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The reaction houses of hydrogen and air gas with


The purpose of this kind of experiment was to show the properties of hydrogen and o2 gas reacting with fire. Both H2 and UNITED KINGDOM were created from reactions of other chemicals. H2 gas was produced from a reaction of hydrochloric chemical p and zinc, and fresh air was made from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Following each gas was created, they were examined for combustibility and flammability, and the observations were noted in this research laboratory.


For the production of air gas, 30 mL of any 3% hydrogen peroxide solution I. was poured in to an Erlenmeyer flask, and a layer of fungus was added on top of the perfect solution. The fungus acted like a catalyst inside the decomposition result of H2O2, which in turn decomposed into liquid drinking water and air gas 3.. A solid wood splint was ignited and shook away, leaving just embers. The heated end of the splint was include in the throat of the Erlenmeyer flask, and the observations were recorded. To get the prep of hydrogen gas, your five g of zinc was placed in a generating flask, and 55 mL of your hydrochloric acid solution solution of 3M I. was included with the flask. The reaction of zinc and HCl began to occur in the flask 2., and it was sealed with a stopper. The tube of the generating flask was include in a small drinking water reservoir, and bubbles of H2 began to form and rise towards the surface. A test conduit was placed into the water, and all sorts of the gas in the test out tube was flushed away. Then, the tube end of the producing flask was placed into a positive down test tube. Since the H2 bubbles went up, they out of place the water previously inside of the check tube. A glass platter was slid under the evaluation tube to stop all of the gas from avoiding, and the pipe of gas was taken out of the water. This procedure of stuffing the test tube with hydrogen gas was repeated 3 x, each time, another type of property with the gas was observed. For tube #1, the mouth pipe was quickly flashed on the flame, as well as the observations had been recorded. Intended for tube #2, the pipe of H2 was combined with a pipe of air, by adding both lips of the pipes together and rotating it. The 2 mouths of the two tubes had been then exhibited over a fire, and findings were documented. Tube #3 had a solid wood split with embers placed into a test pipe with hydrogen gas, as well as the observations were recorded.


These types of results show some of the houses of o2 and hydrogen gas when ever exposed to a flame or ember. The splint captivated when placed in oxygen gas, but was create when put in hydrogen gas. This shows that oxygen facilitates combustion, nevertheless hydrogen would not. Also, hydrogen gas is flammable, although oxygen is not. In the event oxygen had been flammable, then any fire would burn off all of the UNITED KINGDOM in the air. The hydrogen mixed with air made a more powerful reaction that just H2 itself for the reason that flame in the hydrogen gas allowed the oxygen surrounding this time to combust. Possible types of error might have been leaks of gas in the test pipes.


This research was powerful and effectively demonstrated the properties of H2 and O2 re-acting with fire flames or embers. Since there were no quantitative data from this experiment, there isn’t percent problem, but the outcomes matched the expected benefits. This try things out showed there is a difference among combustibility and flammability, two terms that could’ve maybe been used interchangeably.

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