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Success means achieving some thing unique through

Ayn Rand, Individualism, Selfishness, Materialism

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Success means achieving some thing unique through the efforts of your individual – even when confronted with adversity. Success isn’t assessed by heights attained, but by obstacles overcome. I know this sort of achievement as the very essence of individualism. Failure in these terms means conforming to the requires of meeting and never attempting to do anything that may be independent or perhaps unique. Therefore success is usually not necessarily defined by the applause of culture, but rather by the intrinsic worth of that accomplishment when it fulfills the highest specifications of specific striving. As is often the case, obtaining true success sometimes means going against conventions in addition to forgoing social or acquisitive rewards. To be able to attain accomplishment one has to sometimes sacrifice immediate gratification.

Experience has taught myself that a confident attitude is a matter of personal choice and a vital component to achieving success. Who and what our company is today is as a direct result of the options we produced yesterday – while the end result of foreseeable future endeavors is wholly dependent upon the choices we all make today. To succeed in existence one must confront complications as issues and chances. Thus, the measure of success is, by my point-of-view, the degree to which one employs what appears right and correct to yourself, without deviation. An example of the concept of success i an mentioning can be found in the smoothness of Howard Roark in Ayan Rand’s Novel The Fountainhead.

The main conflict in The Fountainhead can be between individualism and collectivism. The number of Roark is a symbol of the creative person in opposition to the collectivism of the masses. Basically, the author was proposing a philosophy similar to the idea of success suggested over, which emphasized that the imaginative person should be separate and non- conformist relative to the needs and demands with the collective culture. This sense of conviction and course is necessary to be able to achieve “greatness” and to truly be someone. This is also essential for society, since Rand views it.

Individuality regards gentleman – every man or women – as an independent, sovereign enterprise who possesses an individual right to his own lifestyle; a right created from his character as a realistic being. Individuality holds a civilized contemporary society, or any form of association, assistance or peaceful coexistence among human beings, may be achieved just on the basis of the recognition of specific rights – and that a bunch, as such, is without rights aside from the individual legal rights of their members. (From: Racism

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