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Developed in 1983 by Dr . Howard Novel reader, a mentor at the extremely prestigious Harvard University, the multiple cleverness theory states that assessment a person’s cleverness through IQ tests is very restricting. In the very popular job, Frames of Mind: The idea of Multiple Intelligence, Doctor

Howard Gardner cited ten kinds of brains that are innate in men- linguistic brains (“word smart”), logical-mathematical intellect (“number/reasoning smart”), spatial intelligence (“picture smart”), bodily-kinesthetic brains (“body smart”), musical intellect (“music smart”), interpersonal intellect (“people smart”), intrapersonal intelligence (“self smart”), and naturalist intelligence (“nature smart”) (Armstrong, 2000).

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Those who possess the logical-mathematical intelligence could usually end up as a science tecnistions or mathematician. They are mainly sensitive to and have the ability to differentiate reasonable and statistical patterns (Gardner & Hatch out, 1989, staying well versed with everything that has something to do with reasoning, abstractions, inductive and deductive reasoning and a lot of all, amounts. Because of this, they are said to be good in mathematics, chess, computer programming and other activities that involves numbers and reasoning (WIkipedia. org). They also have to be able to handle lengthy chains of reasoning (Gardner & Hatch out, 1989).

Linguistic Intelligence

People who possess this type of cleverness on the other hand are likely to end up as poets and journalists for this has got connected with words, whether it is spoken or written. These are generally the people who are very sensitive to seems, rhythms not to mention, the meanings of different terms. Likewise, these people are very knowledgeable in the several functions of language (Gardner & Hatch, 1989).

They can be good in studying, writing and even telling stories. At the same time, they may be good in learning dates and words (Wikipedia. org, 2007). They count on taking notes, studying, listening to lectures, discussions and debates his or her primary way to obtain knowledge. These individuals are said to learn international languages easily, having a high verbal recollection and the ability to understand the composition of terms and content.

Musical Brains

People having musical brains tend to turn into composers, violinist, musicians, vocalists, etc . They have the ability to generate and at the same time, enjoy rhythm, frequency and timbre together with the admiration of the different forms by which music can be expressed (Gardner & Hatcher, 1989). People who also own this kind of cleverness tend to find out and remember different types of data through the use of music. More often than not, that they work efficiently and effectively with music playing in the background (Wikipedia. org, 2007).

Spatial Brains

Possessing this kind of intelligence, a person may well end up as a navigator, sculptor as they are good in visualizing and mentally manipulating objects (Wikipedia. org, 2007). With this perception comes their accuracy and reliability in executing transformation based upon their awareness (Gardner & Hatch, 1989).

Body-Kinesthetic Intellect

Those who possess this kind of intelligence, on the other hand end up as athletes or perhaps dancers, since this has connected with movement. People who are intelligent based upon this typically prefer activities that make usage of body movements, which make all of them also good at building and making items. They remember things through their body system, making use of the system known as muscles memory (Gardner & Hatcher, 1989).

Social Intelligence

Obtaining this type of intelligence makes one individual a future therapist or jeweler, having the capacity to respond to the moods, temperaments, motivations and desires of other people (Gardner & Hatcher, 1989). � They are usually extroverts who exceed so much in interacting with other folks.

Intrapersonal Intellect

They end up to be a person with thorough, accurate, personal knowledge that can access one’s feelings and be able to draw all of them in helping behavior, advantages, weaknesses, and so forth (Gardner & Hatcher, 1989).

Education plus the Multiple Brains Theory

The concept of intelligence permeates our everyday lives just like any other psychological principle. Before completing and even coming into an start of education, students are asked to complete and aptitude test that would evaluate their intellect quotient or perhaps IQ that can determine their very own preparedness and capacity to master in institutions like the one they can be applying in. Intelligence assessments have been a critical tool that is being used in most educational institutions that place a quite high importance within the relationship between intelligence and education (Wagner & Sternberg, 1984)

In accordance to Doctor Gardner, almost all of the schools and cultures are likely to focus even more on the linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences of its learners thus elevating the self-confidence levels of people who are well versed in their language, of people who understand so much about math, people who are expert in reasoning. Different cultures and societies do not recognize the achievements and intelligence of those people who have screen other types of intelligence- the performers, architects, musicians, designers, sports athletes, and those various other who really show their particular importance in the other areas of the culture (Armstrong, 2000).

