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Lv case analysis essay

Key Concern

Louis Vuitton can be described as flagship band of LVMH, which in turn had double-digit growth during 2010 and 2011. Michael Burke, the newest CEO of LV group is uncertain about whether the group may grow lasting. The main issue he current encounter is the fact how to push LV to grow continuously and protect LV’s values and history from being undermined.

External Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Personal: The global luxury goods market can separate into America, Europe, The japanese, Asia-Pacific, and rest of countries by place.

Overall, the main luxury merchandise consumption countries have fairly stable political environment lately. However , in southern The european countries, the governments’ financial turmoil and austerity measures mentioned an underlying worsening demand of luxury goods for local people. But the difference was packed by travelers from other countries. The import work policy in different countries is yet another factor should be considered in the industry. The high import duty will be part purpose of high cost differences among different countries.

Consequently, the grey marketplace can be produced in the countries which have high price differences.

Economic: The major companies in this industry are based in The european countries, so the euro exchange price will be an important factor to the market. The growth rate will be different because they are measured with euro conditions and nominal terms. To be able to eliminate the exchange rate impact, the constant exchange rate dimension should be applied. Currently, the luxurious goods marketplace has about 15% constant nominal progress rate. Another economic effect factor is the world’s economical condition. The earth economicencountered a recession stage around 2008, which slowed up the products’ price increase rate. Just lately, the world financial condition has become gradually restored, and the popular in Asia-Pacific region contributes more profits to the industry, and the area will have excessive growth rate in years by estimation.

Sociocultural: Inside the global high-class goods market, most of clients regard high-class goods that made in The european countries as more valuable products than those produced in Asia and US. This behavior delivers competitive advantages to the Western luxury brands. Moreover, consumers in different countries have different obtain behaviors. For example, some countries’ customers are able to move away from common acknowledged brand, since they want to purchase more distinctive products. Furthermore, because of the elevating speed of globalization, people are more likely willing to travel among different countries. These travellers will purchase luxury great during their journeys. In fact , China tourists contributed over one third of product sales in European countries. The luxury merchandise industry will need to notice to modify the actual require between residents and visitors in The european countries region. Technical: As the popularization of online shopping technique, most of luxurious companies exposed their online store to provide far more convenient shopping activities for customers.

This process can help companies reach even more potential customers who have live in areas that do not have brands’ physical stores. The technology advancement also helps the industry manufactories products more proficiently. The introduction of vehicle machine to some extent reduced employees’ level of specialization and improved productivity. Yet , the improvement of automation could also undermine the appeal of the brands, as the absolute and aspirational customer segments generally want items which are manufactured by artisans.

Environmental: The global personal luxury products industry may possibly have negative impact to environmental feature if the manufactories have poor pollution control abilities. Several companies likewise destroy instead of discounting their particular excess merchandise in order to keep the products’ value, which may cause additional squander and recycling pressure, but the case did not provided enough information for the environmental aspect.

Legal: For some firms, acquisition is usually one of important method to grow companies’ size and profitability, but the obtain is restricted by law. For example , French law needs that one company should survey its order action towards the other organization if it holds more than 5% ownership. If thecompany uses other ways to circumvent what the law states, it may face lawsuit issues later on. Conclusion: Overall, a global luxury products industry still has high potential to growth sustainably in the future. Since the market on this industry is worldwide, companies’ revenues will not likely largely impacted by a single country or region. The important thing is to keep the balance of expansion between diverse countries. Firms should also end up being carful regarding increasing creation effectiveness while retain the history value with the brands.

Five-forces Model

Amount of Rivalry: The level of rivalry is usually moderate inside the global personal luxury items industry. The industry is very concentrated and occupied simply by few large players. These businesses do not need take on price; nevertheless , they have substantial overlap of products’ category. Most of corporations have many common features. They have very long history and commence business in Europe areas; they all give exclusive products backed by their particular brands; plus they all served few amount of wealthiest customers around the world. Threat of New Entrants: The threat of recent entrants is very low in this kind of industry. The majority of the companies have over a hundred or so year’s background their brands are based on their heritage and tradition. A new organization with a large amount of initial capital wants to step up the market; it is very hard for the corporation to build a higher reputation around the world in a short term period. Various customers through this industry is going to value goods by their brands.

