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The family portrait shows the subject sitting straight and sideways in a couch, with her face and chest switched slightly towards the viewer. Her left arm sits comfortably around the armrest with the chair and it is clasped by hand of her correct arm which will crosses her front. The slightly protective placement of her arms, plus the armrest, makes a sense of distance among sitter and spectator. The setting landscape lurking behind the sitter was created applying aerial point of view, with its dark blues without clearly defined disappearing point. It provides the composition significant interesting depth, although it is details reveal a clear imbalance between the bigger rocky intervalle to the proper, compared to the decrease flatlands stretches away that you write in the cue section. This discrepancy adds to the somewhat surreal ambiance of the photo. This was not a deliberate work of the musician, as tests indicate that originally, she was given both. It is possible the colors intended for these face features has since washed out or recently been inadvertently removed during cleaning.

The Mona Lisa illustrates Leonardos contribution to the artwork of essential oil painting, specifically his mastery of the make use of fine shading. This painterly technique entails the smooth, almost imperceptible, changeover from one color to another, by way of ultra-subtle tonal gradations. One more slightly unique feature from the Mona Lisa is definitely her lack of eyebrows and eyelashes. Obvious throughout the portrait, Leonardos utilization of use of excellent shading is very visible inside the soft contouring of Lisas face, throughout the eyes and mouth. The serenity originates from the moderate color scheme, the calming use of great shading tonality, and the balance created by the sitters pyramid-shaped pose and understated drapery. The puzzle stems from a number of factors: initially, her enigmatic half-smile, second, her gaze, which is given to the right of the viewer, her hands that have a slightly unreal, lifeless top quality almost like they hailed from a different human body. Mona Lisa’s form looks simple, but her create is highly worked out. Leonardo uses geometry to help make the sitting figure seem realistic. He becomes the core slightly left, while her eyes appearance directly at us. The eyes fix the viewer with an interested gaze, complementing the moderate curve of her mouth. The changeover of tone at the edges is delicate and realistic. The delivers life towards the composition.

The use of point of view, with all range converging on a single vanishing level behind Mona Lisa’s head, and triangular in shape composition established the importance of geometry in painting. The background landscapes at the rear of the Mona Lisa’s is jagged peaks, winding, tracks, receding marine environments. Behind her head, it really is smoky doldrums and no precise single vanishing point, will be two panoramas in the background. The horizon inside the landscape around the right is higher, giving a bird’s eyes watch of the landscape, and there is not a way that this panorama can connect with that that you write in the cue section, which offers a lesser viewpoint. The place where the landscapes will have to meet is usually hidden by the head in the Mona Lisa. Starting with dark undertones, Leonardo developed the optical illusion of three-dimensional feature through layers and layers of thin, semi-transparent glazes however, Mona Lisa’s pupils were composed of effective gauzy cleaned of color. The imbalance adds to the minor atmosphere of the painting. this way, Leonardo averted the over-shaped precision and stiffness of earlier portraiture. Tones blend in with one another, plus the landscape melds with the individual figure, the cosmos with humanity.

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