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Strategic examination of network designs term

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

This is not to say that entente is occurring in this method, of course , however it is to say that it is less difficult for corporations such as Network Design with hypostatic bidding encounter and the experience to match to generate government contracts than it really is for an up-and-comer with little or no relevant experience in either area. The use of the Capability Maturity Style is clearly congruent with federal government guidelines for application development and design, a spot that has not really been shed on the corporate leaders for Network Design.

Potential misalignments. Unexpected enhancements have been recognized to introduce misalignments between existing business practices and processes, with typewriters, adding machines and buggy makes representing just some of the diminishing remnants of the past. It will be easy that the industry’s concentration of keeping their solutions and competence so carefully tuned to the federal government’s existing requirements that they may well overlook enhancements that are taking place elsewhere in the market. Likewise, deficiency of ISO 9000 standards in the Network Design marketing and managing mix may possibly create a downside for them down the road when competitive for agreements with companies that do.

Identification and Evaluation of Competitor’s Strategy.

Among Network Design’s major opponents today is usually GAITS, a computer consulting/programming/networking business maintaining a site at Network Design and style, GAITS focuses primarily on the conditions of various specialist services to federal firms. According for their corporate Web site, “GAITS is “an SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 8(a) authorized company providing a focused assortment of professional services which includes: verification and approval, information technology solutions, staff development, program and administrative support, help office services, and end-user support” (GAITS, 3 years ago, p. 1).

Major weakness of Network Design to GAITS. Inspite of Network Design’s proven accomplishment using the Ability Maturity Version strategy to safeguarded government agreements, this may not be enough to keep these people on a competitive footing with GAITS in the foreseeable future. As GAITS emphasizes, it uses processes and procedures which were externally examined under both SEI-CMMI and ISO 9001: 2000 requirements and the organization has been accredited: “The SEI CMMI-(SW) evaluation is kept by only 110 firms in the U. S., which GAITS is usually one. This kind of, coupled with the ISO documentation places GAITS in the elite 1% of federal government technicians who maintain dual qualifications, and is a testament to GAITS’ commitment to quality pertaining to our customers” (GAITS, 3 years ago, p. 2).

Some of the illustrates featured around the corporate Internet site maintained simply by GAITS include the following:

GAITS, Inc., Awarded a Five-Year Contract from the Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Research (DOJ/FBI) to Perform Independent Verification and Affirmation (IVV);

GAITS Awarded Task Order Supporting U. S i9000. Air Force Workplace of Special Investigations (AFOSI) under the Multi-Operational Professional Solutions (MOPS) Deal;

GAITS Awarded Task Purchase Supporting U. S. Naval pilot – AF/A3/A5 under the Multi-Operational Professional Companies (MOPS) Deal;

GAITS in Final Operating for “50 Best Tiny Medium Companies to Be employed by in America” Honor; and

GAITS’ External Customer Satisfaction Ranking Reaches 98. 57% (GAITS, 2007, pp. 1-2).

Potential marketing activities or initiatives by GAITS. Aristotle Onassis once observed that the secret to accomplishment was “knowing something the other guy didn’t find out, ” and it is always possible that Network Design’s competitors, especially GAITS, might discern new trends in federal evaluation criteria utilized for awarding their very own product and service legal agreements. The more carefully tuned bet applications are to such requirements, of course , the better the probability of securing these kinds of valuable deals. To the magnitude that Network Design continually keep attuned to these developments will likely be the extent where it will be able to thwart the efforts by GAITS to intrude on its own market niche and create a significant barrier to entry for newcomers.

Relating to Kermally (2003), by utilizing Porter’s five forces framework, an improved research and knowledge of the competition in a particular market can be attained: “In so that it will construct a competitive technique, an organization needs to know what may happen in the markets in which the organization offers its products and services. It also has to know whom its opponents are in a particular industry structure” (p. 58). To help accomplish this ideal analysis, it is useful to consider the rules with the competition governed by five competitive forces as articulated by Assurer in his five forces unit, and these forces will be applied to Network Design as well as its competitive environment in Stand 2 beneath.

Table installment payments on your

Porter’s Five-Force Industry Research Worksheet.


Overall Evaluation

Analyses and Comments

Benefits of Buyers

Limited to contract quantity and duration which varies from project to project.

The us government is heavily reliant about Network Style for the provision of custom companies and support of it is IRMIS program.

Power of Suppliers

Network Style has a competitive bidding border for national contracts due to being women-owned.

Although Network Design provides CMM, GAITS has INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 9000 and may well have some similar competitive edge in the bidding procedure concerning minority- or women-owned status (this was unstated in their corporate and business literature, though). According to Barnes (2000), “The number of ISO 9000 registrations is doubling just about every nine to 12 months in the U. T., from 100 in 1990 to 5, 000 in 1994 to eight, 400 in 1995. It has been called the most influential solitary meta-standard to date, a motion toward global business requirements” (p. 11).

Threat of Substitution

Competitors such as GAITS can provide viable substitutes pertaining to virtually all of the products and services getting provided by Network Design. Because Porter warnings, “All five forces collectively determine the intensity of industry competition and success, and the strongest force or forces are governing and becoming crucial from your point-of-view of strategy ingredients. For example , even a company with a very strong market position in an industry in which potential entrants are no threat will make low earnings if it encounters a superior, cheap substitute” (quoted in Kermally, 2003 by p. 60).

In reality, making a viable substitute for IRMIS might require a very long time and assets that would make the realization on this threat not likely.

Threat of Entry

Boundaries to access for the kinds of contracts granted to Network Design and its particular competitors are relatively substantial.

Research and development for IRMIS displayed an enormous investment that was clearly goaled at securing future government agreements.

Internal Rivalry

Probably none visible from the corporate literature.

General Industry Evaluation

Outsourcing is still a high concern in the government today as well as the provision of customized network solutions pertaining to the federal government seems to represent a growth industry later on. As of the conclusion of FY 1999, a total of $69 billion was subcontracted upon federal agreements; of that total, $27. being unfaithful billion, or 40. 4%, was subcontracted to small companies. More than $4. 5 billion was subcontracted to disadvantaged businesses; and $3 billion dollars was subcontracted to women-owned businesses by itself (Fisher Williams, 2001).

Despite the relative high limitations to entry, competition through this industry should be expected to remain intense, with other women- and minority-owned start-ups seeking to capture section of the outsourcing actions taking place inside the federal government today.


Based upon the foregoing concerns, it is reasonable to maintain that Network Styles will remain competitive and carry on and secure lucrative government deals in the future if this “rides the horse” that took these people where they can be today. Keeping their business women-owned and small , Network Design will be able to achieve a competitive advantage inside the bidding process for government contracts pertaining to the supply of personalized network items, services and business solutions. Notwithstanding the competitive advantage represented simply by companies just like GAITS that also use different management processes such as the INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 9000 series to help them safeguarded federal legal agreements, the mixture of resources, professional experience, expertise and a successful track record in fulfilling govt contracts before makes Network Design a formidable competitor in the future.


Barnes, Farrenheit. (2000). Great business perception is the key to confronting INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG 9000. Report on Business, 21(1), 11.

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SBA announces women’s business initiatives.

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