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Universities as organisations essay 2

1 . 2 Summarise entitlement and supply for early years education. However are many kids that start off nursery, participating in play teams, or bonding and playing with other kids whilst becoming looked after simply by child-minders at a very early age, there are other that may. In England, the us government entitles and offers 3 and 4 yr old children with a free part time early years education of up to 12. 5 hours per week intended for 38 several weeks of the yr as part of the Just about every Child Matters agenda plus the Childcare Work 2006, to be able to support family members and very small children’s learning before attaining school era.

The early years education will be based upon learning through play pursuing the EYFS (Early Years Basis Stage ) framework.

1 ) 3 Explain the characteristics from the different types of universities in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance.

Community schools, Foundation and Trust schools, Voluntary schools, and Specialists colleges are the 4 main types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance. These are called maintained schools, they are financed by private sector organisations and they have to follow the Countrywide Curriculum. Here are some characteristics of each and every of these schools:

Community schools: The local regulators own and run these people. They determine the admissions policy and provide with support services which in turn also help these schools through looking to develop relates to the local community as well as develop the use of school’s facilities by simply sometimes featuring with mature education or perhaps childcare classes delivered by simply local groups. Voluntary colleges: There are two types of voluntary schools; voluntary-aided and voluntary-controlled. They are both mainly religious or “faith educational institutions and are owned by a spiritual organisation or charity. The voluntary-controlled schools are run and financed by the regional authority which in turn also provides support solutions. The voluntary-aided schools will be run by way of a own governing body and are also funded to some extent by the charitable organization, governing body system, and partly by the community education expert, which likewise provides support services. Base and Trust schools: Base schools are owned and run by way of a own regulating body or by a non-profit foundation.

A Trust institution, even though it is known as a type of foundation school, to make by the governing body in consultation with parents, works in partnership with an outsider, suchas a business, to form a charitable Trust. These colleges have to purchase in any support services necessary. Specialists colleges: These colleges are usually secondary schools which will receive further government financing for obtaining specialist position in order to develop one or two subject specialisms, including Art or possibly a SEN’s (Special Educational Needs) subject specialism in special schools one example is.

1 . several Explain the post-16 alternatives for young people and adults. The options for young adults and adults once they possess completed the compulsory education are many, and depending on if learners choose to leave institution and start job or to continue with their research. Here are some choices where they could choose from:

Continue with studies:

Sixth form- gives A Level requirements in colleges or sixth form schools. Further Education Colleges- provide many different types of training that can help in just about any stage of life, via Level 1 courses to degrees, and professional requirements. These can be completed getting into short classes, full-time or part-time training. Apprenticeships with an employer-offer a way to gain knowledge, abilities and skills while making profits. Voluntary assist training towards a diploma.

University Specialized Colleges- present academic and technical education related to certain job sectors. Studio Schools- offer learning through venture projects and working, to produce skillls for a lifetime and function.

Leave school and start employment

Find a job that provides schooling.

Find a job that doesn’t require training or perhaps qualification.

installment payments on your 1 Clarify the proper purpose of:

-school governors

-senior management team

-other statutory jobs


-support staff functions

School governors:

They are the people of condition schools’ governing bodies. The governing body is a group produced by parent governors, school staff governors, support personnel governors, local community governors, specialist governors, foundation, partnership and sponsor governors. Their obligations are to operate the schools bringing up the school requirements. Their key duties in order to set aspires and aims for the colleges, and to choose new guidelines and set objectives for reaching those. Governors work in a voluntary basis.

Senior supervision team:

This is a team of more experienced personnel working tightly and appointment regularly to talk about any problems and to make decisions concerning the operating of the school, its improvement plan, as well as how to pass the information on to teachers and support staff. The team members will be the following: mind teachers, mouthpiece head teachers, assistant head teacher, early years co-ordinators, important stage co-ordinators or season group frontrunners, heads of department or subject area leaders (in second schools), and SENCO (Special Educational Demands Co-ordinators).

Various other statutory roles eg. SENCO:

SENCO’s responsibilities in order to monitor and manage properly the provision for pupils with special educational needs. Their key roles should be advice and support practitioners working in the setting, to ensure that the individual education plans are appropriate and in place taking into account; the collected, recorded and up to date individual and relevant history about every pupil with special educational needs, and also to ensure addition with father and mother and other pros in respect of these types of pupils.


Their very own roles should be plan, prepare and deliver lessons; relating to and following the Nationwide Curriculum in order to meet the pupils’ individualneeds, setting and tagging work, rendering pupils and the parents with one-to-one opinions on the function, and saving pupils’ specific learning and development.

Support Staff tasks:

There are different types of support staff functioning within schools. Here are some of these and a short description with their roles: Management or business office staff- who oversee operations and providers supporting the whole school. Professionals or technological staff- who also support professional areas of teaching and learning. Teaching assistants- who work withing the classroom placing to provide support to professors and students. Breakfast, following school, midday supervisors and catering staff- who are responsible for protecting the welfare of the students outside of the classrooms during breaks and after school. Individual support assistants for SEN children- who have safeguards the welfare and supports the training and advancement pupils with special educational needs. Site staff-who are in charge of to ensure that the school premises happen to be clean, safe and secure.

2 . a couple of Explain the roles of external pros who may work with a school. Schools work in partnership with a big range of external companies or/and professionals such as OFSTED, counselors, specialist teachers, educational psychologists, SENCO, social employees, speech and language therapists, and many others. The roles of speech and language experienced therapist, for example , in order to work with students and support them with connection, language or/and speech challenges. Some kids have understanding difficulties, still find it hard to express themselves, connect and socialize with other children/adults appropriately. In these instances, the speech and terminology therapists will go to the schools to work closely and individually with these students.


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