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Simple Durchmischung 1 . The following refer to Activity 1: Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion). Which solute(s) could actually pass through the 20 MWCO membrane? Relating to your outcomes, which solute had the greatest molecular fat? ______________________________________ Which will solute shown the highest price of diffusion through the 2 hundred MWCO membrane? __________________________ Making use of the data coming from Chart one particular, explain the partnership between the level of durchmischung and the scale the solute.

Facilitated Durchmischung 2 . The following refer to Activity 2: Simulating Facilitated Konzentrationsausgleich.

Did some of the substances travelling against their concentration gradient? Explain why or obtain. Using your results from Chart two, what was the fastest rate of facilitated diffusion noted? _______________. Illustrate the conditions that were used to accomplish this rate. ___________________________________________________________ Name 2 different ways to increase the pace of sugar transport. _____________________________________________________ Did NaCl affect sugar transport? ____________________________________________________________ __________ Did NaCl require a transport necessary protein for konzentrationsausgleich? Why or why not? ___________________________________________ Cell Travel Mechanisms and Permeability: Computer system Simulation At the X E R C I S E TERM ____________________________________ RESEARCH LABORATORY TIME/DATE ________________________ version almost eight Osmotic Pressure 3. This refer to Activity 3: Simulating Osmotic Pressure. For NaCl, which MWCO membrane(s) presented to the net motion of normal water without movements of NaCl? Explain how you will determined this kind of. (Hint: Assimialte your results to the data in Chart several. ) ______________________________ For sugar, which MWCO membrane(s) presented to the net activity of blood sugar without net ovement of water? Describe how you identified this. ____________________________________________________________ ___________ Is usually osmotic pressure generated if solutes dissipate freely? _______________________________________________________ Explain how the solute attention affects osmotic pressure. ________________________________________________ Filtration some. The following refer to Activity four: Simulating Filtration. Using your leads to Chart four, which MWCO membrane got the greatest purification rate? ____________________________ Explain the relationship between ouverture size and filtration rate. ________________________________________________ Which solute did not appear in the filtrate using any of the walls? _________________________________________ What is the prediction with the molecular pounds of sugar compared to the other solutes in the solution? _______________ What happened as you increased the driving pressure? ____________________________________________________ Clarify why smooth flows in the capillaries with the kidneys in the kidney tubules. How do you believe a reduction in blood pressure could affect filtration in the kidneys? _____________________________ PEx-18 Review Piece 5B 5. The following label Activity 5: Simulating Active Transport. With 1 mMATP added to the cell in house (left beaker) and the extracellular space (right beaker), was all of the Em moved into the extracellular space? Why or why not? ____________________________________________________________ _ Identify the effect of decreasing the number of sodium-potassium pushes. _______________________________________ Describe how you were able to show the movement of sodium was due to effective transport. ______________________

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