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The tale of tonyo the courageous by helen aleah g

COME here, mga apo. You want me to tell you a story? Then you must arrive nearer, and sit at my personal feet. No longer interrupt me personally, as my personal memory is as fleeting while the summer air flow, and you may realize that an interrupted story is usually worse than no story at all. I used to be telling you warfare stories prior to, of items that happened to your father and to your father’s dad, who was my brother. Now, the things i am going to let you know is a little diverse, but something that you will with any luck , remember if you find the need for this memory.

I WAS the third son of Francisco, a town area clerk, and Carmencita, a housewife, in a town called Canda, someplace south in Bukidnon. It can be far from right here, very far. To go there, you have to travel and leisure by send or airline, and by shuttle bus for more than 14 hours. We lived in a little house, built smaller by fact that there have been three daughters, all not far apart in age.

Fernando was the oldest, Alejandro, your grand daddy, followed after having a year, after that, me, hardly a year later as well. After that, Nanay just announced she would stay away from pregnant again, and indeed your woman didn’t. I was boisterous since all males are, and it was all that Nanay could do to stay in place. We had no household support, and apart from our 3 cats, five kittens, two dogs, a flock of chickens and two swines, we just had Apo, Nanay’s father. Apo was eighty-four, yet he was still spry and lively. He’d wake up early on every morning hours, rouse all of us out of bed, nag us to do our chores”scrubbing the floor, providing water the plants, feeding the animals, among other things”and would in that case sit in the verandah the whole day, puffing over a rolled betel leaf, spitting out the reddish colored goo in a small can easily beside him.

Often , I might sit with Apo and he would show me stuff about the battle and the instances that his family were required to leave their house in the middle of the night, since the shelling and the bombing started in their particular town. There have been times, too, when Apo talked about the “not-like-ours,  his term for the supernatural. He had seen a kapre, he said, he previously also been friendly with a dwende, and had observed a manananggal flapping its wings. I actually spent a great deal time with Apo that my brothers picked on me personally constantly, calling me a sissy. That was theirfavorite taunt, for they knew I resented to be known as that. Was it my personal fault in that case that occasionally I liked Apo’s company better than their own? I was no wimp”I played their games and did at some. I had been the best when it came to playing with marbles and nobody may catch myself when we were playing label, but I did not like hunting which was one among their favorite hobbies. I adored birds, and i also hated to determine them harm. I cried once when I saw Fernando strike a maya in the upper body, the poor bird falling via a branch”merely stunned or dead, We didn’t find out. I happened to run away prior to they can see my tears.

But”I allow them to be. I worried that they would tease me much more if I chided them about hurting wild birds. I rejected to go hunting with them”after all, I used to be still the undisputed safe bet and had the greatest marble collection in town. Some day, when Fernando was fourteen, Alejandro 13, and I, a dozen, Tatay came home with bad news. The body of Budok, a farmer via another barangay, was identified that morning. It was mangled beyond acknowledgement, and only a guitar embossed together with his name, lying down just a few toes away, and his clothes, discovered him. A boy who had been looking for his dog located the animal sniffing at the body in back of a bamboo sheets clump close by town. In respect to Tatay, it was the other such murder in 8 weeks, but they hadn’t worried ahead of because the 1st victim was obviously a stranger as well as the murder got taken place in Antil, a town a day’s disappear. What was queer, Tatay explained, was that someone pulled out Budok’s (and the stranger’s) internal organs.

According to the doctor, neither a bolo neither a cutting knife was used intended for the crime, which don’t make sense by any means for that means that the person used his hands, and how could a pair of hands the actual damage it did? Apo was at his usual put in place the verandah, listening to Tatay, but experiencing that the murderer used his hands, he stood up and came up nearer to us. “He used his hands, right?  he said, sitting down next to Tatay in the sala. “That’s right, Tay,  my dad answered, holding Nanay’s hands. “But the doctor is still reviewing the body and talking to the coroner coming from Antil. He will have an entire report soon.  “Is it Doctor Morales?  When my dad nodded, Apo surprised all of us when he was up and went outside the house. “I’m gonna see him.  When ever Apo came back late that night, he was abnormally silent. He didn’t consume supper with us, and just stayed in his room. We observed him rummaging in his kaban once or twice, and after that all was quiet. “What’s he performing?  Alejandro asked.

