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Van gogh and kandinsky essay

Starry Nighttime was painted by Van gogh in 1889 in the small town of Saint-Remy, in the to the south of France. It is an essential oil on fabric post-impressionist painting which depicts the view from Van Sagos window during the night, although it was painted via memory in the daytime. Van Sagos artworks contrast greatly with those of Wassail Sandusky. Formula VII was painted by Wassail Sandusky in 1913, during his time in Munich, Germany. The style is summary and very significant. Vincent Van Gogh was part of the post-impressionist movement, which in turn painted back in the sass. He studied artwork in Athens, and in 1886 he visited Paris along with his rather.

Generally there he fulfilled Pissarro, Monet, and Gauguin, and having been influenced by their use of brief brush strokes to convey movements. A technique which is clearly obvious in his artworks. Van Gogh moved southern region to Arles in 1888, were he tried to get the warmth and sunlight with the southern The french language countryside. His artworks became brighter in color and the style started to be more active. Van Gogh aimed to exhibit his thoughts in his artworks though the multiple brush cerebral vascular accidents and usage of bold color. Art back in the sass was moving on in the impressionist style towards the expressionist style.

This movement is referred to as the post-impressionist movement. Post-impressionist artworks nonetheless focus on recording light, although they are more emotionally expressive than impressionist artworks. Van Gogh admired the works of Jules Breton, in particular Bretons work SST. Johns Event, which depicts peasant women dancing over a summer night. A small town with a cathedral and the crescent moon over it can be seen in the background, and it is presumed this inspired Van Sagos artwork Constellation-filled Night. Constellation-filled Night is a best example of a post-impressionist artwork.

It was coated in 06 1889, applying oil paint on painting. The a muslim depicts the village of Saint-Remy, because seen from Van Sagos window inside the Saint-Remy Medical center where he was staying. An enormous sky rules the picture and falls after the peaceful town. The top halos around the stars dwarf the small silent town beneath, perhaps indicating that humans are tiny in comparison with nature and the superstars. The style is usually both significant, impressionistic and semi-realistic. Nevertheless , unlike impressionist artworks, this kind of painting would not focus solely on acquiring light, although also in portraying Vehicle Sagos emotions.

His eager thoughts, a sense of disconnection through the world and need o escape are visible inside the night field, as well as the dynamic brush strokes and the radiant colors with the stars resistant to the dark doldrums of the nighttime. At the time which in turn Vincent Van Gogh coated this piece of art he was in the Saint-Remy Medical center because of his serious depression (he minimize his own ear of. The noticeable brush cerebral vascular accidents create prominent lines, thus giving the painting movement, this can be particularly obvious in the sky and keeps the viewers sight constantly pursuing the organic figure and lines.

It truly is believed that the swirling clouds represent his tortured head and confusion. The top to bottom lines of the church tower system and the cypress tree separate the fabric into thirds, illustrating Truck Sagos utilization of classical make up. The composition also adds further towards the feeling of movements. A large dark-colored structure towers upwards around the far remaining of the art work, leading the viewers eyesight into the figure of the heavens and on in the center in the painting where twisting clouds are ornamented brilliant shiny stars.

The viewers eye finally engraves the small dark town which in turn, in contrast to the sky, almost blends in to the blue mountain range. The town and mountains happen to be painted in dark shades so that the viewers attention can be drawn to the sky (the focus of the painting). The best yellow celebrities dwarf small flecks of yellow in the town and contrast with the sky. This contrast reflects Van Sagos turbulent feelings. White can be used to brighten the stars as well as the sky. The size of the a muslim is 29 x 36 h inches (73. several x 80. 1 CM). This moderate scale does not overwhelm the viewer, but makes them arrive closer to the artwork about see the details.

Giving the viewer your own experience of the landscape. The best dark forest in the foreground of the kvadratmeter left from the painting provides the artwork a sense of perspective, which again makes the experience of the painting even more real. Following viewing this kind of painting, the audience is playing a glimpse into the tortured soul of Vincent Van Gogh, and so they have experienced the landscape of Saint-Remy. Wassail Sandusky was a Russian musician who painted in an summary style. This individual aimed to employ art being a medium to communicate directly with ones emotions.

This individual wanted this to go right to ones cardiovascular, and firmly believed that figurative varieties prevented this kind of. As a fresh boy this individual played keyboard and cello, and this business lead him to create a some what musical design of art. He aimed to create artworks which had precisely the same effect on the viewer while the listener of a piece of music offers, which is why his artworks got musical titles such as composition and imprévu. Sandusky relocated to Germany in 1911, at this time the tension was growing between different countries, leading up to Universe War one particular (starting in 1914).

Indonesia was on the brink of war, Only waiting for a thing to set it into action. The rivalry between Britain and Germanys military forces was serious, and this political rivalry was taken in the art universe. Paris was your centre from the art globe and Especially in Germany he ambiance would have recently been extremely chaotic and tense. This is plainly reflected inside the busy composition of Sandinesss artworks during this period. In 1913 Wassail Sandusky painted Structure VI, using oil upon canvas. Sandusky wanted to represent truths and emotions, which is why this art work does not illustrate figurative varieties.

The traditional olive oil on painting medium contrasts with the unconventional subject, thus surprising the viewer and increasing the effect of the piece of art. It is a painting of amazing scale, becoming 200 back button 300 CM. This overwhelms the viewers, communicating the extreme atmosphere of Germany during the time, and Sandinesss lining of confusion and chaos. This feeling of misunderstandings and turmoil if additional demonstrated by simply his make use of line. The lines with this painting will be explosive, there exists a mixture of organic and geometric. This makes an image which will almost seems to posses its energy.

The painting appears alive and moving, thus drawing the viewer in and engaging with their emotions. In the middle of the art work is a small circle, that could possibly represent the eye of any hurricane. It is surrounded by a great outburst of color and contours which initially makes the visitors eye dart around the portrait, unsure where you can look and overwhelmed with the intensity. At some point the audience targets the darker blue form in the centre from the canvas, right here the lines are closer together and the shapes are strongly defined.

Everything appears to be exploding out from the centre of the artwork. Sandusky believed that certain colors could communicate diverse emotion. The number of colors in this artwork portrays a jumble of emotions. The colors used are dazzling bold shades which help the overall a result of chaos. The colors are more strong in the centre with the painting, and towards the border they become even more pastel-like. This kind of aids in drawing the attention from the audience to the centre of the painting.

By simply focusing the viewers eye in this way, Sandusky sucks them in to his world of mayhem and confusion. The overall disposition of the art work is confused and occupied. Everything is bright and exploding which usually reflects the time in which Sandusky painted. The group experiences the atmosphere of Germany in 1913, specifically how the universe could push through into warfare at any minute. This color choice in this art work allows Sandusky to directly communicate with the viewers thoughts, and leaves them sense overwhelmed and bewildered. Vincent Van Sagos Starry Night is an post-impressionist artwork.

It should communicate Vehicle Sagos experience of the scenery and also his strong psychological feelings. It truly is classically consisting and uses organic forms and moving lines, offering the a muslim movement. This quite different to Wassail Sandinesss Composition VI, which focuss mostly on the viewers mental experience and communicating the hectic pre World Warfare 1 confusion in Germany, through the use of summary style plus the energetic shades. Unlike Constellation-filled Night it will not have an clear subject. Sandusky has concentrated completely in conveying feelings and provides disregarded any figurative forms.

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