It is also due to societies concentrate on the linguistic and logical-mathematic intelligence that schools cannot address the needs of students whom are not gifted with these types of intelligence. Sadly, those who have certainly not been providing due acknowledgement for the intelligence they have [as they have other kinds of cleverness apart from these society believes very important] usually suffer ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder (Armstrong, 2000).

As Gardner reiterated in his study of MI theory, an individual can be mechanically built with unique cleverness to cope up in a diverse ethnic society. It provides students with options to success and recognition pertaining to whatever talents they have. Linguistic intelligence and personal intelligence offers great possibilities for individuals in a globally competitive society. The structural views of education are now different in regarding intelligence out of just the normal opportunity of brains.

The multiple intelligence theory is said to be a threat to formal education, a loss of life knell as the saying goes, believing that teaching to cope with a single sort of intelligence has already been hard. Yet , most schools include actually responded positively to Gardner’s theory as it is thought to validate educator’s everyday experience, recognizing the in the way pupils think and find out.

At the same time, educators have acknowledged the possession of the seven varieties of intelligence as being a necessity in living life very well. It is because of this that professors are getting called to go to to all types of intelligence, not simply the two sorts of intelligence usually addressed simply by educators and academic institutions (Smith, 2002).

MI is a methods to foster high quality work. MI should be utilized as a application to promote an exceptional of education instead of just a theory (Smith, 2002). Creativity is marketed in the nuance of education and by which will it helps the production of even more creative ideas to continually support the existing expertise we study in school. Learners are also encouraged to learn beyond the several walls in the classroom, in preparing them for real life. They are built with facts that they can could apply in their everyday lives.

Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory features inspired a whole lot of educational institutions to undergo educational reforms that may help enhance the quality of education. In accordance to Jones Armstrong (2000), several methods have been incorporated in educating academic subject areas. For example , the study of the law of supply and demand in economics will not just involve linguistic and logical-mathematical pens�e such as learning by reading about it and the mathematical expression by which what the law states is portrayed.

In the examine, spatial intelligence is also designed through study of graphic graphs, observing the laws in the natural universe (naturalist), the human world of commerce (interpersonal), what the law states in terms of their own human body (bodily-kinesthetic and intrapersonal) or use the writing/finding a song that proves the accuracy in the law of supply and demand.

It can be for this reason that lots of schools have got redesigned their curriculum to meet the demands of the persons possess several types of intelligence. Artistry PROPEL, in the US have developed several modules that serve the goals from the curriculum in addition to the needs of its learners. MI is a means to create high quality function. Using MI as a application to promote superior quality student job rather than using the theory because an end in and of alone (Smith, 2002).

Creativity is definitely promoted in the nuance of education through which it assists the production of more crafting ideas to continually support the present knowledge we all learn in school. Students are also provided not only to think inside of the boundaries in the classroom but rather prepare them in the actual and set them in more methods than 1. One which is merely equipped with specifics but not able to apply it in situations he or she confronts.

In the same way, Patricia Bolanos designed a public school in Indiana that helps the multiple intelligence theory. The subjects is designed in such a way that it helps in locating the kind of brains a student is said to be possessing and at the same time, guide all of them in enriching what they include.

Through the distinct steps why these schools took, they have in a way, considered the position of people who display other kinds of cleverness. At the same time, the theory of multiple intelligence is now of essential importance to language professors as it has allowed them to analyze their instructing methods and just how it properly caters the requirement of their students. Different strategies shall be used in order to talk about the cleverness profiles of the students. Once again, the explained theory continues to be responsible in enhancing the curriculum design, lesson organizing and system development of different schools (Zulkuf Altan, 2001).


The rise of Howard Gardner’s multiple cleverness theory offers lead to different reactions by academe and psychologists, considering its importance in every day time lives. Schools require students to meet a certain score in their achievement testing before allowing them to enter into their particular respectable establishments. It revealed the world that other intelligences, aside the two traditional ones which have been regarded as essential in the culture is important and really should also be taken into account. Students have different interests, interact with different subject matter matters and topics not to mention, adopt different ways of consuming information (Gardner, 1995)..

It truly is for this reason that educational institutions at present have readjusted their programs, in their hopes to cater to artistic, musical, body system intelligences, and so forth It is thought that it is simply through this that colleges could correctly respond to the needs of their students having possessed another type of type of cleverness, aside from the traditional, more popular kinds (Gardner, 1995).

With the multiple intelligence theory, various learning-styles have been built on particular sense methods such as oral, visual and kinesthetics, believing that it is only through this that teachers may send the lesson and data to the minds of their college students without giving them a hard time, providing them with the entry to information that can best satisfy their needs (Gardner, 1995).


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