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Summer internships background

Internship, Marketing and Advertising

As we see the world beside all of us, there is no doubt which the fight to outlive gets stronger tougher. To remain alive with this already piled market, corporations need to be one of a kind in their method to deliver their particular message, so that more persons take notice. Here, some creative individuals stepped into the spotlight and introduced the notion of promoting the merchandise through the means of advertising, that will aid create a distinct image from that of their competitors and in the eyes with their targeted audience. This provides the organization a stage to amplify their very own voice also increase their brand value.

Overtime, advertising world has evolved and become what we find it to be now. It is not only a marketing tool, but an outlet to spread your message throughout the masses. Many varying creative sounds work together to reflect that single thought that all can usually make or break the company. Advertising and marketing is a discipline which provides imaginative individuals to function their magic but also reflects the cultural worth and status of a society at that particular time and period.

As a media and communication scholar of Jagran Lakecity School, I had the opportunity to pursue an internships with an ad organization, Rainforest Sales and marketing communications, to see in person how the interior working of your ad agency goes. For any two month period, by 21st Might to twenty-first July, We learnt a few vital guidelines as to what is necessary for an ad organization to run efficiently. Observing and being present as many projects unfolded facing me, allowed me to in grasping some basic facts about copywriting and clients servicing.

Privately, I wanted to work in a relatively smaller size agency with bigger clientele, which could provide me a chance to understand the work in every department, to have a much better understanding of wherever I stand and where I could immediate myself to improve. I singularly worked on two separate projects, from start naming Apollo Cradle and Azista Karela Biscuit. Even though one of these jobs couldn’t end up being completed by the time I finished, because the customer decided to require a hiatus.

The survey is split up into three diverse chapters. While the first one explains the operating of the company, the second chapter focuses on my personal growth plus the skills designed over the time frame of the internships. The third a single talks about the specific project which I worked on and how we manufactured a marketing advertising campaign for that merchandise.


Founded on The spring 2017, Rainforest Communications have come a long way in the year of functioning. Since it is important to understand the consumers that can turn a product into a manufacturer and thus the communication that should take place among for the item to reach its destined place is also crucial.

They understand all their customer base and therefore make the advertisments accordingly as to the the client stands for and what message it wants to represent to it is audience, so to keep them within the map for the long term basis. The staff of Rainforest Marketing communications understands individuals implications, which will thus help them in strategizing a creative strategy, which has in return helped these people in mailing the trajectory of the company towards a great upward path.

Essential Clients:



Client Services

This can be department that handles every single client and gets to understand from the client what job the organization has to do. To get an ad agency, clientele mean anything as they are one handing out jobs and the customer service individual should be sure to keep them happy. Customers want big ideas that could drive their product into becoming a brand. Most of the occasions, these clientele don’t know what they want or how they want to go ahead using a marketing campaign for their own product. Client companies department protects the distance between fine art department, copywriters and the consumers as they are the face area and the voice of their corporation. This division has to watch out after the needs of each and every one involved with the campaign, whether it is on the customer’s side, or perhaps in their own agency, and make them most meet at the center for the benefit of all.

Copywriter Creative Mind

Artist and creative head division took the role of strategizing and coming up with a innovative plan for the item keeping in mind the accordance of client’s require. The imaginative heads have to think outside the box, when being aware of that very box, understand the issues as to what drives the audience, so that they can translate all the information in to messages.

In Rainforest Communications, the creative heads have the experience of over 20 years individually. That they know the importance for a imaginative head to keep up to date with all the cultural or perhaps sub cultural trends, which supports the team in interpreting the customer perception and in addition aids in strategizing, so that the brands could be found in the market so that will be an advantage down the road. Copywriting, without a doubt, is a very several and particular art form, and this comes with its troubles. They need to inform the group with the data they are seeking from the product while likewise giving their own perspective in a creative perception.

To start out the innovative process, it really is important to find out your target audience. In that case afterwards, we could find the psychograph, as with the behaviors, the frame of mind and emotional value with regards to the product. Then in the last process, a great apt way should be built so to reach out to the audience and make an psychological approach for the audience.

Artistry Department

Arts department’s responsibility is always to visualize the message, which is decided by the creative heads, so to catch the attention of the target people in the proper way possible. Even though client solutions head is responsible for distributing the task among the graphic designers, the designers then in turn could advise some alterations which may subsequently be visually better, if the need be. Coming from my knowledge, the staff in the arts section needs to be skilled as actually in an unprecedented situation, the task needs to be done as soon as possible.

Overall, the communication must be fluid, within all these performing departments, in order that the work stream inside an workplace is also uninterrupted.



Before beginning this internships, I always thought that all I would roam around like a headless chicken breast in an business office scenario together very little to less idea as to exactly where I was shifting towards within my career. Although I failed to doubt the way I was taking in my life, a thinking guy can’t help but wonder, while doing a trace for back some of their steps.

