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The lotos eaters by tennyson essay

-The Lotos-Eaters By TennysonI. Introduction

For quite some time, Tennyson offers attracted readers by what Edmond Gosse named

the beauty of the atmosphere which in turn Tennyson contrives to players around his

function, molding

this in the blue mystery of twilight, inside the opaline haze of sun. He is a single

of the greatest

agent figures in the Victorian Age. His producing incorporates a large number of

poetic styles

and includes a few of the finest idyllic poetry in the language. He could be one of

the couple of poets to

have developed acknowledged masterpieces in several poetic makes, he

applied perhaps the most distinguished and versatile of all the written

functions in the

English language.

The first time I read The Lotus-Eaters1, I have to admit that I had a


dislike for doing it. Having see the Odyssey in Literature school last year, this

appeared like its

replica. It struck me that Tennyson was plagiarizing Homer. When I

reread the

poem with greater interesting depth, I noticed it is poetic tactics, imagery, signs

and so forth It was

seriously exceptional basically, although the colocar didnt remain uniform. Although

as you

thoroughly appreciate it, the truth is how it pertains and is also true to life.

This being the first time I had developed ever happen a work simply by Tennyson. I actually

couldnt know

anything about his life. The idea that manifested me was that when producing

this kind of poem

Tennyson was stressed out and cynical. Sort of like Hamlet2 inside the To be or perhaps not

to be

soliloquy. In one point in the composition, he says, Loss of life is the end of the

worldlife almost all labor

always be? I think he meant that life is hard to have, there are so many obstructions

numerous wrong

converts, and you can by no means go back and alter anything.

II. Evaluation of Composition

A. Brief summary

The poem is about the journey of Odysseus for the Land of the Lotus

Eaters. Below they come across a competition of creatures known as the Lotophagi (lotus

eaters). TheyLotophagi spend their very own days in a daze, actually. This was

the effect with the lotus flower. It had been a ancient version of narcotics.

The Lotophagi offered the rose to Odysseus and his staff members. Some of

the clique got it. After which, they too, experienced a state of euphoria. Beneath

these kinds of circumstances, they start speaking of staying over hereland of Lotos

Eaters, in support of dream about house. They forget their girlfriends or wives and children

only dream about them.

Subsequently, the entire staff ate the lotos plant. Tennyson describes

euphoria as Drifting off to sleep in a half-dream. They hallucinate about their

wives and homes. It is often a considerable amount of period since they have

had left Ithaca3. They wonder about what has changed. At the end

heOdysseus concluded We will not take off more, meaning that they will

just remain, stay.

N. Style

The first five stanzas will be narrative. They can be in the Spenserian stanza

form, which is associated with tales of adventure and action.

The opening word of Odysseus to his guys is courage, an satrical command

because the remaining poem displays their bravery ebbing away. Arriving for the

shore of this fabulous and dreamy land, the mariners land amidst a

group of the habitants, who provide them with the fruits of the lotos tree. Because

quickly as they preference the fruit the men feel tired. No longer wanting to return

home to Ithaca, they are really content to relax where they may be.

Other poem, via line 46, is the music (choric song) sung by the

mariners. In it they share the beauty of lotus-land and their personal heavy and

melancholy sense of fatigue.

In the 4th stanza from the song, the repeated phrase Let us only

catches their emotions. The lines of the music are infrequent in length although

repetitious in phrasing, giving a lazy and stupor feeling, like they are in

a situation of torpor. The stanzas gradually become longer toward the end in the

composition, hinting their particular confusion and ominous feelings.

The final stanza features twenty-eight lines. In it the mariners suggest that

they will rest about just like the gods on Olympus, who also apathetically and

thoughtlessly disrupt the lives of folks on earth for his or her own idle amusement.

The disagreement they present is that since the gods may so easily spoil peoples

lives and circumvent their work, why should they aspire to anything but rest

and leisure? They consider, We will not wander more.

C. Significance

I question the symbolism of Odysseus enc ounter with the

Lotos-Eaters. Following so many many years of battle, after so much grief and stress

that Odysseus wonderful men put in, they need to avoid into a dreamlike world

in which they could begin all their healing. Mentally, the more deeply the discomfort

you have experienced, a lot more often the first is drawn to experiences of euphoria in

order to counter-top it. On the a further level, the Lotophagi encounter appears to

be an antecedent with the adventures in this article with the Cyclops, Circe

Calypso, plus the Sirens4.

There are a lot of pictures in the poem. There is also a brief hint of

foreshadowing, In whichthe island of the Lotos-Eaters that always seemd

evening, meaning that if you are in a point out of happiness, everything

seems a similar. That only when you are drugged is the fact you get involved this express

to be. His words was thinhis beating cardiovascular system did make. This describes

a ancient rendition of drug addicts.

D. Theme

Among the recurring topics in many poetry is the issue between

personal satisfaction and public responsibility. That may be, often the personality

in the poem is pulled a method by a thing he or she wants to do, and another

way by a sense of duty or perhaps obligation that must be performed. This is actually the

theme of The Lotos-Eaters also. Odysseus, the narrator and the captain of

the team, is captured between attaining euphoria and getting the staff back

to Ithaca. In the end, yet , we find out that his hubris has caused him to

stay on this kind of island. As he says, we can not wander more. That he has

given in to personal happiness.

Likewise, if you see the Odyssey, youll find that the complete story relies

around the our personal odysseys. It includes things that people, as individuals, face in

everyday life, desire, attraction, lust, and so forth The island from the Lotos Eaters

provides one of the things us teenagers deal with everyday, prescription drugs. Just as the lotos

eaters tempt the team, we get peer pressure from our friends and society. And so

this poem is merely one element of our jorney of your life, as Tenyson describes this.

III. Poems Place in Authors Career

Although Tennyson dealt with romantic views of conflict and heroes, in

contrast to other copy writers of his day, he felt that poetry should certainly reflect a

specific formality borrowed from Ancient greek tragedy literary works. In The

Lotos-Eaters, Tennyson was faithful to his heart. As such, the poem displays

the ideals in the imperialism and his own personal goals-war causes heroes

and heroes in death check out a glorious the grave. This appears a little

farfetched, although his was Tennysons idea. Although this individual borrowed from

biblical and Greek-tragedy sources, his characters and nature can also be

contemporary, and transcend all the realms together. The Lotos-Eaters was

written in 1833, when he posted a volume of poems that included his famous

The Lady of Shalott. During his undergraduate days for Cambridge this individual often

did not bother to write down his compositions. All of us owe the first edition of

The Lotos-Eaters to Arthur Hallam, who also reproduced it from Tennysons

information of information.

4. The Poems Place in it is Time

Tennyson turned to inquiries of fatality, religious faith, and immortality

in a number of short poetry, of which The Lotus-Eaters was obviously a part. Tennyson

a new way of attaining a agreement with his public. He gave them what they

desired. For example , the poem Princess was received by the hearts of the millions

as it supported the womens legal rights, which was among the issues simply

igniting at that time. His consummately crafted

verse expressed the terms of the Victorian feeling for order and harmony.

Unlike Dickens, who was within Tennesons as well as a interpersonal critic

Tennyson couldnt seem to you should find an ill to society. Probably that is why having been

provided the title of Lord rather than Dickens.

V. Bibliography

1 . Master Alfred Tennyson, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99, October 99

2 . The Norton Anthology of Poetry, The Lotos-Eaters, W. T. Norton & Company

Nyc, 1997, s. 540.

3. World Wide Web-http://charon.sfsu.edu/TENNYSON/tennyson.html.

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