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Unit 1 p2 different stakeholders essay

With this assignment I will talking about essential stakeholders who also influence the purposes of two businesses, the business I have chosen are Tesco and Range Rover. Also I will be talking about the eye owners, consumers, suppliers, staff, trade assemblage and workplace associations have in the businesses. Another point I am talking about is the reason why business need to consider community communities and pressure groupings when functioning their business.

Definition of Stakeholders

Stakeholders are anyone that is affected by the business or perhaps has an desire for it.

Stakeholders are affected by specific decisions created by a business that could be good or perhaps bad for the stakeholders, they will influence a business and the decisions they make.

The eye and purpose that stakeholders have in Tesco


Customers need good quality services and products for affordable prices, they want to see advancements constantly being created to the organization so they have good encounters when buying at Tesco. Also Tesco must understand and satisfy customer requirements otherwise they may fail to develop customer devotion which innere mean they may be losing consumers to competition and that brings about losing on money


Sainsbury would purchase resources they own needed of to produce goods and services from suppliers, so Sainsbury needs to have a effective interactions with their suppliers in order to get top quality resources by reasonable prices which usually intern can help Tesco to offer products more affordable if they will get it less expensive that will mean it will generate customers more happy because they are receiving good quality services and products for reasonable prices, but this can be a two way procedure as suppliers depend on the company they supply to earn money.


Owners would want the business enterprise to run efficiently and gain from it so the

interest they will have in the operations from the business would be that they will prefer to earn as much money as is feasible from the business so to accomplish this they will try to employee the proper staff pertaining to the job which intern can make their organization as successful as possible mainly because they have qualified employees pertaining to the job.

Why Employees, Trade Unions and Employer Organizations have an interest in Tesco


Sainsbury will need to have workers to run their day to day business which means that Tesco needs to call and make an agreement which has a employee to work some number of hours in return automobile will gain a certain earnings that they consent to get for working the hours but the pay amount of the wage will vary with all the different skills and qualification a personnel has.

Trade unions

Trade unions will have the in Petrol station because they will want to insure that Tesco can be not mistreating employee’s correct and they will as well try to solve conflict within Tesco in the event that something takes place. Another function trade assemblage have should be to insure the significant conditions alright for the employee to operate and if they are not the employees from Petrol station will grumble to the trade union and they will try to sort the conditions away and most probably try to help to make Tesco pay out a fine.

Employer associations

Employer groups are a group which offer assistance and suggestions to business employers with workers to help the function better likewise they try to promote laws favourable to employers so this helps Sainsbury because it countertop balances with trade unions which help personnel and produce it fair for equally employers and employees since they obtain equal suggestions and solutions

Why should Sainsbury consider group and pressure groups


The reason why Tesco has to consider the local community is basically because they provide many of the staff and customers for the Tesco so they can want to have an excellent relationship with them because of the fact if they are doing they would possess happy staff and cheerful customers. Also if Petrol station do not consider the local community they will begin to shop with rival industry’s like asda and people might not want to work at Tesco due to the fact the will have a poor reputation within the community.

Pressure groups

A pressure group is an company that try’s to deal with a certain matter of interest for the member of the group, and so Tesco should consider pressure group even thou they do not possess any immediate political electricity but they carry out often affect the activities of the local government by a number of ways like creating bad marketing for Sainsbury, holding demonstrations and rally against Petrol station which will show that Tesco would get a negative picture in front of the community which could actually effect generally there business and so intern therefore Tesco need to keep pressure groups happy because it may help them work smoothly in the local community.

How come the government would be interested in Tesco

The main reason the government can be interested in Sainsbury is because they can earn money from Sainsbury by collecting taxes, so if Petrol station is doing effectively and is earning a lot of money that will mean the us government will make Petrol station pay larger taxes to earn money from themselves.

Also the federal government would be interested because Petrol station will help out your local communities because they can supply top quality products and services for cheap prices which will inter will make the public cheerful because they are having there moneys worth which means this will mean that they can happier will the government intended for letting Sainsbury operate within there neighborhoods.

The influence of stakeholders on Petrol station

Stakeholders have a whole lot of affect on Tesco because without one Tesco will not be able to work for example when a customer was not happy with Tesco for some reason they would not shop there and they will tell other customers to not shop there which means this will mean that Tesco will suffer out on

customers and potential revenue and by that happening they are going to lose out on money so this means the affect of a client is really substantial because without one the business cannot operate.

