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Stem cellular research the situation essay

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Excerpt from Essay:

At this moment it should be clear that there are no good reasons to are at odds of the federal government funding of embryonic control cell study and only perfect reasons for supporting. Opposition for the federal money of wanting stem cellular research can simply be validated by a great appeal to unreasonable and arbitrary moral standards centered not upon logic, explanation, or concern for individual well-being, but instead on the dictates of obsolete and dangerous religious values. This resistance ultimately principles the potential for human life over actual human life, to ensure that, in a perverse twist, the people professing to be standing for the sanctity of life are actually the ones the majority of responsible for continuing suffering and death. That they pretend that an embryo has the same legal rights and ethical standing as a possible human, and in doing so, they actually devalue the lives of real people affected by real disorders. In contrast, the arguments in support of embryonic originate cell research are based on the straightforward fact that this kind of research has the proven probability of greatly improve health and wellness in the years ahead. In addition , this research represents a worthwhile expenditure, because breakthroughs in the treatment of diseases associated with old age will serve to reduce the societal cost of an aging population while improving the lives of countless individuals. As a result, it becomes clear that federal money for embryonic stem cell research is not merely a good idea, nevertheless is actually a meaningful imperative, because research presents one of the best alternatives for reducing human enduring and loss of life.

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