No person answered. It absolutely was a solemn dinner, with Tatay and Nanay silent, thinking, maybe of the murder, and Apo not right now there to chastise us for not doing each of our chores very well. “Maybe he’s smoking again, arranging his betel comes in that wood made chest of his,  said Fernando who did not think a lot of Apo. Before I could think about a rejoinder, Apo came out of his area. In his hands was a long bronze dagger, easily a foot long, and some cloth. This individual sat by his usual place in the table and polished the blade, oblivious to the five pairs of eyes staring at him in astonishment. “Tay, what’s that?  Nanay asked, certainly not daring to believe that her precious, usually benign father was now possessing a lethal weapon. “That’s a nice piece of work. I may see a large number of bronze daggers nowadays,  Tatay explained, admiring the thickness and the sheen in the metal.

“What are you going to carry out with that, Tay?  Apo deposit the cutter and experienced all of us, no more the blabbering, betel-smoking outdated fogy, yet a strong, sensible man about to impart wisdom to his brethren. “We are not dealing with something normal here,  he explained. “Where?  Fernando disrupted. Tatay shushed him and gestured intended for Apo to stay. “I’ve been to Doc Morales. The coroner’s report from Antil came already, fantastic findings combined that of Doctor Morales’s: it had been done by a woman,  with this, he held up a hands as we all tried to ask him at the same time the way the doctors knew. “And personally, I know who did it. 

At this point, this individual paused drastically, and when he spoke, it had been barely a whisper. “It was created by the not-like-ours.  No person spoke. Not even Fernando whose credulity, I used to be sure, had been stretched to its limit. I think it absolutely was because Apo sounded actually ominous. It had been a comfort then to know Tatay inquire Apo that they arrived at the final outcome, and which kind of creature performed Apo think the culprit was. To my surprise, Apo turned to me personally. “You keep in mind the reports I alerted you, Ton?  I nodded. “Uh-huh. Although which? 

“About the manlalayug,  he stated, and I nodded again, questioning what the interconnection was. “You see,  Apo extended, “The other day, I used to be just informing Tonyo in regards to a creature called the manlalayug, and that’s why I acquired suspicious after i heard you describe the entire body. It occurred to me that I have seen that type of murder ahead of so I went to the physician’s to see if we could find strands of a woman’s hair and pieces of damaged nail to prove my hunch.  “But provided that you do locate those items which you claim you do, how could youconclude that it was the manlalayug definitely?  Tatay asked. Having been trying to continue to Nanay’s hands which were nervously wringing the tablecloth from the dining table. Apo leaned into Tatay’s deal with. “You know Budok?  Tatay nodded. “He’s small, isn’t he? And good?  Tatay nodded once again. “How, then simply, can a lady claw his face and pull out his internal organs with her individual hands? How may you explain that?  “But she may well have applied a straight-forward instrument like a spoon!

Or she might not be alone, or, or¦ Tatay trailed away in mid-sentence when he noticed Apo’s deal with. Apo was shaking his head, and he looked sad, rather than a little frightened. “Nobody believes in them anymore,  this individual whispered. “And it will be each of our deaths¦ “Wait, Tay, show, please. What’s a manlalayug? We really can’t say for sure.  Apo looked at every of us in the eyes, then turned his again. When he spoke, his tone of voice was suprisingly low (as in the event that he was scared of being heard) and we every had to slim forward to catch his words. “When I had been just a little older than Fernando below,  he said, “a manlalayug reached our city. She were able to kill five men inside five months before 1 finally prevailed in halting her. “A manlalayug is known as a creature that possesses particular powers.