An additional stake holder will suppliers which have a large influence on Tesco mainly because if for whatever reason the suppliers are upset with Tesco they could not provide them with as good quality products which in turn intern will mean that if the customers will not feel they are getting top quality products they may shop searching so with this happening Petrol station will lose funds so this means that suppliers have a huge influence about Tesco because if they do not keep the supplier happy they’re not going to give top quality products which usually Tesco must sell to earn money to hold their business running.

The eye and purpose that stakeholders have in Range Rover Customers

Range rovers customers wants great quality cars by reasonable prices, they would like to see the company improving their cars year by 12 months so they already know Range Rover is business which planning to improve the driving a car experience of the customer each time to create it better for them. As well range rover will try to understand the need of generally there customer because if they will don’t clients wont always be loyal which in turn intern signifies that the customer might go to an other car business to buy their particular car and this will mean that range rover will be taking a loss


Range rover are their particular suppliers because the make their particular cars and supply them to the show rooms but range rover purchases the elements for their car from supplier which mean that they will have to have a successful relationship with the raw materials suppliers to acquire good quality solutions so this means that they need to maintain their provider happy otherwise they might stay away from good quality materials to make their very own cars and so intern this can mean that due to the back top quality material from the car client do not purchase it.


The owners wants range rover to produces brilliant automobiles and make as much cash as they can purchase selling those car, to do this the owners of range

rover will try to worker try to staff people with the proper skills and qualities which intern could make the business powerful due to the fact you should have the best staff working for your small business.

Why Employees, Trade Unions and Workplace Associations have an interest in Range Rover


Staff have an interest in the industry because they will earn even more from operating at selection rover which means this means that they might want the corporation to do and they can which intern will assist the employees earn bounces and pay raises if the business really does well which means this mean automobile have a interest in the business enterprise doing well mainly because they can make money from it.

Operate unions

Trade union will have an interest in selection rover mainly because they want to make sure the employee presently there which are using their union performing well and feel that they may be working in a suitable working state and also with them operate good condition it will mean that the individuals who are with the operate union are satisfied by simply how the union is looking after their users.

Employer associations

Company association will be interested in selection rover because make sure that the employers are becoming treated quite and are obtaining as much data as the employees get from the trade union also the employer associations make an effort to help selection rover by trying t promote legislation favourable to range rover.

Why should Tesco consider group and pressure groups Neighborhood

The reason why range rover should consider generally there local community happens because a lot of the employee will be from the community also by having a great relationship with there community people will certainly buy all their cars rather than other companies since range rover will have a good relationship with all the community which can make the community experience more comfortable buying cars via range rover.

Pressure organizations

Range rover must look into pressure organizations because in the event that they do not just like what you performing they will protest, have rallies and try to effect the government to quit range rover from performing the thing they do not like so this means range rover are certain to get bad publicity which innere means that customer will feel that the company does some thing awful and probably would not want to buy after that because people will think that you are supporting range rover, which will mean that range rover gets bad advertising and losses out on funds so this implies that range rover should consider pressure groups since they can impact a negative opinion about range rover.

Why the government would be thinking about Range Rover

The reason the government will be interested in range rover is basically because the will pay money for to the federal government in income taxes which inwendig mean the us government is making money to help the country because of range rover within the country as well range rover will he can community by using which innere helps the federal government again since that will suggest less people on rewards.

The impact of stakeholders on Selection Rover

There are many stakeholder intended for range rover which effect the business one particular stakeholders could be the suppliers for the reason that supplier decides if the organization gets high-quality raw materials or bad ones so this means the suppliers will have a direct influence on the business so intern it implies that selection rover will try to keep a fantastic relationship with it suppliers due to the fact they offer the with all the raw materials that have a massive effect on the firm.

Another stakeholder will be the customer because there is a direct impact on how the organization is going to preform because in the event range rover does not meet the needs of it customers it will signify they would not really by car from them which in turn intern ensures that they will reduction out on funds due to the fact they did not meet the needs of the customer and this will have an immediate influence around the business how it is been able and preforms.


To conclude I have about key stakeholders who effect the reasons of two

businesses also I use explained the interest owners, clients, suppliers, personnel, trade assemblage and employer associations have in the businesses. Another point I talked about is the reason why business need to consider neighborhood communities and pressure teams when functioning their business.

Reference BTEC Level 3, Book one particular, Edexcel, simply by John Bevan/ Helen Coupland-smith/rob Dransfield/John Goymer/ Catherine Richards BTEC Level 3, National in business, Unit 1 organization environment, by simply Ben Owusu Domfeh


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