right direction.


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