When she is hunting, killing her becomes a problem, for the lady transforms in a very fabulous woman who will certainly make use of her significant charm to weaken a man’s will. “The manlalayug prowls through the night, and hunts for men whom are only. Once a person is completely enraptured by her, she will battle him towards the ground, for she has amazing strength, and she will consume his bodily organs. “And which is not only her power. She is going to also fool your mind. It had been said that there have been men who also did not come under her spell but still died because when they met face to face, they just stabbed her, over they were facing, not knowing it turned out just her image. The true her was behind them.  “But how can you kill her then?  Alejandro cut off.

“Stab backwards,  We said, prior to Apo could speak. “For even if you no longer see her real body system, it is presently there, behind you.  Apo viewed me, approvingly, I thought. “Yes, Tonyo is correct. You should stab backwards. In case it is the right material, like this bronze blade, once is enough. Then you certainly should operate, and work for all you’re worth, intended for even a declining manlalayug can curse you with her last inhale. And that will be the end of you.  Nobody talked, and the air flow was packed with fear and wonder, I thought, for the extent of Apo’s relief of knowing that we had simply seen at this moment. “But who had been the man that killed themanlalayug in your town? And also you didn’t tell me about this just before, Tay,  Nanay was frowning, but she has forget about the table cover, and was now absently flattening that. Apo sighed and viewed the dagger, turning it this way which.

He failed to speak for quite a while, and we most thought this individual wasn’t likely to answer Nanay when he finally spoke. “I didn’t tell you because there was no reason to. I never thought this may happen once again,  he said. He looked at Nanay. “The guy who murdered her was my father, your grandfather, who I told you died of malaria once i was 15.  That seemed that my great-grandfather managed indeed, to twisted the manlalayug. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave until the female seemed lifeless. “She doomed him,  Apo stated, “telling him that he will probably die prior to month was going to end. 

Our great-lolo died in a week, but is not before informing his fifteen-year-old son everything that he knew about the monster he bested. This individual gave him the dagger to keep, as well, reminding him that this individual should follow his dad’s footsteps should the same thing happen again. Nevertheless he was already too older, too older. Apo was shaking his head, taking a look at the weapon in his hands wistfully. “That’s why We took out their dagger, in the event someone is definitely willing to look the manlalayug. She defintely won’t be coming out until the next total moon, therefore we have a chance to prepare.  Tatay was up, raking his hand through his hair. “How can we notify the mayor, or the law enforcement, about this? They will laugh your way.  “Then don’t. 

“But¦ all of us can’t allow her eliminate again, in the event that indeed, it is just a manlalayug!  Apo sighed. “Isko, we all can’t allow authorities perform everything.  “So what do you suggest we do? I can’t very well get it done, if that’s what you’re indicating!  Tatay was obvious at Apo, and Apo was obvious back. “And why not? You are still young and strong¦

“Tay!  Naranjas was mad. She was up and faced Apo. “How could you say that? We have three kids! And exactly what the police presently there for?  Nanay was almost shouting, and Tatay had to peaceful her and lead her to their bedroom. Apo checked out us. “Sometimes we have to be brave, my boys.  Then, he, too, went to his room. The next morning hours, nothing was said in the incident. Apo did not speak about the manlalayug, and not did mother and father. But there were a tension in the air since the weeks passed, and the doomed night neared. OnThursday, the night before the complete moon, Alejandro brought up the subject while i was in bed. “Do you think your girl will strike again?  this individual said.

