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Special education teacher scarcity an term paper

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In spite of all this information, little data is actually available with regard to why teacher shortages continue. Further studies necessary the authors determine to help reduce the problem.


This article is very important to several reasons. It points out the essential shortage of unique education professors that is frequent in a majority of school districts across the region. It advises there are several distinct reasons for tutor shortages, which includes lack of educational opportunities intended for special education teachers, not enough incentives pertaining to entering the field, and the difficulty associated with this particular job field. There is some data suggesting that teacher regret rates and lack of new teachers going into the recorded have led the most to special education problems in the U. S.

I agree with the authors matter over the particular education turmoil in the United States. The authors tested numerous countrywide educational authorities to bring their results. They claim that increased or improved pay out and motivation programs will assist encourage educators to stay in the special education field.

I agree with this kind of, but also believe further education and teaching is necessary to assist teachers handle the harsh realities of working with emotionally and mentally impaired students. This is certainly as the authors explain, the area where greatest disadvantages of teachers currently exist. Working with this kind of population should be extremely difficult. The experts hint that further education and schooling may help professors in this area, on the other hand this i believe should be the primary area of emphasis for foreseeable future studies relevant to special education. In addition different recruiting techniques should be implemented by firms to encourage teachers coming from multiple ethnic backgrounds to participate the field. Only then can the inadequacies that currently exist in the special education field become adequately dealt with.


Flippin, Susan, Mcleskey, James, Tyler, Naomi. “The supply of and demand for exceptional education professors: A review of analysis regarding the persistent shortage of special education instructors. ” Diary of Special Education, 38(1): 5, 2002.

The Supply of and Demand for Special Education Teachers: A Review of Research about the Chronic Shortage of Special Education Teachers.

A by Adam McLeskey, Naomi C. Tyler, Susan Saunders Flippin

There exists a critical shortage of special education teachers in the usa. This scarcity is long-term and extreme and is present in every geographic region with the nation. This information provides an analysis of factors affecting the supply of and demand for special education teachers.

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