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What changes do you wish to see in the country

A magazine may be identified as a file which is branded and posted regularly and consists of media reports, content, photographs and advertisements that are on significant sheets of paper flattened together although not permanently joined up with. Newspapers may be published daily, weekly or every fortnight. Examples of papers are the DAILY GRAGHIC in Ghana as well as the WASHINGTON POST in the United States of America.

Papers are very essential in the lives of many people in the world. Like a section of the Press, papers have the key aims of informing, teaching and enjoyable the public.

We all the students of West Africa Senior High School for Adenta, a suburb of Accra, the capital city of Bekwai, ghana, working on Learning Circle Job have found from our analysis that magazines are very essential in not only educating the youth nevertheless also aid in informing and entertaining these people in our country, Ghana along with other parts worldwide. Newspapers in Education:

-Articles from papers give facts about current affairs which may not be found in textbooks within their schools.

-Students study new or perhaps unfamiliar phrases, expressions and spelling which usually add up to their particular vocabulary. -Newspapers provide matters that learners may use within their conversations using their friends. -The youth happen to be educated on social, political and monetary issues if they read content articles in the newspaper publishers. -Newspapers instruct both the junior and adults on the thoughts and emotions of people on the globe on different issues.

-Newspapers educate people about fresh inventions, discoveries and innovations in Scientific research, Technology, Health and Diseases.

-When students go through newspapers, they will learn about various sorts of writing. -Students who examine newspapers on a regular basis improve their examining in terms of fluency and velocity as they understand a lot of words.

Magazines in the info of the general public:

-Newspapers provide information on equally local news and foreign news. They provide news on crime, normal disasters, wars, the Stock market, Sports, the elements and many other problems. These reports are important inside the lives of countless people such as youth. -Newspapers give information concerning current and existing regulations, rules, regulations and bye-laws. -The junior can easily attain information on the issues facing their country and other countries electronic. g. meals shortage.

-Through advertisements, information can be obtained from newspapers about types of products one desires to buy in addition to which retailers they can be located. These items may be outfits, shoes, computers etc . Newspaper publishers in Entertainment

We the youth are very much enthusiastic about entertainment.

-Newspapers provide ad on entertainment, that is, different forms, area, date and time. -Some students browse newspapers throughout their free time as a form of entertainment. -The youth find crossword puzzles and quizzes in newspapers tough and entertaining. -Some children also get a lots of fun via reading humor, poems, comics and cartoons in magazines. Although magazines are advantageous in teaching, informing and educating the youth, there is also disadvantages. Some newspapers, specifically private papers, contain a few articles that are not reliable and for that reason not good or useful for the youth. From our research, regarding 55% of the students examine newspapers on a regular basis.

Most of them choose reading junior newspapers especially JUNIOR IMAGE published by Graphic Sales and marketing communications Group. The students were with the opinion that newspaper examining improves their reading. The scholars said the youth-focused newspapers write articles or blog posts that are fitted to their needs. Statements of five youth-related content articles we chosen from Mar 2008 editions of key newspapers happen to be: NGO features new methodology for British; Social wellbeing looks for father and mother of missing children; Catholic Church announces new children programme; Dadebo stresses the need for teaching ICT in colleges; Child Safeguard committees placed in 11 schisme;

Queen suggests youth to be self-dependent; Academics excellence complements discipline; President’s lifeline to get BECE failures; NCCE communicates concern regarding child labour; ENO Environment members draw Day. We all cannot think about a world without newspapers. Taking into consideration the great significance of newspapers, we all suggest that most youth should be encouraged to see newspapers individuals written for the youth. Schools should also be motivated to publish their particular newspapers wherever it is possible. All of the youth are invited towards the educative associated with newspapers. I want to cultivate the habit of reading magazines.

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