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The battle with drugs essay


Debby McGee

Criminal Proper rights Administration CJA 450 (R1)

Christopher Manning

December six, 2004


Because of the battle with drugs, jail overcrowding is usually vastly learning to be a problem of astronomical amount, putting a strain not only within the system of law enforcement officials, but about citizens too. With studies in DNA and other forensic sciences that could pin level with specific precision the perpetrator of your crime, increasingly more criminal offenders are staying caught, attempted, and locked up for the crimes they may have committed. Many of these crimes happen to be initiated by using drugs, including marijuana, crack, heroin, snow, crystal meth, angel particles, PCP, and so forth Along with the accomplishment of capturing these offenders and sentencing them to shell out retribution for their crimes, one more problem has surfacedprison overcrowding. Because of this overcrowding, a change to community-based alternatives continues to be incorporated in an effort to help to relieve this ever increasing problem. This kind of paper is going to examine some of these alternatives.

Community Centered Alternatives

Together with the rise in incarcerating a felon, the court docket system is searching for alternative based sentencing. This can be a hard job, because of the variety of crimes determined. If a person does not need to go to prison and deal with that lifestyle, in that case utilizing something else may be more beneficial. Below are a few ideas for community based alternate sentencing.

Electronic Monitoring System (EMS)

The first alternate that we can look at is being utilized by the courts: Digital Monitoring System (EMS). This product might seem as though it would be the best answer to substitute sentencing, nevertheless , as with any electronic device there are drawbacks. This technique is easy to monitor, nevertheless bulky to put on. Most of the legal courts do not love to implement this technique because of the cost of monitors and tracking systems. There is also the truth that the person wearing the monitor must maintain a semi-constant contact with a telephone line. One other problem, that is difficult to overcome, is the screens alarm going off, although the person is not a more that twenty foot from the telephone line. Even with the cost and problems it really is still less costly to utilize the EMS rather than incarcerating the criminal. There is certainly another product on the market that may replace the EMS totally and that is the Shadow Track.

The Shadow Track is definitely an online voice response system. In the event implements the primary voice authentication software out there. This system can be practically certain. The traffic monitoring system can be used from your computer, phone, email-based or pager. This makes it user friendly. If the felony decides not to maintain speak to through the previously mentioned devices, then your proper authorities are advised. Because of the do not need to to buy costly equipment and the ease which it can be used can make this tracking system a viable alternative to incarceration. But these are simply the electric ways to option sentencing, other choices are still offered.

Community Services

Most community service programs are executed to new offenders. This may show the culprit that he or she is definitely accountable for their very own actions which illegal activity brings about drastically adverse implications, with main intervention on the first signal of illegitimate behavior. Interconnection in a people mind between your act plus the consequences has to be realized.

A number of tasks that may be accomplished through community service are: obtaining trash over the roadside and in parks, washing publicly owned or operated vehicles, piece of art little group football bleachers, and the maintaining and cleaning of dog shelters. Other programs may include unskilled work for non-public non-profit companies such as chapels, goodwill companies, social service agencies, your local library, and schools. These applications would be well-organized, effective, and highly monitored. The first-time offenders could learn rewarding and enhance their self-esteem although paying a debt to society. It could also be easy for their community service assignments to turn in permanent paid positions.

Community assistance should be standardised and included into a sentencing grid. Numerous offenders right now servicing amount of time in jail might have been punished by simply some type of community service job that would experienced a more outstanding effect on them than incarceration. By working out his sentence in your essay through community service job, he would be allowed to work, support his family, receive counseling

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