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Caferoma Case Study Examine

Examine, Case

Caferoma is a popular brand of caffeine, promoted since an exclusive product with a solid and somewhat bitter flavor. The main problem is Caferoma’s market share has dropped by practically 30%. Allow me to Summarise the issues for this alter • Buyers have become significantly less loyal towards the brand • supermarkets happen to be producing the similar products under their own label can advertise at much lover prices • Rivalling products have got lower prices (30 to forty five %) • Caferoma getting less stylish Brand picture: not current s you observe from the chart 2 years ago Caferoma’s revenue in Accommodations was thirty percent but this past year it was 25% in eating places 2 years in the past Caferoma’s revenue was 10% but last year it was 15% In supemarkets 2 years before their sales was 45% but this past year it was 30% In consultant shops a couple of years ago Caferoma’s sales was 10% nevertheless last year it was 25% Performing the market study we have the following results: Majority [m? d? r? t? ] persons suppose Caferoma is out-dated 70% of individuals think Caferoma has a high quality 60% of men and women consider that Caferoma is expensive little bit more than half from the respondents believe Caferoma is usually exclusive a less than half of men and women said Caferoma is affordability and almost a 3rd of respondents think Caferoma is ecxiting.

I can suggest the following solution: Create a new coffee with a brand new taste and a new identity for example „Cafferissima”. To expose the new coffee it will be good to have a limited edition (maybe caffeine with flavor of chilli). It is necessary to create a new bundle with an exclusive design by way of example in platinum. Furthermore we offer special introduction prices to get both coffees.

Most people want to try out fresh brands simply to know how that tastes , this is the advantage. To be able to bring the old brand back to normal, will be a great idea to give little additional trials on the fresh coffee package deal of „Cafferissima”. Moreover we really need a new style of the logo, since the old you are boring. There is not any relation between this logo and the exclusive taste of the coffee. Maybe it could be exactly like the package of Caferoma (golden, italic type). The next step might be a change of advertising. You ought to find the conventional Italian style for older and young adults.

I think it would be great to have two distinct ads. A single ad with an old girl, dressed very exclusively plus the other a single with a group of young people whom are having entertaining, laughing etc. But both ads will be made exact same place for example a typically Italien sq .. E-Mail To: From: Subject: RE: Caferoma decaffeinated, High quality Blend Time: 9th September Dear Mario, the first thing I can mention can be, that the „decaffeinated product” comes in all supermarkets, but added to botton shelving! Customers will not find the item as easy as other products.

Many supermarkets promote their own brands because they earn more money with it. I do think that we may raise the profit by offering the managers cash pertaining to displaying each of our product within a better location. Here several measures to enhance the superior blend product sales: As far as I am able to see, the price of the high quality blend is too high as well as the packaging appears old-fashioned. Therefore we should reduce the price and launch a fresh packaging design and style. We should as well start a new advertising campaign with focus on the brand’s features. For instance several tasting lessons in big stores. Best regards

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