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Dell Example Examine

Examine, Case

Running head: DELL COMPUTER COMPANY Improving the Dell Computer Corporation Heather Mueller Corporate and business Communications Section One Improving the Dell Computer Company The key concerns presented inside the “Dell Pc Corporation” case study is that Dell needs to line up its’ identification with its’ image, preventing relying intensely on technology (Dell Case Study P. 58). Increased reliance on technology, along with a gap between image and identity, can cause complications to get a company if they are not dealt with.


Business communication has to be “closely associated with a industry�s overall perspective and strategy, ” (Argenti, 2007, l. 12) and if not, it might cause constituencies to view the corporation negatively. The Chief Operating Police officer of Fiat “criticized Dell’s lack of investing in research and development, ” therefore , Sony’s image of Dell does not arrange with Dell’s identity. A company’s graphic is the “corporation as viewed through the eyes of its constituencies, [and] an organization may have different pictures with different constituencies” (Argenti, 2007, p. 58).

This may differ from an identity, because an identity “consists of any company’s understanding attributes, ” and should not so from one constituency to another (Argenti, 2007, l. 58). A lot of Dell’s constituencies view Dell in a very great light, to see Dell while an excellent example of how a business should function and communicate with its constituencies. Dell provides a well-founded personality called “The Soul of Dell” which can be its’ company philosophy that “defines the type of company it really is and aspires to become” and shows Dell’s determination to immediate accountability (Argenti, 2007, l. 9). However , “identity building and protection requires to be able to conduct exploration, ” and if Dell does not clearly speak that capacity with is actually constituencies, Sony will continue to be dissatisfied with Dell’s identity (Argenti, 2007, l. 50). The founder of Dell Computers, Michael Dell, created an “e-mail structured culture” with the company while the primary work environment (Argenti, 3 years ago, p. 62). E-mail may be effective as it allows subordinates to easily speak with senior administration and is an efficient mean of communication around time zones (Argenti, 2007, g. 2). This is important because subordinates can “get the company’s approach directly from those at the top of the organization” (Argenti, 2007, g. 12). Email-based also helps to create a productive environment in which “managers and workers communicate successfully and support each other” (O’Hair ainsi que al., 2008, p. 181). However , Dell’s “increasing reliance on technology-mediated connection creates a place that may decrease relational development” (O’Hair ain al., 2008, p. 179).

Nearly all communication takes place digitally because “face-to-face communication features given way to a strictly electronic communication network. ” (O’Hair et approach., 2008, l. 189). With no face-to-face communication, personal relationships within the organization may begin to fail, which reduces productivity, and increases seclusion and psychological detachment from the company’s identification as well as other workers. If the higher management for Dell does not improve the techniques it convey internally and externally, the organization will not still grow, thrive or blossom in the changing corporate environment.

If Dell can modify and adapt its’ behavior in a positive way, its constituencies will become aware of Dell’s exceptional communications, which well-built framework will go beyond through the organization so personnel will learn to communicate effectively as well. Solutions The upper administration at Dell needs to make personal and public connection more important into their strategy for maintaining their core identity as “The Heart of Dell. Dell previously has a strong relations with constituencies mainly because employees and management “allow for one of a kind working interactions that go beyond the ‘us and them’, ” hence the constituencies think valued (Argenti, 2007, p. 62). However , a company can always boost its conversation with constituencies because communication is a continuing “process with which information is exchanged between individuals by using a common system of symbols, indicators, or behavior” (Communication, 2009, par. ). In order to boost its marketing communications, the upper management at Dell can work even more closely together with the marketing communications division and make a stronger corporate mission. With today’s quick changing environment, “a uncomplicated, facile, undemanding, easy, basic, simple corporate mission can not only keep staff aligned using what the company is definitely striving to get, but also can act as a source of balance for consumers weary from the constant modify surrounding all of them. (Argenti, 3 years ago, p. 12). The marketing communications department “coordinates and manages publicity relationships to companies deals with activities relating to buyers, ” and may compose strategies to strengthen the corporate mission (Argenti, 2007, l. 53). If perhaps more concentrate was placed on marketing communications and a more robust corporate mission was created, after that employees can better be familiar with fundamental factors behind the company’s existence.

The employees would be able to clearly show and advertise each approach they demonstrate the company’s personality and go after the continuous purpose of achieving the corporate quest. When a organization gets more involved in “quasi-political activities with constituencies [that] claim to represent a business customers, ” the company could then manage to control how its constituencies view these people, and how the company evaluates its’ identity in comparison to the constituencies recognized image.

The American Decency Association (ADA) successfully maintained and illustrated its personality involving the have to prevent pictures of violence and mature content by being offered by family members orientated firms and businesses (ADA, 08, par. 1). They effectively “lobbied to get companies including Kellogg’s, Lowe’s, Tyson Food, and S i9000. C. Meeks to stop obtaining additional marketing space on U. T. television shows” with needless violence and adult articles such as ABC’s Desperate Regular folks and FX Nip/Tuck (Argenti, 2007, l. 53).

The marketing connection team of the ADA made certain that family orientated products and brand offers were mailing the right emails to children. The company remained true to the corporate mission and never strayed from its first step toward values and beliefs, in order that its constituencies would not be anxious of the regularly changing environment that surrounded the multimedia. E-mail constantly causes information overload for employees in a organization if it is the main source of conversation, and this informal communication process often dampens employees and allow them to socialize. Spending over 5 several hours a day gazing at a computer display increases the likelihood of depression, sleep problems and other mental health problems” as well (O’Hair et al., 2008, g. 189). This can be solved with increased face-to-face communications through meetings, team building activities, and organization outings. In case the upper management put mare like a emphasis on interior communications, then “the staff would be even more engaged, fruitful, loyal, ” and completely happy, and the durability of company relationships will increase (Argenti, 2007, p. 54). Conclusion

The course of actions that Dell should pursue is operating closer together with the marketing communications division to create a more robust corporate quest, and to maximize face-to-face sales and marketing communications within the business. With increased and improved personal and open public communication, Dell will be able to line up its photo with its identity, and will be capable to strengthen human relationships to show themselves like a successful firm with a steady strategy, in the endlessly changing work environment. Sources ADA. (2008, September 28). ABC/Disney’s needy housewives.

In American decency association. Gathered February 9, 2009, from http://www. americandecency. org/main. php? f=updates_new/2008/September/09. 28a. 08 Argenti, P. A. (2007). Business communication (4th ed. ). New York, NYC: McGraw-Hill. Communication. (2009). In Merriam-Webster. Gathered February twelve, 2009, by http://www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/communication O’Hair, D., Friedrich, G. T., , Dixon, L. D. (2008). Job relationships. In Strategic conversation in businesses and the vocations (6th education., pp. 178-205). Boston: Pearson education.

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