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Two contrasting business essay

Willen hospice cares for people who is unable to get their ailments treated. They work about Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Willen Hospice can be described as charity and a charitable organization is a organization that requires funds from the NHS and general people who contribute, it is also non-profitable business. Willen Hospices target and objective is: “Our vision will be the lasting and thriving provider of totally free care to any or all people impacted by life constraining illness within our community. This will be made possible by a community working together continually to share in the delivery of the very assuring, equally accessible and advanced care available.

 The goal of Willen Hospice is to proper care and help those who a existence limiting disease or even elderly people who are not able to do things themselves. They provide maintain people through the age of 18 years up wards and this give attention to four crucial areas: specialist symptom control, emotional support, spiritual support and look after carers.

The ownership of Willen The hospice is all wholesale real estate flipper, The Hospice Trustees are responsible for the governance of the Hospice and in addition they form the Authorities of Management. Their role should be to ensure that the Charity capabilities within the legislation in accordance with the Charity Percentage rules and in addition that the solutions are managed efficiently. They meet quarterly and maintain an AGM in August of each and every year. The Council determines the proper direction and ensures guidelines and methods are in place to manage risk. Various sub-committees, each having a Trustee portrayal, work to monitor the various aspects of the Hospice. The Council chooses Trustees for a 3-year term of office renewable in the AGM.


Tesco is actually a supermarket that is known very well for its quality and good prices, it is the second largest merchant in the world. Petrol station has a large part on the market share (30% UK) a very high status. With over 6300 shops worldwide, Tesco’s purpose should be to offer top quality products and services in a reasonable price. Their seeks and objectives are: “Our vision is perfect for Tesco to get most extremely valued by the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, our dedicated and dedicated staff and our investors; to be a development company; a modern day and ground breaking company andwinning locally, applying our expertise globally.  The purpose of Tesco is to provide a retail support that fulfils the demands of the customer in many ways. They give what normal supermarkets carry out, but they have extra companies, e. g. Tesco mobile, Tesco insurance. Their title is a PLC (Public Limited Company), a public limited company can be described as business that is certainly well known and it is a business that freely purcahased by the public.

Tesco’s ownership relies in a lot of shareholders. The shareholders own your business and the Chairman works the business, guaranteeing its success while currently taking account of the interests of the Group’s several stakeholders, and promoting large standards of corporate governance. Tesco’s chairman is Sir Richard Broadbent. They have a AGM getting together with which is in which the shareholders may discuss virtually any problems that have occurred during the year. The PLC panel is made up of; The primary Executive, he leads the development of strategy and manages almost all aspects of the performance and management from the crew. Non-executive Administrators, they have the wide range of expertise and knowledge necessary to allow them to offer constructive problem, scrutinise performance and help to produce their strategy. The Company Secretary, he is accountable for developing, putting into action and sustaining high criteria of business governance.

P2- “Describe the various stakeholders who also influence the goal of two different businesses M1 ” “Explain the parts of view of various stakeholders aiming to influence the aims and objectives of two different organisations A stakeholder can be described as person, group or organisation that has a in your enterprise. Stakeholders have needs and expectations and is internal or external to your organisation. In Willen Hospice the different stakeholders would be:

The Patients, since they want to be taken care of pertaining to the ailments they have, they need to be able to observe their relatives whenever they need. The Workers/Nurses, because they want Willen to supply them with shell out (if they can be not voluntary workers). Additionally, they want Willen to provide these a safe environment to work in. The Family, because they wish to be able to see their family member that is in care with willen, they really want Willen to adopt good care of their family member and then for willen to provide the affiliate withwhat they should live a comfortable life. In addition they want to check out any time they desire. The Suppliers, because they desire willen to supply them with the bucks they are due in time, individuals who supply willen are the medication suppliers and folks that supply mattresses and tools.

So they also want willen to buy their products from their website when they want it. The Trustees because they want the keepers to run the company well and so they don’t want the owners to waste any cash. They also need the Nursing staff to be caring of each individual since they have a big interest in Willen’s services because they are quitting their time to be a trustee. The Donators, because they really want their money that they have donated to be taken accordingly towards helping people and family’s that are battling, they avoid want their money to be thrown away on wages or different expenses. NHS are a big donor mainly because they give 33% of the funds they use, they desire exactly what the donors desire above. The key stakeholders in Tesco would be:

The customer since they want the goods that they get to be what it says around the packaging, they need the business to a different stakeholder is the employees, they desire a safe environment and great pay for the effort that they perform. Another stakeholder would be the suppliers; they want good profit from Tesco and they want Tesco to pay these people on time. The owners are also important stakeholders because they are troubled by the problems that occur in their very own store, also problems with Tesco cause a store to have tiny issues. The owners also want their very own store being working flawlessly because they desire a profit from the amount of sales in the store.

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