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The relationship between at the rear of story and

1 . Backdrop study

Symbol is important in our life because sign can be used to offer information through picture, series, color, etc . For example , image that gives details or command word through picture is photo mosque that always presents in both area of the highway. It gives all of us information there is mosque near that highway. Other case in point, symbol apply color. As seen daily traffic mild in street unconsciously plan rider and driver apply the road. Every color has different which means, red is usually stop, green is get, and yellowish is be careful or throughout the speed.

In the examples previously mentioned we can see that symbol is necessary in our life to comprehend both gesture and mark like previously mentioned to avoid an error with other persons.

In literary works symbol is just as important as inside our daily life since in literary works especially in poem, symbol has main role that make poem more attractive. Symbol usually presents other which means of the true form or give an analogy that representing situation or which means that poem wish to convey.

Moreover, “symbol is used only to anything or key phrase that suggests an object or event which its change signifies a thing, or has a range of reference, beyond by itself. (Abrahams l. 324) And this paper tries to discuss, precisely what is the relationship between behind story as well as the symbol of the poem Ozymandias.

2 . Discussion

Poetry is a type of books that expresses ideas, emotions, or tells a story in a specific type (usually employing lines and stanzas). Moreover, poetry can be language that produces abundant usage of figures of speech and language that aims to become powerfully influential (Culler p. 68). In that case, Aristotle asserted the value of beautifully constructed wording by focusing on imitation (mimesis) rather than rhetoric. He contended that poetry provides a safe outlet to get the release of intense thoughts (Culler g. 69) Permit looks the poem ozymandias, it is sonnet poem which will consists one stanza, which usually consist 13 lines. Ozymandias is composition which have been written by Percy Bysshe Shelly in 18 Dec 1817. Ozymandias is poem which explains to story of portrait damaged the full Ramesess 2 dynasty.

Ruler Ramesses II is the ruler of Egypt which called ‘Pharaoh’. How come this advised story regarding the ruler of Egypt because you observe in the 1st line inches I met a traveller from a classic land inch; antique land symbolize the Egypt mainly because Egypt is definitely country which may have a lot of the past cite and antique points. Then “two vast and trunkless legs of rock stand in desert symbolize the remnants of Ramesess dynasty which built to prove his powerful. Furthermore, the 6th, seventh collection and eigth “and old and wrinkly lip, and sneer of cold command and “tell that their sculptor very well those article topics read, and “which but survive, placed on these kinds of lifeless things.

These line symbolize that the person who is definitely told was great person in that time and the statue that make by people as the symbol of his electrical power symbolize his personality. Then it emphasize with 10th range “my name is ozymandias, king of king. This kind of line demonstrate that he consider he is the king of most kings but also in real this individual just full of Egypt and it symbolize how so arrogant he is! After that name’s ozymandias is name from and Portugal word “ozy means surroundings the “mandias means guideline, so it end up being the rule within the air. He could be conveyed because king who wish to achieve the strength of all community but it waste because no-one could accomplish the power for the air.

The queue 11th “look on my work, ye enormous and lose hope!  he want to prove his power through all factor that he made that stand for his electricity, explicitly this individual want to challenge both equally society and king coming from around the world to changeling with him to prove who is the best and most effective. But in line 12th and 13th it truly is refused because whatever that he have made was nothing because it will certainly broken take in by the time and simply engraving. The dynasty that he expected will show his powerful was disappeared and left simply cite and engraving around the pedestal is no applies again because he has ceased to be king once again.

The line 14th “the single land and level of yellow sand stretch far away this emphasize this dynasty was disappeared and now just bare desert and all around merely sand and sand. This can be one of the Ramesess mistake because in his management he simply tried to present his effective through the wats or temples and typical monuments that this individual thought it is going to make all of the king on the globe will worried with him but it turn into curse to get him fantastic society because he forgot about the “world tires that sometime all of us will inside the up although sometime all of us will in the down. He too focus in the present when his dynasty is successful and this individual try to help to make it still without nevertheless that all individual will pass away someday and all of that this individual achieve and also have will be still left in the world.

a few. Conclusion

From story that become lurking behind story with the poem we know that the life of Ramesess that so arrogant and make so many background cite in Egypt that become indication of his powerfulness dynasty tried to retain what this individual get in the world without frightened to the goodness. So , ultimately he was dead because we can say that all man will lifeless and we will kept what we include such as wealthy, pride, tub and anything that relate to the worldly in the world. The last symbol that is used in that poem features strong correlation with the at the rear of story from the poem on its own, especially at the rear of story of king Ramesess II in Egypt.


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