Fernando harrumphed. “It’s just one of Apo’s tales. You wanna bet nothing will happen tomorrow?  “How can you say that?  I protested. “Apo was telling the truth! You saw his face when he was sharing with us about his dad. How can you simply ignore that?  “Way to go, Tonyo! We did not know you probably believed that!  Alejandro said. He whispered anything to Fernando and they jeered. Within moments, they were chanting, “Sissy! Sissy! Sissy!  Wanting to reach back, My spouse and i muttered, “You just don’t want to face her. You’re just worried you’ll be her next sufferer.  Fernando sat up and brought his face close to acquire. “So, you are not afraid, huh? Well, fearless boy, you could start to take Apo’s dagger and discover the manlalayug yourself?  Find the manlalayug? How crazy idea! She’d have got boys with this problem for breakfast, and still have space for more! My spouse and i turned my back about Fernando and kept quiet. But my personal brothers guessed the reason for my personal silence, and resumed their particular chanting once again, punctuating it with hisses.

Feeling all their gibes nip, and realizing that the only way to avoid their jeering was to agree to what they wanted me personally to do, My spouse and i almost yelled, “Yes, certainly, I’ll take action. I’ll destroy her.  The words was empty, when I said them, I realized that I absolutely had to do this, not for my own brothers neither for myself, but for my father. If I may not go, as well as the manlalayug stated another patient tomorrow, Tatay would be required to hunt her himself, despite what Naranjas had to claim because he would feel obliged. I couldn’t”I wouldn’t”imagine what would happen if he failed. Alejandro touched my arm, suddenly contrite. “We failed to really mean that, Ton. I was just teasing.  I turned to Alejandro, and told him, firmly, I hoped, “No, Items go. In any other case, Tatay must, and you understand Nanay has already been mad for Apo to get saying he has to do it. 

My own brothers realized then the things i had previously understood, and in addition they, too, had been silent. Fernando slung his arm around my shoulder muscles and stated, real gently, “Are you sure you will go through successfully, Ton?  I viewed him in the eyes and said, in the same way softly, “Yes.  The very next day, my brothers were extraordinarily quiet, pondering perhaps of what I did that night. Once Apo visited his typical place in the verandah, they helped me try to find the dureté dagger in Apo’s bedroom. We discovered it on top of his outfits in the kaban, and we hid it in my closet. Nobody was able to take in dinner, andthough my parents were greatly puzzled for my personal brothers and i also were generally voracious predators no matter what the foodstuff was. They did not brief review, lost in their own thoughts as well. We said good night, and my friends and I set down on the mat, most tense and waiting for time that I can safely leave the house. When we had been sure that our parents and Apo were asleep, we all rose. We took your dagger in the closet and tucked this into the waist of my pants. “Better carry it,  Fernando whispered. “So you are ready anytime. 

Alejandro hugged me. I patted his back, declaring I would be back before they knew that. I was down the stairs currently when Fernando tried to draw me back inside the house. “Ton, don’t get it done. Please! You will get yourself slain.  I actually pulled out of his understand and explained, “I will not likely. I’ll be mindful.  I quickly ran, leaped into the wide streets, and onto the open domains that put between all of us and the city proper. We reached the location in ten minutes. Fatigued by my run, I plopped upon a table in the plaza contemplating my own next action. Should I your time whole nighttime there? The bench was cold, after my run, the air was chilly. I actually only a new thin T-shirt, and some short trousers (good pertaining to running, I believed then), and though I was familiar with cold weather, mid-air that night was especially gnawing at. I was shivering within minutes. My heart was beating swiftly. I looked like there was the only one alert in the whole town, and I was sitting in the middle of the plaza with the particular bronze dagger to comfort me. My spouse and i looked about and every thing was in gradation of gray. Several bats screeched and a few crickets chirped but , otherwise, I used to be alone, and i also could listen to noises, sounds that my personal nocturnal companion pets did not make. I was reading the tones of the night time, and that seemed to are derived from everywhere, yet from no place.

