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Stephanie Graham Psy-201 August 7, 2012 “What Would be the Strengths And Weaknesses Of just one Of The Viewpoints Of Psychology” Behaviorism is definitely one viewpoint in mindset directed to a scientific study from the behaviors of man and animal, and it is insisted the fact that cause of the actions and personality is based on our environment, rather than our biology. Behaviorism, also referred to as behavioral psychology, is a theory of learning based upon the concept all manners are obtained through health and fitness.

Conditioning arises through connection with the environment.

Behaviorist assume that our reactions to environmental stimuli form our habit. There are two styles of health and fitness, classical health and operant conditioning. Time-honored conditioning was studied by Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov, he indicated that dogs can learn to relate a simple stimulus, like the sound of any bell, with an automatic behavior, such as reflexively salivating to food. This individual believed he had discovered the mechanism with which all behaviours were discovered. B. Farreneheit.

Skinner looked into operant health and fitness of voluntary and involuntary behavior is a kind of learning through which an individuals behavior is modified through its effects, positive strengthening, negative strengthening and punishment. He known as his method of psychology “radical behaviorism, inch where anything a person does, says, and seems constitutes behavior. Even if the actions are unobservable it could be subjected to fresh analysis. Skinner demonstrated that the social environment is filled with rewarding and penalizing consequences that shape the behavior.

Such as many people don’t enjoy getting up early to go to function every day, but they do it to find the reward: a paycheck. They are being rewarded for good behavior. If some one didn’t show up to function, or certainly not call in that person may be dismissed and not get a paycheck. This could be a abuse for their tendencies. Growing up my parents might tell me that hard work gets good results. Receiving straight A’s on my statement card I received a few incentives. Merely didn’t get into any trouble My spouse and i received even more incentives as well.

But if acquired a bad class on a homework assignment or perhaps test they will take away offers or any returns. Without knowing it I was raised on the operant conditioning and adapted that to my daily life wherever hard work only seemed natural and has some incentives. Weak points: Behaviorism investigates human and nonhuman beings from the point of view of the behavior they demonstrate. Behaviorism is the knowledge of behavior of folks and pets in their every single movement, psychological response/ response, the way they believe.

Environment takes on a great position in the life of people, however it is hard to interpret the behaviour of people just focusing on the environmental factor. In some ways behaviorism neglects the individuality of every person making an over-all behavioral style for everybody. A weakness is at Skinners operant conditioning theory, is the fact that it does not often work. An individual may be failing they halted the behavior just to receive the incentive. If you provide a person an incentive for good patterns, that person is going to expect a reward every time.

Advantages: One key strength with the behaviorist approach is that that focuses simply on behavior that can be discovered and altered in a handled environment. Behaviorism tends to anticipate the behavior in certain circumstances. Therefore having the probability to predict would give a person to be able to control patterns, avoiding any kind of unnecessary reactions. People are even more aware of the right way to control habit which has become very important in parenting, and useful the moment helping youngsters reactions conform more socially with others.

Behaviorism has helped bring the “desired outcome” with the help of reinforcement, and consequence. It is a straightforward concept of tendencies using the principals such as traditional and operant conditioning. Pavlov’s approach aims to study patterns that is observable and straight measurable. Behaviorism has a great contribution to the development of mindset. As in every perspective strategy, study, or theory has its positive aspects, disadvantages, abilities and failings. What functions for one person may not work for another.

But it is just as important in helping persons. Skinner and Pavlov both equally had great techniques in planning to recognize, anticipate, and control behaviors. Have their strengths and weaknesses. You could say the Pavlov’s ideas were ground-breaking in a sense on the other hand even below favorable conditions however a person and particularly an animal may not be expected to the actual exact same point every time irrespective of a like result. Variable change has to be accounted for. Such as not enough interest or tiredness.

Skinner was on the better system in my opinion while using rewarding/punishment of behavior. Several issues may arise right now there as well like the interpretation of rewards by the individual and just like Pavlov you would have to change them or interest can be lost after eventually. According to circumstances both seem extremely applicable on a case by simply case basis both having their strengths and weaknesses both incredibly valid factors but must be determined by what is to be accomplished and who also it is made on.

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