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The netherlands based de stijl movement essay

The Netherlands-based De Stijl movement appreciated an abstract, pared-down artistic centred in basic image elements including geometric forms and primary shades. Partly a reaction against the decorative excesses of Art Decoration, the decreased quality of De Stijl art was envisioned simply by its makers as a common visual dialect appropriate to the modern era, a time of your new, spiritualized world order. Led by painters Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian ” its central and commemorated figures ” De Stijl artists used their design to a number of media in the fine and utilized arts and beyond.

Promoting all their innovative ideas in their diary of the same identity, the members envisioned practically nothing less than the right fusion of form and function, thereby making De Stijl in effect the ultimate style. To this end, Sobre Stijl designers turned their attention not just in fine art press such as art work and écharpe, but almost all other skill forms as well, including commercial design, typography, even materials and music.

Para Stijl’s affect was maybe felt most noticeably in the world of buildings, helping promote the Foreign Style of the 1920s and 1930s.

Important Ideas

Just like other avant-garde movements of times, De Stijl, which means just “the style in Dutch, emerged largely in response towards the horrors of World War I plus the wish to rebuilding society in the aftermath. Viewing art as a means of sociable and psychic redemption, the members of De Stijl embraced a utopian vision of artwork and its transformative potential. Among the list of pioneering exponents of fuzy art, Sobre Stijl designers espoused a visual language consisting of precisely made geometric varieties ” generally straight lines, squares, and rectangles”and main colours.

Expressing the artists’ search “for the widespread, as the person was burning off its relevance,  this kind of austere dialect was meant to reveal the laws governing the a harmonious relationship of the world. Even though De Stijl artists made work with the movement’s utopian perspective, their realization that this vision was not possible in the real life essentially caused the group’s demise. In the end, De Stijl’s continuing fame is largely the result of the long-lasting achievement of its best-known member and true modern master, Piet Mondrian.


In 1917, Theo truck Doesburg founded the modern-day art log De Stijl as a means of recruiting like-minded artists in the formation of your new imaginative collective that embraced an expansive notion of artwork, infused by simply utopian beliefs of spiritual harmony. The journal presented the basis from the De Stijl movement, a Dutch selection of artists and architects in whose other leading members included Piet Mondrian, J. M. P. Oud and Vilmos Huszar. Taking on the image elements of Cubism and Suprematism, the anti-sentimentalism of Daddy, and the Neo-Platonic mathematical theory of Meters. H. L Schoenmaekers, a mystical ideology that articulated the concept of “ideal geometric varieties, the exponents of Sobre Stijl aspired to be a lot more than pure visual designers.

At its core, De Stijl was designed to cover a variety of artistic influences and media, it is goal getting the development of a brand new aesthetic that might be practiced with the great and applied arts, yet would as well reverberate in a host of other skill forms too, among them structure, urban planning, industrial design and style, typography, music, and poetry. The Para Stijl aesthetic and eye-sight was developed in huge response to the unprecedented devastation of World War I actually, with the movement’s members in search of a means of expressing a sense of order and harmony in the new contemporary society that was going to emerge inside the wake in the war.

Ideas and Styles

Real Geometric Hysteria and the Para Stijl Aesthetic Language

Sobre Stijl was the first-ever log devoted to être in skill, although the movement’s artists weren’t the first to practice abstract art; other artists, perhaps especially Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich and Hans Arp, had earlier made nonobjective artwork, often including geometric forms in their function. But the artists and architects associated with Para Stijl ” painters including Mondrian, van Doesburg and Ilya Bolotowsky, and can be such as Gerrit Rietveld and J. J. P.

Oud ” used what they perceived to be a more pure form of geometry, consisting of forms made up of direct lines and basic geometric shapes (largely rendered in the three primary colors); these motifs offered the fundamental components of compositions that avoided proportion and strove for a balanced relationship among surfaces as well as the distribution of colors. In Neo-Plasticism in Pictorial Art, Mondrian explained: “As a pure representation from the human brain, art can express alone in an aesthetically purified, in other words, abstract kind. The new plastic-type material idea cannot, therefore , take those form of an organic or concrete representation. 


