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Senior high school and tina essay

Possibly my mother knows We am spending my period there. Counselor- What makes you dis-like school and hate everyone? Tina- I just do. Everyone selections on myself and bullies me. I actually don’t easily fit into. No one cares about you what happens to me personally. Counselor- Well what makes think you don’t fit in? Tina- We don’t get along with any individual. I think the kids don’t like myself because We am body fat. Counselor- And so that’s why an individual think you fit in with the peers.

Tina- SILENCE Yes, I i am always past due, I am in trouble at all times, and stupid.

I are overweight so is my children. It’s genuinely embarrassing because (because) they don’t care about anything, specifically me. Counselor- I see speaking about your family allows you to really annoyed. Have you spoke to your mom about how you are feeling about college? Tina- No . Not really. Counselor- Maybe you can sit down and talk to her about your grade and how you really feel.

Tina- Why should My spouse and i talk to her about school and the things i feel when ever she won’t even turn up for parent teacher meetings? Counselor- Provides she alerted you why she does not see a meetings. Tina- Yeah, the girl told me the girl with too unwell to go and i also am just fine at home.

Counselor- Would you like to learn better in school and go on for the 8th grade. Tina- Simply no, I surrender with university. Counselor- What would you carry out if you dropped out? Just how would you get a career? Tina- I do not find out. I would become a hair dresser; you don’t need school for your. Counselor- Is the fact what you want to do? Tina- Yeah, I love doing locks. Counselor- Are you aware that you need a senior high school diploma intended for beauty university? Tina- Really? No My spouse and i didn’t understand. Counselor- What exactly is think you will definitely get in if you finish 7th grade. Tina- I guess I really do need to finish seventh quality.

Counselor- Fine, how about functioning for a good technical college that offers cosmetology so you can work with becoming a stylist? Does that sound like a good suggestion? Tina- Yep that seems good, I prefer that idea. Counselor First we need to make it through the end of 7th grade and move on to 8th. Tina- I can do this, but progressing to school is difficult. Counselor What about getting out of bed one hour earlier and getting mother up as very well? Tina- Might be, I do only get up 5 mins before I school starts. Counselor- Thus getting up earlier and going to bed a little previously is a aim you can work on. Tina- Okay, I would like that. I need to go to sleep earlier.

I am actually really thrilled. I aren’t wait to travel home and appearance up natural beauty schools and new variations. Then could be I can make some new close friends to because I can perform their hair. Counselor- I i am glad you have something you aspire to. You could have a great great attitude. I could see you making a great beautician. I am looking forward to hearing about several research you did and new hairstyles you have looked at. I would like to work on getting the grades up so you can get in that technological school. Are you wanted to notify mom what you want to do when you complete?. Tina- Yep, I cannot hold out to tell her. I think she could be excited with me. Thanks.


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