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Hong Kong Identification Identity Personality Politic


Personality Politic: July 1st, 2003 Protest Plan 1 . Launch ¢ 1 ) 1 .

Precisely what is identity politic ¢ 1 . 2 . Politics events that have affected HÄSTKRAFTER Identity 2 . July1st, 2003 protest 3. Conclusion 1 ) 1 . What is Identity Politic ¢ Id politics: Identification as a politic ¢ Development of identity politic ¢ Previous v. t Present Introduction July initial Protest Summary 1 . 2 . Political incidents that afflicted HK Personality Tiananmen Sq After WWI: Refugee Id Mistrust of Chinese Authorities Article twenty three After 60: Local HÄSTKRAFTER Identity 97 Handover 2013

Introduction July 1st Protest Conclusion installment payments on your July1st, 2003 protest ¢ Annual demonstration led simply by Civil Human Rights Front side ¢ Article 23 ¢ The Hong Kong SAR shall enact laws on its own to prohibit virtually any act of treason, separation, sedition, agitation, destabilization against the Central People’s Federal government, or robbery of state secrets, to prohibit overseas political agencies or systems from executing political activities in the Region, and also to prohibit political organizations or bodies from the Region by establishing connections with foreign political companies or systems

Introduction July 1st Demonstration Conclusion Problems Pros ¢ British govt also experienced repressive functions ¢ electronic. g Contemporary society Ordinance and the auto industry Order Ordinance Cons ¢ Police can be allowed to enter houses and arrest people without warrant/evidence ¢ Not any freedom of speech ¢ Violation of Article twenty three can result in a life term in a penitentiary ¢ Virtually any organization can be banned by PRC Summary Introduction July 1st Demonstration HK people identity

Identity of general HK people ¢ Pragmatism ¢ Individualism ¢ Narrowing gap among HK people/ mainlanders: focused, adaptable, useful and brilliant ¢ Widening gap among HK people/ mainlanders: valuing free speech, press freedom, privacy and equality Introduction July 1st Protest Realization HK people identity Parties that influence HK persons identity HK people identity British colonial time period guideline of law, democracy, freedom of talk Chinese Govt formal education, flag-raising events visits to the mainland Advantages

July first Protest Realization Identity illustrated by September 1st, 2003 ¢ Extending gap ¢ Antagonism vs . Pragmatic Nationalism and Liberalized Nationalism ¢ Cosmopolitan identification: HK’s wish, opportunities in society, has affected to local’s determination to democracy Introduction September 1st Demonstration Conclusion 3. Conclusion ¢ Evident that Article 3 politic increased the distance of “issue in privileges of HÄSTKRAFTER people former mate. Free conversation, press flexibility, valuing level of privacy, valuing equal rights ¢ But still the trend is the fact people truly feel less space with mainlanders ¢ ainland’s characteristic change ¢ HÄSTKRAFTER people afflicted with mainland government’s media, education, and events. ¢ Simply no identity is definitely perfectly coherent, there is incongruencies Introduction July 1st Protest Conclusion Questions to discuss ¢ What are the evolving features of the local political identity, traditions and involvement ¢ Precisely what is the substance of the issues between the community and countrywide identities of HK persons? ¢ What are the reasons to get the rise of new workings, and precisely what is its influence? Introduction September 1st Demonstration Conclusion

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