Neo-Plasticism refers to the painting style and ideas developed by Piet Mondrian in 1917, promoted by De Stijl. Denoting the “new plastic fine art,  or just “new skill,  the word embodies Mondrian’s vision associated with an ideal, abstract art form he felt was suited to the modern era. Mondrian’s essay Neo-Plasticism in Pictorial Art, which in turn set forth the guidelines of the concept, was posted in 14 installments in the journal Para Stijl in 1917-18. Mondrian described Neo-Plasticism as a reductive approach to artmaking that stripped away classic elements of artwork, such as perspective and portrayal, utilizing only a series of principal colors and straight lines.

Mondrian envisioned that the principles of Neo-Plasticism would be transplanted from the medium of art work to additional art varieties, including structures and design, providing the foundation of the change of the human environment desired by Sobre Stijl artists. In Mondrian’s words, a “pure plastic-type material vision should build a new society, in the same manner that in art it has built a new plasticism.  The concept of Neo-Plasticism was generally inspired by simply M. L. J. Schoenmaekers’s treatise Beginselen der Beeldende Wiskunde (The Principles of Plastic Mathematics), which proposed that the fact is composed of a number of opposing forces ” such as formal polarity of lateral and up and down axes and the juxtaposition of primary shades. Neo-Plasticism was later offered by the motion Cercle ain Carre and three concerns of its eponymous journal appearing in 1930. Subsequent Mondrian’s visit to the U. S. in 1940, the style spread towards the U. T., where it was taken up by simply various American abstract music artists.


While only horizontal and up and down lines may be utilized in Neo-Plasticism, in 1925, van Doesburg developed Elementarism, which attempted to modify the dogmatic characteristics of the design by introducing the indirect, a form that for him connoted dynamism ” “a state of continuous expansion.  In “Painting and Sculpture: Elementarism (Fragment of the Manifesto),  published in De Stijl in 1927, he published: “If all of our physical motions are already dependant on Horizontal and Vertical, it is just an emphasis of our physical nature, from the natural composition and functions of microorganisms if the work of art strengthens ” although in an ‘artistic manner’ ” this kind of natural mix and match in our intelligence. 

Prizing horizontal and vertical lines for their connotation of steadiness, Mondrian firmly disagreed with van Doesburg’s newfound focus on the diagonal”a disagreement that famously prompted Mondrian to secede by De Stijl shortly afterwards. For Mondrian, van Doesburg’s introduction from the diagonal amounted to artsy heresy; in Mondrian’s look at, the Elementarist diagonal repudiated De Stijl’s efforts to completely integrate every one of the elements of the painting simply by creating anxiety between the make up and the picture plane.

Afterwards Developments

Sobre Stijl-inspired architecture, particularly by simply Rietveld and Oud, was built in the Netherlands throughout the twenties, all of which, interestingly enough, appeared to defy van Doesburg’s theory of Elementarism, instead using clearly defined side to side and top to bottom lines. De Stijl as well had a main influence about Bauhaus structure and design; several members of Para Stijl taught at the Bauhaus, perhaps above all van Doesburg, who lectured there in 1921-22. Sobre Stijl’s geometric visual vocabulary, along having its architectural principles such as contact form following function and the emphasis on structural components, would reverberate in Bauhaus architectural practice, as well as the global idiom referred to as “International Design.  With Theo vehicle Doesburg’s loss of life in 1931, Para Stijl shed its innovator, and right after faded by existence.

However , the movement’s key suggestions of natural geometric abstraction and the relationship of kind and function were maintained by many following vehicle Doesburg’s loss of life, and symbolize a fundamental contribution to contemporary and modern art, design, and structures. Many of Rietveld’s buildings, for example , survive the longevity in the De Stijl movement, and inspired a large number of 20th-century can be, among them Mies van welcher Rohe. Further than the world of architecture, the pared-down De Stijl aesthetic influenced many succeeding artists and designers in the twentieth hundred years and past, among them the Subjective Expressionists Draw Rothko and Barnett Newman, Hard-edge painters Frank Stella artois lager and Frederick Hammersley, and Minimalists Jesse Judd and Dan Flavin.


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