Through come july 1st training, I have a much better understanding and a train of thought towards the right course, as I personally feel certain in my making decisions, be it pertaining to myself or a group. Where ever life may take me, We am far better prepared for doing it.

Understanding oneself is actually matters and may take you further women goal, while after seeing that sentiment one can possibly see that everybody else has gone through these same levels of existence as well. Whenever we keep worrying about the little points, we may shed focus of the larger picture and if we simply worry about the bigger agenda, we might lose focus on the little things in life too. So , it is important to keep a balance of both by spending so much time. If we continue to keep working hard, after a while, the small pieces will fall into the best places to help make the larger photo clearer.

I have often had a knack for copy writing or just publishing in general. I had confidence by myself skills in those factors and experienced that that might be my dialling later on. But since the training period progressed, I have come to the conclusion i need to practice more and change the way We put my own thoughts on newspaper. The “Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. inch Formula works. While pondering thoroughly in your client’s merchandise and how to job it to the audience excellent, but if you wish to appeal towards the masses, you have to keep it simple. I have read that expression before, although never respectable its meaning. Now I by no means seem to forget it, while now it seems to have been embedded to my way of thinking.

Given the competition, their target audience, as well as the segmented marketplace, the concept is what connects with the people.

Who may be our viewers? How do we speak with that viewers? What messages should be submit?

These are the particular questions that a person should ask to quick not only themselves but their group as well.

I won’t be able to really assert this to be my earliest desk work, but My spouse and i learned a whole lot about the atmosphere that needs to be consistent through the staff. Each and every staff member had more recommendations than me personally, but they made sure that I felt relaxed and a part of the team. Although the atmosphere was quite relaxed, My spouse and i am even more aware now, of how to behave within an office ambiance.

The value of training can not be further explained as along with our education period, ideal to start period helps shape us directly to get the job placements in the future. Only being in this environment and watching how important it is to get a team head to understand the task. As he then directs the work appropriately to the employees. It is important to comprehend that all the effort relationships, professional, but and helps to00 know the person who works with you for more than five hours each day helps a lot during work as well, everbody knows how that individual thinks, the particular them tick and how you can get the maximum out of them to get the benefit of the business.


Teamwork turns into more important compared to the single person as obtaining past the operate is no easy activity when carried out alone. A single individual can’t operate a successful ad agency, since it is the team that drives the effort forward, time in, outing. Going through the many aspects of a great ad firm, one need to respect just about every member, because they contribute to the firm.

One particular incident that helped me understand that was after i was preparing for the market analysis of Azista Karela Biscuits. When I was required to conduct a taste test which I planned to do all by myself, my own boss instead instructed me to delegate the taste test out rather than entirely doing the whole process simply by myself. During the time I thought to myself that he may not really trust me with all the whole method and maybe for this reason he advised me to delegate. But for my big surprise, executing the complete work and telling others what to do, instead of doing it personally was tougher. As every individual needed to be in sync and it was my personal duty to make sure it stayed at that way. Through others help I could finish my targeted goal quicker to what I really could achieve just before it.

It is funny to think that the first fruitful thing I did so for the business was to make a container. Because what the experience prompted me to accomplish is, think outside the box keeping in mind the presence of it. The sunshine box that we made originate from a personal knowledge within the university. During an ongoing class inside the photography lab I saw the model for a light field, which was allegedly being used simply by students via photography dominant. As I was told that the company, which had been getting a professional shooter for bunch shots in the product, desired to shoot the photographs for your customer themselves, I suggested all of them the idea of the sunshine box. Following getting the authorization, I started out working on it and completed making it by using my colleague and the net.

We still may not be able to believe that, but I do believe I have modified to workplace life pretty well. Since this is a time We start building up my resume, I could notice that I was capable to update this more and find what would be useful to put on newspaper for my personal benefit. Both on and off office several hours, the learning encounter for me was really positive.

I would like showing my honor to everybody here at Jungle Communications whom helped me away during the life long my internships and for the vital experience that I attained through their expertise. More situations retained calling because time went by, which allowed me to experience some real life scenarios. The learning connection with my own would not have been this memorable in the event not for the teamwork and understanding of the entire team.


One of the most crucial aspects of staying part of a customer services crew, one must understand how crucial it is to generate a creative brief which should cover all argument and be basic with its structure and vocabulary at the same time. As a communication expert, a client solutions executive probably should not only be familiar with message although also effectively interpret that into such words that will assist the whole team, including the copywriters and the associates of art department in receiving the meaning as well.

To prepare an appropriate brief, the executive ought to understand the 15 parameters relating to the product. All of these above mentioned products should be thoroughly reviewed by client companies executive to be able to create a good brief, by which then the whole team may understand the nature of the task and be able to work on it consequently.