Supplier Electricity: Since there are some large luxury companies master the industry but the suppliers are relatively decentralized, the supplier electrical power is quite low. Many companies get their own in-house manufactories and only source part parts. Through this industry, suppliers have to fulfill the component parts’ high quality requirement as well as rivalling with skilled manufactories around the world. The manufactories in different countries have different labor and materials costs, which is often a factor that restricts dealer power.

Client Power: The purchaser power level can be low to moderate inside the luxury goods industry. This kind of industry provides three buyer segments that happen to be: absolute, aspirational and attainable. The initial two buyer segments attention more about products’ quality than the products’ price. They may have high net worth and seek flawless products; these consumers are the most price insensitive group, and so they even anticipate high price goods which many people cannot afford. On the reverse side, the accessible customer group is more value conscious; but in reality willing to buy high price products with conformable quality.

Consequently , the sector can control the price and retain a high annual progress level. Risk of Alternatives: The luxury products almost have no direct substitutions. Although the goods such as purses and handbags, watches, jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes always have lower price substitutions, the absolute and aspirational consumers will not take these substitutions into consideration. The accessible customers may purchase relatively low cost products, but in reality have reduced contribution for the industry progress than the different two sectors. Conclusion: The luxury goods industry is a substantial profitable industry with low outside menace. There are only few large players on the market and they server to the the majority of wealthy persons in the world. The luxurious companies have got high capacity to control the cost so they may have ability to expansion sustainably.

Inner Analysis


Valuable: The brand of Louis Vuitton can be valuable because it has long history and excessive reputation over the world. Throughout on the hundred years of accumulation, persons recognized the manufacturer as a signal of high benefit products. You’re able to send tight pricing and circulation strategies assistance to retain high quality of products and services. The merchandise will not be sold at discount value so they will retain useful through a while period. LV’s creative style and advancement help the organization stay at the very top place and look after high success in the industry. In addition, LVMH group can be a good support of LV. The group’s strong profitability and operating ability can benefit LV’s brand image expansion. Unusual: There are simply few significant players in the global personal luxury merchandise industry.

The long background Inimitable:



Bottom line:

Financial Evaluation


1 . Keep the same speed of international growth, steadily develop Asia-Pacific market, and maintain similar or higher amount of product and service quality.



Relatively significantly less risky

Easy to maintain LV’s top quality image

Maintain sustainable growth potential

Lack of probability to earn bigger revenues

May damage market shares if other firms accelerate the development speed Are not able to fulfill the elevating global require of luxury goods

2 . Accelerate the velocity of foreign expansion, commence to manufacture fragrances, and open up more stores in Asia-Pacific market.



Boost opportunity of earn larger revenues

Develop fresh market and earn even more market stocks and shares

Match the increasing global demand

Provide a chance to development faster in the foreseeable future

Comparatively more dangerous

Maximize probability the cannot retain LV’s heritage and traditions during the developing process

3. Slow down the acceleration of international expansion, decrease the use of computerized machines, and maintain on adding value in the company’s history andtradition.



Easy to keep LV’s heritage and tradition

Retain the high reputation during the absolute and aspirational customers Prevent the firm from growing too fast that may reduce the provider’s value

Potential of losing the market shares

Potential of burning off the amount of revenue

Cannot fulfill the raising global require

Decision Requirements

In order to determine which alternatives is considered the most appropriate one particular for Lv, several standards should be pleased: 1 . Sustainable financial progress potential

2 . Preserve comparative advantages in the market

3. Retain LV’s history and tradition

5. Improve company image and value

5. Followed by all segments of shoppers



Contingency Program


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