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Soldier Boy is a publication about a young boy called Jim Martin, and how it had been his dream to join the army and fight with the Australian troupes. However , Rick Martin was no ordinary jewellry to join the military; he was the youngest at 14 years of age. The subject, which I i am doing my essay about, is Solider Boy is actually a tragedy. This book shows for what reason war is a tragedy, and what war does to families, and just how adults and authorities generate war seem more marvelous.

The book illustrates how it absolutely was young young boys dying throughout the war certainly not older men. First Paragraph Solider boy is actually a tragedy because it shows what war will to households and how fatality and personal injury effects households and tears them a part. These soldiers were under no circumstances advised about the dangers of war. These people were never advised of the extreme effects for their near and dear kinds. Most of the time households were not sufficiently strong to handle the strain and soreness of discovering their loved ones going to war.

Anthony Hill as well informs the reader of Enthusiast Boys in whose parents kept their grief and discomfort that the loss in a child causes them inside, in order to keep their loved ones together. A quote on pg almost eight shows that it’s this that Amelia do for her relatives. Amelia may be the brick in case the family in this time of desperation, and helps her family come to terms with Jim’s fatality. Second Section Something that was quite miserable in Solider Boy is that schools, adults and government bodies made war seem even more glorious than it basically was, and enticed small boys to participate in the armed service.

Most adults made warfare seem like sort of video game, you can play the overall game and nothing will happen to you. non-e of the adults explained to the young boys what it was like to see one of your team members pass away, or how to deal with their guy soldiers decaying corpses in the trenches and how once you visited to Gallipoli, if you would not like it there was no turning back. A quote on-page 8 reveals what the rules thought was fit intended for young boys. Third Paragraph

One of the main reasons of why Solider Boy is a tragedy is really because it was small boys that were dying, and never older men. Small boys that had a complete future in front of them, although had there life shut down because a topic shot all of them, or they died of the illness. Sean Martin could have grown up together a family, yet instead his life was cut brief because he perished of typhoid. If it were, older men which were dying it might still be unfortunate but not a tragedy, because they would include finished what they wanted to perform and attain in life.

Although some of the youthful, boys might not exactly have actually had a partner. The estimate on page thirty-five shows how young Sean Martin was. Conclusion In conclusion, I think that what warfare did to the people and how adults handled it was quite unhappy, because it was teaching teenagers to combat and how physical violence and discord is not really the answer. Youthful Solider Kids should not have had to go through that, because all that it helped bring was suffering, pain, battling and tension. Solider young man is a tragic story that we hope are never repeated again.


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