The job which was given to me within my internship period was a merchandise named Karela Biscuits in the company Azista. Being part of their Style Good part, Azista needed a better variant of biscuits that were found in the industry. At the time, the biscuit marketplace in India alone has been projected to get to around $7. 25 billion dollars around the 12 months of 2022. An upcoming organization, originating in Hyderabad, Azista had been venturing in mostly more healthy segments inside the FMCG industry.

Good results . Karela Cookies, which is being created from unhealthy melon/gourd, was a tough promote despite how unique the concept is in the current market. Even though, the cookie market just isn’t void of any overall health variants, with many big brands already offering a separate portion for the health enthusiasts and diabetics, individual from their standard segments. Apart from that, having Karela in your product has its own pros and cons, as I have to know afterwards.

By Rainforest Communication’s point of view, it absolutely was an interesting prospect, as without the specific time constraints we had to come up with a marketing plan that could put Azista on the map of first of all Hyderabad and then later of the country. The direction Azista gave us was that they will wanted to check if they can market the product to the people as these biscuits already a new presence in the medical shops for being marketed as diabetic friendly biscuits, with no sugar, cholesterol and trans-fat.

From my very own perspective, this is an amazing chance to work on and with a item that has just started its lifestyle. In that respect, I really could see that it would help me significantly to understand thoroughly, how a marketing strategy is designed from the scrape. Although when I came in, I used to be handed a different project entirely, but however after handful of delays that project was put on lücke indefinitely. So , after couple weeks of focusing on that very first project in which I was reduced into it, rather than being rushed, I had the confidence to look straight into another type of project where I could be of a big support.


I was ordered to do a market research from the start to discover the current point out of the industry and where our item could stand given those circumstances. Considering that the situation was trickier than what usually persons can assert as offered its Karela factor, which can be notorious among general public for its bitter style. Fact of the matter is that Azista using its Karela Biscuits brand, did not even catch the niche market where people would basically prefer a Karela biscuit more than others.

With the authorization of the imaginative heads and the director of Rainforest, we decided to do a blind style test to ascertain what the general public thought of the flavor and other crucial aspects of the biscuits. I was handed the responsibility to orchestrate the whole flavor test, in accordance to which I well prepared a set of questions. Through this taste test out we could decide the target market and the concentrate on segment where the Karela biscuits belonged.

While preparing the customer survey, I had to ensure that not only all the subjects that get handled in regarding for the taste and first impressions were covered, nevertheless also determine the psychograph of the potential customers, through which we are able to come up with a relevant plan to countertop the competition in addition to process catch the attention of more clients for the merchandise. The set of questions had a ‘before reveal’ and ‘after reveal’ sections, through which I wanted to determine what particularly the impact was of the name ‘Karela’ onto the participants.

In total, We successfully completed the taste check on 118 different members ranging from diverse age groups, gender, with different classes of world being as well kept in mind. One of the important things I learned out of this experience was no matter just how calculated or perhaps concrete the plan could be, there will always be unforeseen situations that cannot be managed.

The test result took different transforms with every participant, but in the end the complete picture was clear about our item. Being generally there, I could see that what the majority of participants explained and the actual wrote around the paper giving an answer to was to some degree different. That was one of the main troubles that we faced throughout the survey, to find the right answers out of the participants, so that you cannot find any confusion down the line during the summary.

Via 11 12 months olds to up till 70 yr olds, a various group of people took part inside the survey, and as I determined the taste evaluation, I had good amount of confidence in what kind of numbers the test might show,?nternet site was present during the time of the taste tests.

Now aside from the blind flavor test about potential customers, all of us also asked Azista to provide us with the list of the retailers, who had been already distributing the Karela biscuits. A separate questionnaire was prepared by me personally to find out the actual distributers needed to say regarding the product and what problems, if any, have they faced with the product.


Through the taste check, we could as well determine the direct rivals that are at present operating in industry. As while there is no item in the biscuit market that could claim to have been made with unhealthy melon, Azista can still depend few brands in their competitor’s list. Within diabetics and health fans, people usually look for goods that are sugars free, do not cholesterol, and are also trans-fat free. Many big brands which include Britannia Nutrichoice, Sunfeast, Parle, Unibic, Anmol, and Patanjali among others cover that segment well.


The test amounts for both the blind taste test within the potential clients and retailers’ test overview are as follows. This doesn’t contain each and every single questions asked in the questionnaire, rather couple of that showcases the gist of the check done. While each and every issue is organized in age groups, and how a large number of people loved it or didn’t like it. After the preference test, we had all the quantities in front of all of us. But in the final it was certainly not about the numbers, as we needed to find the core message that this people offered us. While concluding the test, these are the real key messages which in turn that I may perceive from the given numbers and the comments being shown by the individuals. While the study results for retailers’ demonstrated that the package sales with the product were around two to three per month aside from 2 medical shops which usually sold around 40-50 boxes each. Although lack of promo was the element being sighted as the reason for the lack of sales by shopkeepers, as the customers experienced no knowledge about the product which usually created doubtfulness within the brand and particularly its style.

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