I abruptly had a brand for what I felt”fear. And it was dread that little by little filled my personal whole getting. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore”the bats, the cold, the gray shapes that seemed to be moving toward myself, and the complete stillness of all things around me. I stood up and began to work back home, berating myself to get the foolishness of my personal pride, and cursing my brothers pertaining to forcing me personally to prove my masculinity. On my way back, passing by the first rice field, I actually realized that absolutely nothing stirred. We slowed down into a walk and listened. Not really a single stalk of grain moved, not a single cricket chirped. I recall thinking that it was too calm, too nonetheless. I was halfway through the second rice field when I detected movement prior to me. I hoped to God it turned out only one of mybrothers, or our neighbor Pilo the drunkard, or anybody apart from the one I believed it would be.

I used to be already perspiration profusely, although my hands were frosty. My hold on the dagger slipped lots of times, and I had to grope for it on a lawn since I did not want to take my eyes off from what might be before me. My spouse and i suddenly noticed that everything was becoming extremely, very true. My friends and their care to were several years apart. This was reality”me holding a cold piece of metallic, in the middle of no place, shivering because of the cold and because of a thing moving in the front of me personally that I couldn’t see. This is my truth, and I was deathly scared. I regarded as what to do”go back to the town and awaken someone up to accompany me back home, or go ahead? I used to be standing indecisively when the subject was extracted from my hands. I saw her, just a few methods me, appearing quite suddenly”all woman, almost all flesh. Her movements were graceful, and her hair was very, very long, shifting with a life of its own, trailing following her just like a black luminescent gown.

And she was looking at myself, and your woman seemed to discover deep into my heart. I knew at that moment that it was her”the manlalayug I had been waiting for and wanting to hunt. But knowing that it was her did not prevent my growing interest on her. I let her obtain closer, fascinated with the way your woman walked. The girl was gliding, and her feet did not touch the earth, of that My spouse and i could’ve sworn. When the girl was near enough to touch myself, she provided her side and, blindly, I took it. It was soft, thus soft, and I could smell her, the fragrance with the wind plus the sea. Gradually, she ripped me against her soft body. I had been lost. I possibly could feel that. I was going to return her embrace the moment my dagger nicked myself, just a little, in the arm and I woke as though from a dream, and observed what was facing me.

Without thinking, I stabbed her inside the chest, hard, bringing down the bronze tool into her beautiful mama with just a few hands. To my shock, my cutting tool passed through her body in thin air, and I almost came. What the¦? Then I appreciated, and in my thoughts Apo was screaming, She actually is behind you! She actually is behind you! Rute backwards! Grasping the material with all the strength my 12-year-old body could muster, I drove the dagger backwards, not amazed this time, while i encountered firm flesh, which quickly produced and left my knife to the hilt. The image facing me disappeared, and when My spouse and i turned around, generally there she was, the manlalayug, writhing with pain, clutching her stomach, since she attempted to quell the flowing of her bloodstream. In seconds, her immaculate gown turnedcrimson. I ran and never looked back.

I found my personal brothers alert and looking forward to me by the door. That they told me we were holding about to get up my parents and tell them what happened. Then they observed my bloody arm and hands, and the blade continue to dripping with the manlalayug’s blood. Fernando leaped to our parents’ bedroom and banged for any he was worth, and they arrived, Apo arrived, and they saw what I got done. Everyone went back towards the place wherever I battled the manlalayug, each of us bringing a weapon but the manlalayug was not a longer presently there.

All that remained was a puddle of blood, dark and ominous inside the moonlight. The next morning, the entire town sought for a injured woman, and in many cases the local officials were convinced to join the hunt once we told these people what happened. But we missed her. Nor was any kind of woman reported to have passed away in the next day or two. But the killings stopped there after. And to my brothers, and in many cases to the various other children, I had been no longer Tonyo the Wimp. Overnight, I had developed become Tonyo the Brave”and that was the name I became known for, for the rest of my entire life.

YES, yes, that was a nice account, my dears, a nice account. But there are no more tales like that. Another day, I’ll tell you instead about how exactly the lake Polangi had become. It, too, is a great story. Right now, you go in up, is actually already overdue. Lolo Tonyo is worn out, and you every have to go to school tomorrow. Great night, great night.


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