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Violence school shootings is term paper

School Shootings, Violence, University Bullying, Press Violence

Research from Term Paper:

As a result, the two handguns and long firearms are available in a large number of states, with more than half of American households owning one or more guns.

This perpetual access to dangerous weapons is a primary cause that completely eliminating college shootings might be impossible. Schoolyard bullying, low self-esteem, unable to start families and troubled young adults who imagine about lashing out strongly will always be elements in the educational institution environment, despite constant efforts to deal with them. Usage of firearms in conjunction with these surrounding elements is definitely the deadly mix that will probably continue to allow disaffected individuals to act out violent urges that will otherwise end up being manifested in less significant ways.

Publicity and the Clone Phenomenon:

Among the well-known down sides of ratings-based media sensationalism is that particular individuals will certainly emulate the violence they will publicize, which has been documented in more than a couple of written testimonials of school taking pictures perpetrators whilst in the interviews with suspects implicated in disrupted school taking pictures plans. This is simply not unique to school shootings in particular but is known as a more general phenomenon noticeable in multitude forms, in both felony and non-criminal human tendencies in the age of mass media. In relation to indiscriminant shootings, this was precisely the case in the 2007 Westroads Mall firing in Omaha Nebraska where a 19-year-old killed 8 persons, as well as in the earlier Virginia Technology shooting.


School shootings have plagued the United States for more than forty years and get documented in other countries as well. In many respects, this is likely attributable to the amount to which young bullying behavior and general personal and family-based internal dysfunctions are normal features of man society. The sensational characteristics of these occasions accounts for their ability to pull news ratings and plays a role in the clone phenomenon. A lot more than other factors, the widespread availability of firearms in the United States obviously results in more college shootings than would be conceivable if weapons were more challenging to acquire and more tightly controlled. Regardless of the truthfulness of efforts directed at additional contributory factors, failure to cope with gun control will handicap our ability to prevent school shootings. REFERRALS

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USSS USDOE (2002) Threat Evaluation in Educational institutions: A Guide to Controlling Threatening Situations and to Creating Safe University Climates. Washington, DC. Retrieved April 14

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