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The legal case of riggs v palmer essay

In the matter of Riggs sixth is v. Palmer, the issue at hand is whether or not Elmer Palmer, a man whom purposely poisoned his grandpa, should be permitted to collect his inheritance. Is it doesn’t responsibility of Mr. Palmer’s lawyer to provide sound legal advice so that he may make a decision, on his own, as to whether or not this individual wishes to fight for his inheritance. For our legal system to become upheld, and as immoral as it can seem, Mister.

Palmer need to receive the funds.

By advantage, laws are intended to be a crafted moral code meant to govern the people that protects. Regulations are crafted as a means of benefiting the greater good of man, and anything which can be intended to, whether it succeeds or not, benefit the more good is usually innately ethical. In the case of Elmer Palmer it is far from the law which includes created a great irreversibly wrong situation, is it doesn’t lack right now there of.

Legislation, much just like morality, can be not with out flaw. You will find laws who’s moral intention’s are lost in translation, and there are regulations which affect almost every people sensibility but they have not yet been written. There are few-people who would see the case of Riggs versus. Palmer would you be on the medial side of Mister. Palmer, bridging their hands in hopes that he gets the money, nevertheless the fact continues to be that a legislation is not just a law until it finally has been drafted. In the late 1800’s when the case took place, right now there simply was no law saying that if a beneficiary murders the holder of a is going to, then that individual should not get the contents of that will. In order to preserve the legal approach to law, which was created with the greatest of moral intentions, Mr. Palmer must get the money.

You will find those who may possibly argue that if the law can be, “not in accord with morality,  then it can be not a law at all. If perhaps this had been true, then simply what is to get said of that which is meaning but is not a law, particularly in this case. It is clear that Mr. Palmer receiving the money is not really moral. The mere presence of morality, no matter how apparent it may seem, does not create a law, therefore , a lacking of morality does not abolish a law. If one would be to take the posture that, everything moral are laws, then it would be approximately judges to ascertain morality certainly not legality, and the written law could have nopurpose.

It is additionally often contended that the regulation is nothing at all more then a tool, much like a cutting knife, that can be used pertaining to either very good or nasty. Taking that stance, the legal program in the case of Elmer Palmer is being used for good, in the criminal prosecution of Mr. Palmer intended for murder, as well as for evil, in the event he is in order to receive his inheritance. The metaphor with the knife is intended to demonstrate that the rules is absolutely nothing more after that an instrument accustomed to serve it’s purpose.

If perhaps one would have been to accept the very fact the laws and regulations are intrinsically moral, it would appear because tough the lawyer will likely be a wise counselor, who’s goal should be to guide his consumer as to what he should do, depending on moral argument. One could claim this assert by using the sort of Riggs v. Palmer as a clear portrayal of exactly what a lawyers function should be. It would seem obvious which the lawyer should never advise his client to fight for the amount of money. The truth is, as extreme as it may seem, that in order for what the law states remain moral the legal professional must be simply an instrument.

To ensure that someone to turn into a lawyer they must first analyze law for many years, a very extreme and useful process, resulting in an understanding of the legal system far over and above the bounds of the lay person. Is it doesn’t lawyers comprehension of law, and the loopholes that could be found in it, that create a situation in which the attorney must be simply instrument, used for serving it can purpose. It is not up to the legal professional to decide what is moral pertaining to Elmer Palmer, his a key component purpose is usually to make the lay person mindful of all feasible options, presented within the intrinsically moral written-law. Once Mister. Palmer continues to be well informed simply by his legal professional as to what his legal choices are, it will eventually then depend on him to survey his options and make his own moral judgments.

The case of Riggs v. Palmer is a very clear reminder our system is not really perfect. Our bodies was created with the highest of ethical intentions, although legality and morality are filled with imperfect loopholes which in turn allow for a guy like Elmer Palmer to slide through the breaks in our system. It is however, circumstances such as this one which allow us to find these loopholes andfill them within new laws grounded in their own moral character.


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