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Family medical leave act and term paper

Family And Medical Leave Work, Gay Parenting, Family Concerns, Family And Marital life

Excerpt from Term Paper:


The same tendency is occurring inside the public sector though not as quickly rather than on such a wide scale. Currently you will discover just under three hundred colleges, 150 city and county government authorities and 13 state governments offering their very own employees domestic partner rewards that are comparable to the benefits supplied to their committed employees.

One of many benefits of which include domestic lovers in company benefit plans is that it can help to boost the moral in the employees whom work at the company. Employees who also are in domestic relationships and job side by side with married couples performing the same careers, but are excluded from rewards for their households have a hard time keeping their business morale up (Horowitz, 2003). Research studies that they feel like they are cared for as second class citizens.


For several years the start of marriage between a man and a lady was held because sacred simply by American contemporary society, but a lot of decades in the past that started to change. Today, many lovers are in strong, life-long committed relationships with associates of the opposite sex in addition to the same sexual. The time comes for employers and government authorities to realize the changing tendencies in contemporary society and go on to protect and encourage their very own employees in domestic partner relationships to get benefits for his or her families.

A lot of the business world looks to the Lot of money 500 firms for assistance in how to become successful and when over fifty percent of those businesses voluntarily want to provide home-based partner rewards to their non-married employees whom are in committed human relationships it provides evidence of what this kind of a maneuver does to get the overall morale of the business.

The time comes for lawmakers at the federal level that will put laws set up that provide rewards through be employed by all lovers, whether they happen to be domestic companions or hitched.


Before I started this job I seriously never gave much though to the lack of benefits available for household partners. I possess gay friends and have close friends who are heterosexual and living with each other without being hitched, but since it doesn’t influence me immediately, I don’t give much thought to their profit situation.

After doing the study for this assignment I understood how unjust it is that benefits are not federally decided for the FMLA with regards to domestic spouse relationships. Children are being used every day by simply gay couples and those mother and father are being miserable of spending the first few months at home developing with that kid. It hurts the kid as well as the parents.

This assignment provided me personally with the information to finally understand how a great deal of negative effects the lack of government mandate to get FMLA with domestic relationships has on the workforce. How could a company ask a gay man or woman that will put the same hard work forth within their job as their heterosexual married peer will when the organization is certainly not willing to treatment the same about both staff?

Personally I will support any legislation aimed at providing national protection in terms of company benefits and home partners.

Academically I will try and be more unbiased to the plight of others whether their condition directly touches my life.

Expertly I will make an effort to choose companies to help that provides household partner rewards. I want my personal skills and abilities to benefit a company that shows equal compassion to all employees, regardless of all their sexual desire or personal choices.


Horowitz, Ethan (2003) Greenbelt Offers Rewards to Home-based Partners; City Is First Prince

George’s Vicinity to Follow the Lead of Baltimore, Takoma Park and Rockville the Washington Content

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Wisensale, Steven

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